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We are doing some new system implementation at work this week, and because of all the chaos it's made my days FLY by. Is it seriously already Friday?? so awesome.

I have finally finalized plans for my BFF's bachelorette party. I'd tell you guys, but she doesn't know what we're up to, so it'll have to wait to be blogged about after the party. :)

I have absolutely no plans this weekend, and I can't wait to utilize that extra time for sleeping in! It's much needed.


If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that Nate's grandpa passed away earlier this week. It's been really tough for the whole family. He has such a small family, so they are all so very close and tight-knit. It's very hard seeing the man you love in so much pain. Please continue to pray for him and his family. His grandpa was such an incredible man, and I'm beyond blessed that I got to know him for the time Nate and I have been together.

I mentioned above that we're merging and implementing new systems at work. This has been HECTIC. The whole day is full of meetings, trainings and learning all while see patients like I normally do. It's a bit stressful, and I've been SO exhausted all week long. Definitely welcoming the weekend with open arms!

This post is late!! :-/ We normally have our posts up at midnight, and I totally dropped the ball. Sorry if you've came by to link up here and didn't see anything. Oops. I'll do better next week.

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Jessica Roth said...

Your aztec print tank in the top picture is so cute (is it from Target? I think I have the same one!). I'm obsessed with that print right now. Sure, it won't be wearable in a couple years, but it is so so cute!

Authentically Amanda said...

Praying for Nate's family! And yay for the weekend! This is my first time linking up with H&C and I'm super excited!!

Julie said...

Can't wait to see how your party turns out. Got to start taking notes, there will be several of those parties I have to plan in the future.

Joey said...

I saw about Nate's grandpa passing. I'm so sorry for his (and your!) loss.

I'm sure the week flew by with all the craziness that comes with a new system!! Yay for the week flying by but boooooo for it being stressful. Hopefully everything will settle in soon enough!!

Definitely looking forward to the post about all the bachelorette festivities!!!! Whoop Whoop! Enjoy your weekend snoooooooozin' :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm sorry to hear about his grandpa. Sending you nothing but good thoughts.

Diana Trotter said...

I'm so sorry to hear about his grandpa, it's never easy when losing a loved one, esp. with a small, close family.

I feel like I follow too many people sometimes on Instagram and miss stuff from people I really want to see from. <3

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