Happies & Crappies #50!!!

The Vintage Modern Wife & Brunch with Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Welcome to our 50th week of Happies and Crappies link up day! H&C wouldn't have been around for so long if it wasn't for you awesome ladies linking up, so we really appreciate you!

The deets on Happies and Crappies link up:
1. Happies and Crappies link up will be posted EVERY Friday at Midnight CST . Happies and Crappies link up was created so you could write about the happies (good) and crappies (bad) from your week!
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I made us a super yummy dinner last night. We don't have a TON of ingredients for elaborate recipes in the pantry right now, so in a pinch I tried to find something super easy and I did! I made Cheesy Salsa Chicken. I placed 4 chicken breast tenderloins in a pan and covered with 6 oz of salsa and baked covered for 25 min at 350 degrees. Afterwards, I sprinkled 1/2 cup of shredded cheese and baked uncovered for approximately 8 minutes. Wah-lah. Delicious, easy dinner!

I registered for my class this upcoming semester. I'm taking Chemistry, which I am SUPER NERVOUS about but I am also excited because it means I am one step closer to my RN. Holla!

Yesterday was my half day at work, so I came straight home afterwards and straightened up the apartment. We received quite a few packages this week and the contents were just strewn across the apartment. I put everything in its place and felt so accomplished!


I haven't felt motivated to write lately. I seriously have like 10 posts that I need to finish in my drafts, but I just don't feel the 'want' to sit down and finish them and put the work in. We'll see. Maybe I will get the motivation soon.

It's been COLD here in Texas this week. Luckily, this weekend it's supposed to warm up. I have been bundled up in my cozy, flannel PJ pants and lovely slippers.

I miscalculated my vacation days that I had left last year, and I was left with less than I thought. Therefore, my last pay check was smaller than it usually is because I was off the week of Christmas. SUCK.

Your turn! Blog about your H&C of the week and come link up with us!


Meg O. said...

That's so exciting that you've registered for classes! Best of luck to you my dear friend!! And yummo I need that dinner at 7 am.

Julie said...

I remember chemistry, it was fun but biology was the one I was not a fan of. Which wouldn't do me good in the medical field, huh? Good luck!

Shelley said...

Look at you, miss smarty pants!! Good luck in chemistry!!

Bree said...

Chrmistry was always my preferred science class over biology. Not to say I did fabulously in it, but at least it was enjoyable to me. I wouldn't worry too much, I hadn't taken math since high school and I had to take it last semester and I managed an A+. I'm sure you'll do great!

Miranda Jones said...

Ooh, that chicken recipe looks so easy and delicious! I might have to try that this weekend! Thanks Amber :)

Brianne said...

That chicken sounds amazing!!

Jodi said...

Good for you for registering for a class. I hate Chemistry! Ha! Hope you have better luck than me.

Luck the easy dinner you made!!!

brlracincwgrl said...

Your dinner looks scrumptious! And good luck with your class! :). I hated Chemistry! It always kicked my tail!

Mason's Mama said...

50 weeks? That’s awesome!!


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