Christmas in Montana

Let's NOT talk about how waaaaay overdue this post is. I swear it's been sitting in my drafts, and I even made the picture collages the week we got back. But, can I admit something? I have TONS of posts in my drafts right now. Ideas for posts anyway, not completed posts. And I have NO desire to complete them right now. Not sure what it is, but I am feeling a bit blah about my blog lately. I need to do something to change it, I'm thinking.

Anyway, onward! As you guys know, I spent the week of Christmas in Montana with Nate's family. It was wonderful and I was beyond happy to go. I love to travel and the chance to get a white Christmas made me giddy excited.

We left on a Sunday, and made it to the airport entirely too early. In my opinion anyway. I know you need to be there quite a bit of time before your flight, but Nate takes it to the extreme. We were through security and sitting at our gate 2.5 hours before the flight took off.


So, we had plenty of time to kill. obviously.

Nate was watching some football game that was on TV, so I wandered around the shops near our gate. I grabbed a smoothie and as I was checking out the tacky magnets you can buy, I swear to God I heard John Krasinski's voice. I almost gave myself whiplash. Unfortunately, it wasn't him. Just a man who sounded EXACTLY like him. I kinda wanted to stalk him.

I quickly got bored with the gift shops and headed back to the gate to annoy Nate, people watch and read my kindle.

We had LOTS of time for selfies. The last one was for Steph. ;)

Our flight that left Dallas boarded on time. We were ready to go. However, we sat on the runway for close to 45 minutes. Not ever really sure what the holdup was, but once we got to Denver to catch our connecting flight where we were to have 1 hr 15 min to board, we now had 20 min. Luckily, we weren't far from our gate and not a lot of time to wait. :)

The first pic is annoyed me. Sitting in an airplane waiting on it to take off. Oh, did I also mention I was sick? I got a nasty upper respiratory/sinus infection 2 days before we left. So needless to say, I was at the 'worst' of my sickness. Not fun.

We got to Montana and I was SO AMAZED at the snow I saw. Guys, I'm a Texas girl. Our 'snow days' involve hard, ugly, dirty ice. This stuff was pretty, white and powdery. Even though I was freezing my buns off I also wanted to stay outside and play in it. 

Nate's not a big fan of selfies. We were excited to be in Montana, but very tired as it was 10:30. 11:30 our time. Oh also, I ended up having to check my baggage, and it took an HOUR at baggage claim when we were in Montana. Not fun.

The town we landed in is about an hour from Nate's parents' home. We ended up staying there that night because it was so late. Also, we were headed to Nate's hometown the next day in the opposite direction from where Nate's parents' live.

We woke up early, loaded the car up again and took the 2 hour drive to Nate's hometown. They still had TONS of snow on the ground. I wanna say Nate's grandpa said it was 8-9 inches. I was in heaven! I stomped around and made PLENTY of footprints in their front yard. :) Unfortunately, it was a very short visit, but as always it was so nice to see his family. We headed to Nate's parents' home that night, 3 hours away. Since I was sick, I fell asleep which made the ride home a quick one. ;)

The first morning we woke up there was one for the books. The middle picture is the view from the living room. I could definitely handle seeing that each morning. We grabbed coffee and just watched the mountains and the sun. It was gorgeous.

I obviously had to get plenty of cuddle time in with JJ. I was missing my Bink something fierce, but JJ definitely helped with that. She was my little buddy.

We headed to a friends' place on Christmas Eve for a party which was really fun. Lots of appetizers and LOTS of wine were had by all. 

We did lots of sightseeing. The Madison River looked gorgeous with the snow and ice all around it.

The front yard. They didn't have hardly any snow on the ground because of where they are located, there's LOTS of wind. It was all blown away. :( But dang, you just can't beat that view, am I right??

Nate's mom always has the most gorgeous Christmas tree. I enjoy checking out all the fun ornaments each year. Also, we were totally spoiled gift wise. So blessed to have Nate's family treat me like I'm theirs.

Christmas gifts!! Lots of amazing things. My favorite? Probably the kitchen knives I was gifted. I have been needing a GOOD set and they've already gotten plenty of use since we've been home. We had to leave a lot in Montana and have it shipped to us though. That was OK with us, it was like Christmas all over again when we received the package. ;)

Nate's mom made prime rib for Christmas dinner. Holy yum. We stuffed ourselves and my tummy is actually growling now just seeing this picture. We spent the Nate lounging on the couch watching movies.

The next night, one of Nate's mom's friends came to town and we had a party out in the garage. Moscow mules, moonshine and wine were the drinks of choice that night. So fun and JJ just couldn't hang with us. ;)

The last full day we were there, we went out on Ennis Lake which was completely frozen over. They kept trying to get me to walk on it, but I was so nervous. Once I got out there though and realized how much ice there actually was, it was pretty fun to say I was 'walking on water'. :) I didn't want to leave. And again with the view!!!

Unfortunately it was time to leave, and a week away just didn't feel like enough. Montana waved bye to us with yet another gorgeous picture opportunity. The view!

We were exhausted, but happy and ready to get back to our little Bink! :)

I can't wait to go back. We'll be headed back this summer :)


Julie said...

I bet that lake is even more gorgeous in the warmer temps. Glad you had fun :)

Candace said...

Back to see me;)

Glad you enjoyed your time here!

Joey said...

I just can't even get over those views!! So beautiful! I'm so glad you had a fun Christmas despite being sick. The one good thing about leaving our pets behind during a trip is the "going home" part is a lot more "sweet" than bitter!!

Natalie said...

It's gorgeous! I would've been tempted to have my dog & stuff shipped to me and just stay!

Becky Dougherty said...

I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas and that you got to see lots of snow!! :)

TexanCouture said...

It looks like you had a nice trip. I love vacationing in places with snow all the fun without the shoveling :)

Miranda Jones said...

It looks so gorgeous there! Mountains and snow never get old to me, either. I'm glad ya'll had a great trip!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks and sounds like you had a great time there! I've never been there but it looks gorgeous!


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