A Photo An Hour - 1/28/14

Confession time: I am super nosy. I love knowing what people do for a living and the little minor things they do throughout the day. So, when Meg and Stephanie announced they'd be hosting A Photo An Hour link-up I was definitely in!

I hope you are too, because I totally want to creep in on your posts. :)

These pictures are from Tuesday, 1/28. I chose a day that I don't have class after work because it's hard to whip out my phone and snap pics while in class because I'm a good student, of course. :)

7:00 AM

Morning sunshine! Rockin' the bed head and a cross country t-shirt from junior high. Holla!

8:00 AM

Just getting to work and clocking in. And yes, we still use the old school 'time punch' system.

9:00 AM

Only been here an hour, and I'm already 3 patients deep. Let's keep up this steady rhythm and the day will fly by!

10:00 AM

Confirming the next day's patients. Again, old school. We do it ourselves, no automated system here.
{blurred to protect patient privacy, no breaking of the HIPAA laws here!}

11:00 AM

Some of my patients are difficult, but in different ways. This one was difficult in the sense that he's pushing 100 years old, is legally blind and basically deaf. It's tough getting him to do what I need him to do. Now though, he's ready to see the doctor.

12:00 PM

Lots of reports to scan and route into the correct patients' charts. It tends to stack up a lot. I had another stack this size that I had already scanned, but I ended up shredding it before I was able to take a picture. 

1:00 PM

Cleaning up an exam room after an I&D was performed on a patient's cyst. I made it black and white so it wouldn't look SO gross for you. You're welcome. ;)

2:00 PM

My 2p patient cancelled. Score! Now I have time to eat my lunch. Sandwich, cheez-its and cucumber wedges. Yum!

3:00 PM

Making some phone calls. Talking to sick patients, calling out prescriptions to pharmacies, and giving lab results.

4:00 PM

We've got a big meeting at work the next morning, so I've volunteered to pick up donuts on the way into work. Gathering cash from co-workers.

5:00 PM

Quitting time! This means mail checkin' time, too. The post office is pretty much next door to my job, so it's quite convenient to go pick up my mail after work.

6:00 PM

Spending time with my two favorite boys. Binky always gets to excited when I come in the door. Then, it's like an extra surprise when Nate comes home. So sweet.

7:00 PM

Enjoying breakfast for dinner while watching Pretty Little Liars. AKA Nate's guilty pleasure. HA! He would kill me if he knew I told y'all that. But some Tuesdays, I think he's more excited than I am.

8:00 PM

Chemistry homework. :-/ Multi-tasking by listening to the State of the Union address in the background.

9:00 PM

Nightly shower time! It's still freakin' cold in Texas, so I'm wrapped up in the most comfy robe ever!

10:00 PM

I always read before I go to bed. Right now, I'm hooked on Gone Girl. During this hour, we also watch The Daily Show.

11:00 PM

Time to go to bed so I can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow! :)

What do your days typically look like?


Lauren said...

Thanks for looking out on the medical pics and not posting anything too bloody, ha!

I love that you had so many sides to show of your work day! All of mine this week have been behind a desk and let's be real - I can only photograph my computer so many ways before it would be incredibly boring!

Meg O. said...

Loved creeping on your day! Your job looks really interesting and that it keeps you busy. Love that. Thanks for linking up with us!

Darby Hawley said...

I'm nosey too lol You're definitely a busy lady at work!!!!

Chaos and Coffee said...

1) I could never do your job, you are AMAZING!

2) Thanks for looking out and making the pic b&w....I gag easily

3) Binky is the freakin' cutest!

Joey said...

Oh friend I love this!! I really enjoyed getting a look into your day!! Plus you are just too stinking cute. Your job sounds like it's so busy (which sounds really appealing to me--I always liked it when there was always something to do at work)! Your lunch and dinner (brinner!) look so yummy!

Nicole said...

You had me with your lunch until cucumber wedges....

daniela said...

Love this! I've always wanted to do one of these but you know, procrastination. Looks like you're a busy bee at work but puppy love when you get home is so, so worth it :)

Meg Cady said...

I LOVED seeing your day!!!
I've kinda always wondered what it would like to work in a Dr.s office!
Thanks for the peek inside your day!

Meghan said...

I of course had to go back and look at the black and white picture to see if it looked that gruesome ha!

Love the picture of Bink & Nate! So precious!

Miranda Jones said...

I'm reading Gone Girl right now too, and I'm almost finished. We should discuss when you're done!

Lisa C said...

Only someone working in the medical profession would post bloody gauze followed by their lunch, haha.

Becky Dougherty said...

That's such a fun idea! I may need to try this someday! :)

Whitney H said...

It's super interesting to see what goes on at a doctor's office! You fancy girl you ;P I think it's hilarious that Nate watches PLL!

Stephanie Delmonico said...

HAHA I love that you are super nosy because I am too! :)

Lisette H said...

You are too cute! I nosy and I liked this!


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