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The Vintage Modern Wife & Brunch with Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Welcome to our 49th week of Happies and Crappies link up day! H&C wouldn't have been around for so long if it wasn't for you awesome ladies linking up, so we really appreciate you!

The deets on Happies and Crappies link up:
1. Happies and Crappies link up will be posted EVERY Friday at Midnight CST . Happies and Crappies link up was created so you could write about the happies (good) and crappies (bad) from your week!
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This week was a weird one, and normally I would complain about having a holiday in the middle of the week. But this time? Not complaining! It was nice to have a little break. Wednesday night felt like Sunday, and it sure was nice knowing today was NOT Monday at work :)

We had a low key night at home for New Year's Eve, which is something we've never done before the whole time we've been together. It was kinda nice, especially considering I was ready for bed around 10:30pm. HA! Getting old, I guess. Oh, and I realized this is my 6th NYE kiss with Nate. LOVE.

As y'all know last week we were in Montana for Christmas, so we were without Binky. This week back with him has been awesome! I just love his sweet little face and he's been extra cuddly since we got back.

I went and got registered for a class yesterday! It's not the class I had in mind to take, but it's one that I need and I figured I should go ahead and get it out of the way. It felt good to get that taken care of.

The 24 day Advocare challenge is on sale for only $175 right now! Not only is it an amazing deal to take advantage of so you can kick start that weight loss we all resolve to lose at the first of the year. But it's time for me to challenge again! I'm pretty excited it's on sale when I need it. ;)


I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed lately. I feel like there's not enough hours in the day to do everything that I need/want to do. I feel like I'm letting people down. I think the beginning of the year has a lot to do with it too. With the new year being such a fresh, clean slate, I start thinking of all of the things I want to start doing and accomplishing and I sometimes let it control my thoughts. I need to get a better handle on that.

One of our Christmas cards came back returned yesterday. :( Reminds me I need to get the correct address so that I can try to send it again!

Your turn! Come link up with us below and share your happies &crappies from the week!


Jenn @ Party of One said...

I'm so excited to do the Advocare challenge this month! I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed lately :( I hope that everything calms down for you soon. Just remember you are an awesome lady & I'm always just a text away if you need to vent! XO!

Kristine said...

I got your Christmas card!! So cute :) happy 2014!

Michelles Desk said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! I know what feeling overwhelmed is like- just take a deep breath and take it one day at a time...that is all I do and it really helps. You are wonderful!!

Michelle @ Michelle's Desk (Formerly The Vintage Apple)

Julie said...

I sent out our christmas cards with no return address for some reason I just forgot it. So hopefully they all got to their homes :)

Natashalh said...

Oh no for a returned Christmas card!

Meghan said...

I think I'd like to try the Advocare challenge when I stop nursing! Can I order from you???


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