The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion.

When it comes to preserving my memories in picture form, I'm not always the best. I am horrible about leaving files on my computer or phone and never getting prints made. Or if I do, it's always WAY later than I meant to do it or I will leave the prints in a photo box and not display them.

I've recently found that the best way to display my favorite images is on canvas prints. Imagine how excited I was to stumble upon Printcopia

Printcopia offers custom canvas prints of all sizes for you to proudly display your favorite memories.

I immediately knew which picture I wanted to order. I chose my favorite from our Christmas card photo shoot and the ordering process was so simple. Even better? Was that I got my canvas in the mail TWO DAYS after I placed my order. If that's not excellent customer service, I don't know what is.

It comes packaged up as to not damage your canvas and the colors are just gorgeous and vivid.

One of my favorite things is that you can choose what your border looks like. I chose to keep it a simple black color, and it looks great with the rest of the canvas.

I'm already envisioning the way I want to re-do my gallery wall, and I have to say - this canvas will most likely be my center point to work around. I just love it so much.

Printcopia is offering 50% off canvas with free shipping right now. Such an amazing deal. It's the perfect time to get those gift orders in. It's definitely one that will be cherished for many years to come.

If canvas prints aren't your thing, you can also check out Build a Sign and Allied Shirts for more custom print options.

What's your favorite gift to give that 'keeps on giving'?


Modern Momma said...

That is a great deal! I really need to get around to printing a whole bunch of photos that are stored on my computer so this might be the motivation!

Nicole said...

I've been REALLY wanting to get a canvas print, and probably will with one of the maternity pics we took. I also want to re-do my gallery wall. Looks like they did a great job, and I love the border. I haven't looked into too many companies that do canvas prints, but I'll definitely keep these guys in mind!

Lacey Daniels said...

I'm just going to head on over to that website now! Your the best!

Lauren said...

I love Printcopia too, great canvas!

Laura @ The Everyday Joys said...

My first canvas should be showing up on my doorstep today -- I can't wait to get it! Canvas always looks so nice.

Taylor Bradford said...

Such a great pic of y'all!!! Love it!

Holly said...

I love canvas pictures!! How awesome :)


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