Weekend Lovin'!

It's been quite some time since I did a weekend recap. Since this past weekend was fairly eventful, I decided it was time to do another recap!


After work, we usually don't feel like doing much. We usually grab dinner to-go or stay in and watch a movie. Considering it was the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, my history loving boyfriend insisted upon watching the 3 1/2 hour long movie. So, that's what we did. We got cuddled up in our cozy jammies and laid on the couch ALL night.

Binky never has any objections against these plans. ;) #lazybum


I was up bright and early to meet up with my BFF and another bridesmaid to help her nail down some wedding plans. We met up at our childhood friends' mom's home, which is where the wedding will be held. She was such a good hostess!

She had made carrot juice for us and explained it's awesome health benefits. I was leery to try it at first because I am picky, but it actually wasn't bad at all. I pretty much finished my whole glass of it.

Next up, was plenty of coffee and cinnamon rolls while we chit chatted about wedding plans.

We really got a lot accomplished, and Stephanie (the bride, in the middle) said she feels much less anxious now that we helped her out. We also went to Hobby Lobby to play around with bouquet arrangements and made an appointment at a bridal shop in a couple of weeks for dresses! So much fun.

After only having a couple of cinnamon rolls that morning, by the time I got home I was STARVING. Nate was too and said he didn't know how long I was going to be, so he'd already made plans with a friend for dinner. They were going to a taco place, but I was really craving a burger. Luckily, the guys didn't have any arguments about the burger place I chose. So, I won :)

We got home and it was getting even more cold, so we bundled Binky up in his newest sweater. It's a little big on him, but makes him feel more cozy I think. :) And seriously? How adorable does he look in it??

The hoodie is just precious and even has a hood on it, so Nate was walking around with his hood on too so him and Bink were twins. I just love my sweet boys, they never fail to make me smile. :)

On our way home from dinner, we stopped at Redbox and rented The Purge. So we spent the rest of the night watching that. It was pretty intense and made me very anxious while watching it, ha. It was pretty good though. 


We didn't do a damn thing, and I loved every minute of it!

We woke up and enjoying our coffee, and while I was watching Food Network, I sent Nate to the store for a few things so that I could make my beef stew (recipe to come!). It's so hearty, warm and delicious. It's just perfect for the weather we've been having.

I also ordered our Christmas cards!!! So excited about them.

It's raining/sleeting right now (as I type this) and the forecast is calling for snow. So, I will be spending the rest of my evening hoping that my boss will call and say no work on Monday! ;)

How was your weekend??

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Nichole said...

Haha, I saw that IG pic of Nate and Binky and died...love their "thug life", hehe

Illegally Blonde said...

Saw this pic of Nate too and loved it. Umm I feel a huge triple date would be wonderful soon, you and N, Neely & A, Me and K.... just think it should happen.

Lauren said...

My husband made me watch JFK a few weeks ago and DAMN is that movie long! I fell asleep, oops...

Becky Dougherty said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Mine was pretty relaxing (my favorite kind)!

It's FREEZING here in PA. When I got to school where I teach today, the outside temperature was 10*!! I totally thought this was November, not January! I'm all into warm, hearty meals, too, because of this cold weather. Can't wait to read your stew recipe. :)

Nicole said...

I love that you followed up the "this is healthy for you carrot juice" with cinnamon rolls :) My kinda girl! haha

Sounds like the perfect weekend to lounge and hang out with the yucky weather. Maybe that's why I like living in Montana so much, because we have yucky weather a lot and it's easier to make excuses when it's cold outside :)

Meghan said...

Umm, that photo of Nate and Binky? I die!

Nicole said...

Your dog is too cute! We TRIED to go xmas shopping on Saturday and came home with a bunch of stuff for ourselves lol & Sunday was pretty lazy, my mom brought us lunch and we watched football. =)

Lisette said...

Your Yorkie is just too cute. Also I love that scarf!

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

Binky in a hoodie is too cute! I love it!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Speaking of weddings. I feel like this is your year to get engaged!


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