My 1st Happies & Crappies... Kinda

Hi guys!!! Happy Friday! Today is my first day as Stephanie's co-host for Happies & Crappies! I'm so excited! So be sure and come back here or her blog every Friday to link up! :)

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I got to have dinner with my BFF and her baby last night. It's not very often that we get together because she's been working a lot lately and was recently married. Since she's a busy woman, I take advantage of her free time. ;)

I got a budget put together! I know I've mentioned it before, but I don't always make the best decisions with my money. This time, I had a list of what money goes where each paycheck, and I plan to STICK TO IT!

The roses that Nate got me for our anniversary (picture on Instagram) are still looking gorgeous a week later!

The government shutdown is OVER!! ;) I won't get into politics here on the blog, but it sure is nice that the news will stop talking about it now. Maybe.

I've been looking high and low for a good black & white striped tee that I can wear with lots of outfits. Browsed around Old Navy today, and found the perfect one on clearance for $2.99! HOLLA!


Like I said above, I had a budget made. While making the budget, I realized how much "empty dollars" I'm wasting. So much of my money is spent on CRAP, and that's gotta stop because it's quite depressing.

Binky stinks. I'm blaming it on the rain. Dogs that get wet don't smell good days later. He needs a bath. BAD. Don't worry, he'll get one this weekend. He's lucky he's cute. ;)

My bloglovin' feed is outta control. Must get caught up on blog reading.

What are YOUR Happies & Crappies of the week? Be sure to tell us and link up with us!


Julie said...

I'm guilty of bloglovin getting out of control too because I usually ready straight from my blog...so I usually also go in and mark all as read...bad me maybe but time flies!

Lauren said...

I talked myself out of donuts on the drive into work but seeing your picture makes me want them again... must... use... self... control! Have a great weekend!

Courtney said...

Yay that you are the new co-host for Happies and Crappies! It's one of my fav link ups! It sound like you have had a great week. Love that you got to have some BFF time.

Nicole said...

I love the fall, but don't like the damp weather because my dogs loooove to frolic in the tall grass and mud and end up stinking too :( Yes, a bath is a MUST in the near future!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I am SO happy the shutdown is over. I can be paid now! I was so worried about paying my bills since I was going to work basically for free during it.

Becky Dougherty said...

I love a good shopping deal! :) what a great find at Old Navy!

Night Owl said...

always nice to have dinner. and what pretty roses.

sounds like you had a good time. yea it's good that govt shut down is over. the news constantly talking about it i'm sure got old.

come visit me at pinkowl07.blogspot.com


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