31 Days: Days 21-27 Recap

Let's get caught up on the past week, shall we? 

October 21st - As I was leaving the post office, I held the door open for a mom with a couple of rowdy kids. She was ushering them out the door quickly and seemed a little frustrated. I held the door open for her and she quickly mumbled thank you and gave me a small smile. 

October 22nd - I met up with a friend for happy hour after work and traffic was absolutely horrid. So, I was running late and since she was already inside I was rushing in to meet her. As I was walking up to the restaurant door, a lady was walking out with her leftover to-go box in hand. She was wearing high heels and there were a few steps down, and she tripped and fell. Her food and purse went flying and she scuffed up her shoe and scraped her hand pretty bad. I helped her up and helped her gather her things to put back in her purse. She seemed really embarrassed that someone has witnessed her fall, but she was also grateful that I stopped to help and kept thanking me.

October 23rd - I paid for the person's coffee behind me in the drive thru line. I know, I've used this one before, but it just never gets old. I happen to think that it would make someone's day, especially so early in the morning. ;)

October 24th - I was doing an x-ray on a patient at work who had horrible balance. As I was positioning him, I noticed his legs starting to shake. I asked him if he needed to sit down, and he didn't say anything. I told him again that we needed to get him to his chair, and he said it was OK and to go ahead and shoot the x-ray quickly. I noticed him starting to go down. He was a heavy set man and I was in the room with him all alone, so I was unable to move him to get him to his chair. I did the first thing I thought to do, I threw my arms under his and slowed him down so he didn't fall so hard and I put myself underneath him so I'd break his fall. The last thing I wanted was for him to fall hard and hit the floor with no cushion and break something. Luckily, we were both OK and I was able to holler for a co-worker to come in and help us.

October 25th - My friend Lindsey is taking a missions trip to Ghana in March and all of money she makes from ad sales on her blog go towards her trip. Lindsey is such a sweet person with a kind heart, and I wanted to help her and put my money to good use. So, I bought some ad space from her. :) You can too!

October 26th - Most mornings on the weekend, Nate wakes up before me. He does the morning routine with Bink while I sleep a little longer. On this particular morning, I woke up a couple of hours before Nate and couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and watched a bit of TV and decided I'd make Nate breakfast in bed. :) So I made up some eggs, sausage and coffee and woke him up. The first thing he said was, "Yum breakfast!" I love making that man smile!

October 27th - I mentioned last month that my BFF and I donated to the homeless in our area. This month, we did it again. It was a wonderful day and just like last month, we left feeling so humbled. We gathered socks, gently used clothing, snacks and other necessities and passed them out to the less fortunate. Be sure and keep up with us on Facebook (and you can like our page, too!) ;) And Stephanie is also blogging about our good deeds too, so follow her blog as well!


Lindsey Let the Light Shine Blog said...

I've been keeping up with Miles of Smiles (right?) on Facebook and LOVE IT!

Thank you so, so much for the ad and the sweet shout out! I am so so excited to go to Ghana! :)

Meg O. said...

You are the sweetest. Pretty much.

And how awesome that Lindsey is donating her ad sales to her mission trip!! That is super exciting!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I love how you have been doing these. I've been reading every single one since you started on October 1 :-)

Amanda Coers said...

All of this made me smile! :) Great job spreading love!

Jennifer said...

This world needs more people willing to go out of their way to help a stranger! Good on ya!

Holly said...

I really love that a lot of your acts are not even really planned, they just happen! You have such a kind heart, Amber :)

Nicole said...

Another great couple of days of doing great things for other people!!


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