31 Days: Day 5 Recap

Sorry about the late post, y'all. I meant to schedule this last night, but I started feeling awful. I have some sort of sinus mess going on. Probably from the cold front that blew in this weekend. 

But that didn't stop me from passing on the kindness :)

October 5th - Nate and I decided we were going to the movies this weekend, and I had some movie tickets that I had previously purchased on Groupon. The movie we were going to see was in 3D, so I figured we'd have to pay an extra fee even though we had the tickets.

When I logged onto my Groupon account, I saw that the tickets expired this coming Wednesday. After we used these tickets we'd still have 2 more left. And we thought about trying to catch a movie on Tuesday evening, but then I decided - do we really NEED to rush to see a movie before they expire?

Instead, we called up our friends and invited them to see a movie with us, our treat. :) We even went ahead and covered their surcharge for the 3D movie.

We had a great time and they really enjoyed being treated. It's always a good feeling to treat someone else to a good time.


Lauren said...

That is super sweet of you and a great rec on the movie - I LOVED it and kind of wasn't expecting to!

Nicole said...

What a great idea!! You're rocking this 31 day challenge!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

What an awesome idea!

Sparkles and Shoes

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

That's a great treat for your friends! It's funny because I never thought the random act of kindness being for a friend - I just assumed it was for strangers only :)

Lindsey Let the Light Shine Blog said...

Aww yay! What a sweet thing to do!


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