31 Days: Day 10 Recap

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October 10th - On this day, I decided to do my hair and makeup before work, which is a rare occurrence. As I was flying out of the door, I said to myself, "Shoot! I forgot to make my coffee!" 

Realizing that I may be late if I stayed at the house any longer, I decided to make a trip to Seattle's Best Coffee which is on the way to my workplace.

After I paid for my coffee and was getting ready to drive off the cashier asked if I had a reward card, and I remembered that I did. So, I dug it out of my purse and handed it to her.

She stamped it and informed me that I now have enough stamps and my next coffee will be free. 

I looked behind me in my rear-view mirror, and since I didn't see anyone behind me I told her to hang onto the card and pay for the next customer who comes through the line.

She smiled real big and said, "That's so sweet, I'll do that!"

Also, as I came into work, one of my co-workers, who is an elderly woman was having a hard time with her phone. She just recently got an iPhone and is still learning how to use it. She handed it to me and asked if I would get something off of her screen. She had no idea how she'd done it but she couldn't fix it.

It took me a few minutes to even figure out how to fix it, but I finally did. It didn't take much time out of my day at all, and she really appreciated my help.


Meg O. said...

You are totally inspiring me!!! Love these posts so much!

Katie said...

Free tech support is a great one!! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I bet you made someone's day at the coffee place!

Cait said...

it's such a blessing when people do that :) love this!

Lindsey Let the Light Shine Blog said...

Love these sweet little acts of kindness. Sometimes it's the smallest things to us that mean the most to someone!

Holly said...

I love this day! I love that even when you're not "planning" to do a random act of kindness, things happen that allow you to do one and you didn't even have to go out of your way :)

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

Handing over your loyalty card was very generous. It takes so long to fill those up, like a game! I mean, that's something you worked for! LOL Something to suggest, if you have a gift card for a restaurant or place you leave a tip - many times I don't use all the amount, by 10 - 15 dollars, but I won't be back to use it. I just tell the server to keep the balance for their tip. Once a lady stopped me and said "but there's $20 left on it!" I told her to keep it, I was moving out of town where we didn't have that particular restaurant. She was shocked because my lunch was only $10.


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