Love Affair

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Guys, I have a serious obsession. 

It's Pure Barre.

It all started when I won a giveaway for 3 classes on Neely's blog. I was in love with this.

However, I didn't keep up with it regularly. I took a class here and there. One in Nashville (when I went to Blissdom), one on my birthday when I got a free class, etc.

But this year, when I got my free birthday class, I decided to buy a package of classes. It's something I want to continue doing.

When Brittany contacted me to see if I was interested in attending a DFW blogger event at Pure Barre in Ft. Worth, I jumped at the chance. A way to socialize with other bloggers all while getting in a work out that I love for free? Count me in!

There's me doing some ab work. All while muttering swear words under my breath, I'm sure. ;)

I love PB because I can get in a good workout without feeling like I can't breathe. I hate exercises that take the breath out of me. These tiny, isometric movements do so much good for your muscles.

The instructor helping me deepen my side stretch.

Each class consists of a warm-up, arm work, thigh work, seat work, ab work, back extensions and a cool down with lots of stretching.

All the bloggers who attended the event along with the owner of the Ft. Worth studio.

Guys, this is something that I'm becoming passionate about. It's something I look forward to each day. It's my hour. I don't think of anything else but the workout. It's my time where I clear my mind of any worries.

I love what it does for my body. I hurt so good each class I take. I can tell how much more flexible I'm getting. And last week, I was wearing shorts and had to do a double take because I thought my thighs actually looked slender. It's pure barre, no doubt.

The prices for classes are a bit steep. But to me, it's worth it. I've never been a gym rat. I've never been one to enjoy getting sweaty and working out. It took me a long time to find an exercise that I actually enjoy. Pure Barre is it for me. In my opinion, that's what makes it worth it.

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Jessica said...

They're opening a PB in St Pete and I'm dying to go there. I'm hoping there will be a blogger event to kick it off!!!!

Lisa said...

There's a gym here in Augusta that teaches Barre classes. I need to make myself go one day.

Lisa said...
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Julie said...

I have heard about this and considered it, if it fit in my schedule, but no one I knows does it. The thing here in STL, apparently, is hot yoga and I'm not a fan of that. Glad to see you found something you're loving :)

Joey said...

I love that you've found something you actually really enjoy doing! I think that's the secret and trick to exercise that for some reason no one ever told me. I hate working out. HATE it. I hate getting hot and sweaty. I hate feeling like I can't breathe. I hate having to wash my hair (i know, i know). But I started zumba recently and I LOVE IT. I can't wait to go each time. I know I get a good workout in, but I don't feel like I'm dying. It just honestly feels like a good intense game of just dance!! I wish there was a pure barre in this podunk town because I'd love to work on my flexibility without the mind numbing boringness of yoga!

Jen said...

I have heard about this, and was curious what it was all about, so thanks for sharing what the classes consist of. I think a location just opened up in town, so I totally need to check it out. I love trying new workouts and I heard that this was a great workout!

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

I had so much fun PB-ing with you and getting to meet you in person was icing on the cake! FEEL THE BURN. =)

Helene in Between said...

Still never tried it! Looks like so much fun!

Katie said...

This is so cool! What a neat way to connect with others.

Meghan said...

YES! I love this post and I love PB! I need to go back to PB, but right now, I am loving Bar Method. Plus, I cannot tell you how amazing it is for pregnant ladies:) I swear, it's one of the reasons I still feel good!

Jodi said...

I really wish it wasn't so expensive. I would love to try it but just can't afford it long term. So glad you are loving it!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Good for you! I tried doing Cardio Barre and I kept having bad asthma attacks so I had to stop :(

Meg O. said...

I want to try this!! I don't think there are any studios near me, so I'm hoping there's a good dvd I can purchase.


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