A Weekend For The Books!

This weekend was one of the BEST I've had in a while. Each day was just filled with things that bring me so much joy!

Friday, I worked a half day at work. That is enough there to just make the whole weekend begin on the right foot. :)

After I got off work, I headed to my best friend, Stephanie's house. I got to cuddle with her newborn and play with her older daughter as well. We had her help us make our bags for our Make The Homeless Smile project.

Headed home, and Nate and I went out on a dinner date. We had fro-yo to end the night.

It was so much fun! A lot of times we end up picking up dinner or having it delivered, so going out and enjoying our food and each others' company was great.

Saturday, I woke up early and headed to Steph's to get started on our project. Basically, what the Make The Homeless Smile project is goodie bags we made with an inspirational note, a bottle of water, a piece of fruit and a granola bar. We were out to pass them out to the increasing number of homeless people we see around Dallas. It's so unfortunate, and both of us have our hearts broke when we see them begging for food. So, why not help out? It brought us both so much joy, we were on cloud 9 for the rest of the night.

Afterwards, Nate had to do an event for work, so Steph and I headed out for girls' night. We ended up ordering appetizers and margaritas. And, we even ran into another BFF of ours from high school. Someone I haven't seen in probably close to 6 years.

We all went out for drinks and catching up for a few hours. It was beyond fun. So crazy to see how much we've changed and grown up, but we're still the same friends we've always been. It was definitely good for my soul. And I didn't get a pic of the 3 of us, oops! - I guess we were just having too much fun! :)

And my my my, how times change. Once the band started playing, we all walked away because it was "too loud" when 6-7 years ago, we would've been the girls as close as possible to the stage dancing our hearts out. And we were all yawning by 9 and called it a night around 10. I remember the days we'd just be going out for the night at that time. ;)

Sunday, I slept in much later than I normally would. Woke up and lounged around the house all day. I loved it. Warmed Pumpkin Marshmallow in all of my Scentsy warmers because it FINALLY feels a little like fall. I spent the day in the kitchen making spaghetti for dinner, and I made banana bread because of the fall-ish mood I was in. :)

How was your weekend, friends?

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Current Obsessions v.2

I had so much fun doing my last post like this that I decided to make it a regular thing, and who doesn't like fun posts on Fridays, am I right??

But, first... I bet you guys wanna know who the winner of the Avery Lane giveaway is, eh?

Congrats to Shane!! :) I was happy to see it was you because you sure were getting those tweets in, girl. I'll email you ASAP!

Alright, y'all. First up on the obsession list...

The fine folks at Wendy's are having a sweepstakes where you have the chance to win $6,000! Check out my silly video below. Even Bink wanted a bite. ;)

Thanks to Wendy's for sponsoring today's discussion.

Phillip Lim

I finally got my hands on one of these babies. Thanks Neely! I wasn't one of the ones who stayed up or got up early, and I paid for that. When I did make it to my target, all of the bags I wanted were gone. :(

Peanut Butter

On everything please. Mostly apple slices. This has been my jam lately. I crave it constantly. At least it's something that's good for me, yes?

Anytime I walk into Target, I peruse the clearance racks. My favorite one is the 70% off, obvs. I scored 2 pairs of shorts for $5 a piece a couple of weeks ago. They are so fun, and crazy comfy. I've just been pairing them with plain colored tees and it's good to go.

Grey's Anatomy

Y'all, this show has been my favorite forever. I've been a religious viewer since it started. I was all over that 2 hour premier last night. And, I hate when I see spoilers, so I won't give any just in case any of you haven't seen it yet, but I'll just say that I cried like 7 times. Can't wait for next week already!

And there ya have it. What are you obsessing over lately?

Have a happy Friday, friends!!! 


The Best Parts of My Day

In an attempt to be more grateful for the "little things" that I usually take for granted, I started thinking about the things that I look forward to each and every day. The little things that are so mundane and routine, but they make me so happy at the same time.

So - in chronological order, here are the absolute best parts of my day...

My morning cup of joe, (although right now, it's spark) the second my eyes open

Binky's ridiculously adorable routine of yawning and stretching, oh and we can't forget the crazy bed head he has every morning

Chatting with my mama on the way to work

Clocking out from work at 5 o'clock

Taking off my shoes and usually my bra (hey, just keepin' it real!) the second I walk in the door

Binky acting a damn fool when I get home from work because he's so excited to see me

Competing with Nate on Jeopardy and/or Wheel of Fortune and watching re-runs of The Office on Netflix

Making dinner for Nate and myself

Relaxing on the couch while Nate cleans up the kitchen after dinner

Washing my hair

Taking my nightly meds

Laying in bed with my computer writing/reading blogs

Reading a couple of chapters of whatever book I'm reading before bed

Ya know, after doing this I realize I love all of the things about my day. Well, except those 8 hours I'm at work. ;) and even then, those usually aren't all that bad.

What are the best parts of your day?


Blog Elevated was THE BOMB!

Do people still describe things as "the bomb"? Probably not. I'm lame.

As most of you already know, I headed down South to Houston for the Blog Elevated conference this past weekend. I had won a free ticket on twitter, and I just couldn't pass up the chance!

I left work earlier than usual on Thursday, and was headed out on Megabus for my ride to Houston. I'll admit, I was overly anxious about this trip. I think it all stems from the Greyhound trip I took when I was 11. It was a horrible experience and the driver got us lost in a sketchy part of town. But, I'm very happy to report that Megabus was an amazing experience. You can't beat the price, the bus is clean, the ride is smooth, and I got almost 2 books read on the trip there and back.

Nope, I wasn't made to say any of the above. I was just very happy with my trip! :)

I obviously had to take some selfies on the bus. #bloggerproblems

Since Meg was still at work, Myra came and picked me up from the bus station. I was SO excited to meet her sweet face. We hung out at her house and just talked about everything under the sun like we were long lost friends. Thanks again, girl. Love ya!

After Meg came to get me, we were headed to the hotel for the kick-off party. After we got all registered, we enjoyed all sorts of goodies with other bloggers. There was a meat and cheese table, a fruit and fondue table, a coffee and pastry table and 3 wine tables. And, I won a gift basket. Score!

Day two was an early start. We visited the sponsor booths and enjoyed keynote speakers and sessions. Lunch was provided by the conference. It was really neat the way they did it. Since the hotel was located in City Centre, there were many restaurants to choose from. Around 10 of them had offered to feed us hungry bloggers. So, the conference had 20 bloggers go to each of the 10 places. This kinda made us mingle with other people we may not have gotten a chance to meet.

The session I chose that afternoon was hosted by one of my faves, Jenny on the Spot. I met her at Blissdom, and I kinda fell in love with her. She's so much fun. Plus, I really wish I had more confidence to vlog. I wanted to learn from the best, obviously.

Playing around with the props from Tillamook Cheese//OOTD - Top from Target, Skirt from Old Navy//Lunch with Bree//Jenny doing her thang

While we had time to kill before the fashion show and dinner party, me and some other bloggers headed to Sweet for cupcakes and girl talk. It was so much fun!

After we all got dolled up, we headed to the fashion show/dinner party. It was so much fun! Meg actually participated in the fashion show, and man she looked fierce! :)

Dinner was delicious, and I got to hang with some of the best bloggers. I was happy to be reunited with my Blissdom Roomies, Whit and Meg. And dessert was beyond delicious. Chocolate cheesecake and wine? Yes please!

We ended the night with lots of drinks, laughs and girl time in each others' hotel rooms. Such a blast.

These are the ladies I spent the majority of my weekend with. I kinda love them.

The second full day of the conference came quickly, and we were all a little tired. :) There were LOTS of informative sessions. My brain is STILL on overload. I still need to go through my notes and fix a few things I'm doing with my blog and social media accounts. 

After a long day of sessions, lunch with friends and shopping at the centre, we were headed to the closing keynote. Imperial Sugar provided us with cupcakes. They were ridiculously good. My mouth is watering now just thinking about them!

OOTD - Top from Old Navy, Pants from NY&Co//CUPCAKES!//Meg and I in front of the gorgeous wall in the lobby at Hotel Sorella

After the conference was over, and we said our goodbyes, Meg and I were headed back to her place for the night. Her and Greg were the BEST host/hostess I could ask for. They made homemade pizza for dinner, and it was so yummy. Meg and I stayed up entirely too late playing around with my blog, reviewing our notes, and laughing over her crazy cat, Dexter.

Obviously, Meg time meant I got plenty of Dexter and Kennedy time. Sweet babies. :)

Thank you again Meg, SO MUCH. I'm so grateful for you and your friendship. Love you!

I was sad to leave Houston because I had such a great time. But I was happy to get back home, too. Binky and Nate sure missed me. ;)

I'll definitely be back at Blog Elevated next year - will I see you there??


This is a Cop-Out & {GIVEAWAY}

Today's post is brought to you by some random questions that AP posted last week. 

I needed some good blogging material since I'm too busy to come up with it on my own because I leave for Houston today!!! I'm attending the Blog Elevated conference and staying with my homegirl, Meg. We're going to have a blast!

I also get to see my other Blissdom roomie, Whitney. So excited!

So, enjoy these random tidbits today! :)

1. What is in your car's glove box? Do you even call it a glove box? Is that its official name?

Is that it's official name? I have no idea! Glove box is what I call it, too. I have my car owner's manual in there. Tons of receipts from oil changes, tune-ups and tire changes over the years. I probably have every single proof of insurance that I've ever had in there. I never throw out the old ones, I just put the updated one in there along with the rest of them. Maybe I should clean them out? I have a tire pressure gauge in there, I know. But it never gets used. Some extra air fresheners, extra turn signal light bulbs, and a pair of two of sunglasses, I'm sure.

2. You just got a manicure and a pedicure. Do the colors have to match?

They never do. Never. My sister always makes fun of me, and says it looks silly that I never match them. But what's the fun in that? I like to switch it up. Ya know, keep people guessing. ;) But, I never do two colors that look ridiculous together. Usually if I have a dark color on my toes, I do light on my fingers, and vice versa.

3. If someone walking down the street in front of you had their underwear showing, would you tell them?

Probably not. If it was someone I knew and was friends with, I'd say something for sure. But as for a complete stranger? Nope, I wouldn't say anything. I mean, how do you even start off a conversation like that?

4. What was the name of the very first CD you bought? 

OMG. It was Jock Jams. I can remember - for my 12th birthday my mom took me and bought me my very first CD player. I thought I was the coolest kid around. I also got to pick out a CD, and I chose Jock Jams. Obviously I choreographed a dance routine to every single song. I mean, obviously.

5. Finish this ridiculously over-used saying, "Keep Calm And..."

The first thing that comes to mind is "Keep calm and carry on". I agree, the saying is totally over-used. This is my favorite one...

6. Have you ever covered the palms of your hands with Elmer's Glue, stuck them together until it dried and then peeled away the "skin?" If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I feel for your childhood.

Um, yes. Totally. You weren't cool if you haven't done this. I probably wasted lots of glue doing this. It was too much fun. And I gotta agree with AP - if you don't know what this means, your childhood was lacking. Major.

7. Charles in Charge or Doogie Howser?

Doogie Howser. Swoon. What a cutie!

8. What's one thing you've never wore/done/ate but you would like to wear/do/eat?

Hi-low dress/skydive/pasta in Italy. I LOVE the hi-low dress trend. But, with my short, stumpy frame I don't feel like I could pull it off. I've always wanted to skydive, but I definitely don't want to do it alone. Nate's biggest fear is heights, so he's out. I think it'd be so much fun getting that adrenaline rush! And I'd KILL to eat pasta in Italy. I love carbs, so this is a given.

9. If you had to listen to ONE song for the rest of your life, over and over and over again, what would it be?

Hands down, Benny and the Jets by Elton John. How can you NOT instantly be in a good mood when you hear that song? I know it makes me happy, and I always sing along and bust a few dance moves, too.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

Also, I'm participating in a group giveaway over at Life of Meg. You can head over there, or use the rafflecopter widget below to enter!! :)

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Avery Lane Giveaway!

Happy HUMP day! ;)

Today, I have a super fun giveaway for y'all.

As we all know, I'm a tad bit addicted to online shopping. Especially when I find fab finds on the cheap!

That's where Avery Lane Boutique comes in.

This store is chock full of cute and trendy pieces for the right price! Plus, the owner Casey is so sweet and has amazing customer service. She responds quickly to her customers and the orders are shipped out very quickly after purchasing.

I'm in love with her shop, and here are the pieces I currently own.

Also, I'm a horrible blogger. I haven't gotten any pictures of myself in these items. Oops. So, these pictures were all taken from the Avery Lane site.

Avery Lane is also on all social media outlets, so be sure and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

One of you lucky ladies is going to win a $40 credit today to use on anything in the shop! :)

Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter. Giveaway will last one week. Winner will be notified via email and will be displayed on the widget.

Good luck!

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Week-long Shenanigans

There's no way it's been one week since I last blogged. I mean, is that right??

I don't know where this past week went. Work was SO packed every day that I literally had zero energy to do anything when I got off work each day. Blogging just wasn't up at the top of my list. Sorry loves.

Here's what I've been up to.. in picture and bullet point form, obvs.

  • I've been finding ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. My new fave snack is slapping peanut butter on a couple slices of banana, pop in the freezer for a bit and it's SO good. Definitely makes me happy and puts the sugar cravings at bay.
  • Cuddling with my favorite Poochi (poodle/chihuahua mix) Ella. 
  • New fave pink lip color - Clinique Woppin' Watermelon. It's SUCH a fun color.
  • Eating TONS of salads. Pretty much every day for lunch. My salad at home started tasting bitter (going bad, I'm sure) so I swung by Subway one morning before work to grab a salad. And my goodness, it was delicious and so filling!
  • Went to a local festival and we stopped by the salsa booth. YUM. Nate asked for something "hot & good" but not to tell him what it was. The guy gave him "Stupid Salsa" - needless to say, he was in pain. And I didn't feel one bit sorry for him.
  • Helped my mom celebrate her birthday on Saturday by taking her out to lunch and spending some extra time with her. She loved cuddling up on Bink, too as always. ;)
  • Nate and Bink lazing it up. What they do best.
  • Nate's step-bro made us dinner. Stuffed green peppers with CHICKEN. Why have I not done this before? I just always use beef. So yummy.
  • And, I swung by Target to check out the new Phillip Lim collaboration, and all of the bags were already gone. I went online a couple of hours later, and it was sold out there too. :-/ I'm so lucky Brin offered to pick this beauty up for me at her Target!! :) I'm a happy girl.
How was your week?

P.S. Come back and see me this week. I'm participating in two giveaways on other blogs, and I may or may not have one lined up for you guys this week. ;)

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Current Obsessions v.1

Whew, what a weekend it was! As I mentioned last week, I started the 24 day Advocare challenge. Which meant I stayed in as much as possible this weekend because I didn't want to be tempted to do anything bad. Ya know, order a beer or eat something I shouldn't be eating.

Needless to say, it wasn't an exciting weekend. I prepped food for the week, completely re-organized and re-arranged my bathroom and bedroom closet. So, now I'm exhausted.

Instead of a weekend recap, you guys get some things I'm totally obsessing over as of late.

Get excited! First up on the list...

I am not sure what took me so long to find this product, but I sure am glad I did. It evens out my skin tone so perfectly, and I usually don't even need concealer when I use it. (unless of course I have a real awful breakout) and it doesn't cake off my face when I get hot. It's really moisturizing too. And at less than $10 a pop, it's worth it!

For the longest time, I was using Tresemme brand and while it did the trick, it made the top of my hair look gray from the white powdery substance not being absorbed into my dark hair. Then, I found this stuff and you can pick what shade you want! I obviously got the one for dark hair. No white residue! And it works awesome too. Takes that oily shine right out. Go get ya some.

I know, I blogged about it last week. But I just can't help but rave about it again. I love it that much. It still amazes me that I finally found something I enjoy doing. I thought it would never happen. Finally, an exercise I don't DREAD.

If you told me a year ago that I'd eventually learn to like guac, I'd laugh in your face. Yep, it's true. I didn't touch the stuff up until earlier this year. Now, I can't get enough! It's like I'm making up for lost time of not eating it my whole life. I've tried Meg's recipe, and I love it! And, this past week, I tried Katie's recipe and it was pretty bomb too.

Shellac Manis
Manicures are the way I treat myself. I always feel better when my nails are done. I love treating myself, but I always splurge for the shellac. It's so awesome. No waiting for your nails to dry, and no chipping! It's craze amaze. 

I hope y'all have an amazing Monday!

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