One Dish Dinner {EASY recipe}

Today, I'm sharing a super simple recipe with y'all. It's one where you don't have to measure any ingredients. You don't have to dirty up 10 bowls to prep. You don't have to tend to it the whole time it's cooking.

I present to you....

The One Dish Dinner


2 large chicken breasts
5 medium red potatoes
1 can of green beans
1 pkg of dry Italian dressing
1 stick of butter


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Spray a 13x9 inch pan with olive oil spray.
Place the chicken in the middle of the pan.
Quarter your potatoes, and place them on one side of the pan.
Drain the green beans and place them on the other side of the pan.
Sprinkle the Italian dressing over everything in the dish.
Cut pats of the stick butter and place a few on the green beans, and the others on the potatoes.
Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour 10 minutes.

A few notes:
  • Next time, I will only use half a stick of butter. One whole stick seemed to be a bit much.
  • I loved that the whole dinner (sides included) were ready at the same time. I loved not having to make extra sides.
  • The recipe I used (from a co-worker) was halved to feed just Nate and I. If you double it, you may want to use a bigger pan.
  •  You could use whatever spray you have to coat the pan. I used olive oil because it's the healthier alternative.
  • This smells amazing the second you put it in the oven. The aroma will fill your house and your stomach will start growling long before it's done. Be prepared. ;)

Let me know if you try this and how you like it!


My First Untitled Post

Yeah, that's right. You heard me. This post is untitled. I always have anxiety about titling my posts for some reason. It's the hardest thing to do when it comes to blogging. I know. I'm ridiculous, but I try so hard to try and come up with a catchy enough title that'll make you wanna click when you're scrolling thru your feed. And today, I got nothing. Sorry y'all.

As per Monday's usual blog post, I'm recapping my weekend for y'all, which was one for the books. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. ;)


After work, I hit up PB and had to rush home to get a quick shower and change in because I was meeting up with Nate and some friends for a co-worker's going away get together. We stayed out until 1 am. (!!!!) which is way late for us. It was fun to sit and have a few drinks and chat with friends. Oh, and eat incredibly horrible for you food. I can't even begin to tell you the massive amounts of cheese fries I consumed.

I had to document my mint pants outfit. These are quickly becoming my faves. They are SO comfy, and I love 'em. They can be found at New York & Company.


I was up pretty early for a late night the night before. I quickly got ready and headed to meet up with Neely for a day full of fun.

After a stop at Starbucks, duh - we were off to meet up with Lynn for lunch. She's such a doll, it was so  fun hanging out with her. After a yummy meal, we were off to go outlet shopping. Where I managed to spend entirely too much money. But, I did get this adorbs phone case from Kate Spade. I'm kinda obsessed with it.

After lots of fun shopping, we we headed to a DFW Blogger Meet-up at the Ft. Worth Pure Barre studio. The event was put on by Brittany - thank you SO much girl. It was awesome. It was fun getting in a free workout, had some fruit as a post work-out snack, got little goodie bags and mingled with other bloggers. It was a good time, but I was TIRED by the time I got home.


Since I went to bed pretty early Saturday night, I woke up bright and early and enjoyed my coffee alone on the couch while watching Food Network.

I had to start getting ready to meet up with Amy for brunch. I am SO excited we were able to meet up while she was here in town. We've followed each other forever, and I just adore her. She was such a doll in person too, and we had a lot of fun chatting. Neely even stopped by to say hi and get a pic. #bloggerprobs

Afterwards, I ran some errands with my sister. Went to Old Navy where there workout pants were only $15 - and I was in desperate need for a couple of new pairs. Also, had to swing by Bath & Body Works. It was the last day of their 2 for $22 candle sale. And I love those things.

Then, my sister decided she wanted her nose pierced, so I tagged along for moral support. Obviously we had to take a picture afterwards because now we are twinsies! ;)

Came home and started on dinner for Nate and I. Buffalo chicken wraps and fries. Yum. While we were waiting on that, I hung the letters I got from Jenn this week. I didn't plan on hanging them where they are now, but I decided I actually love them there. Now I want to add a little more to that wall. What do you think?

And that my friends, was my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours??

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Weekly Musings

As bloggers, we tend to recap our weekends most Mondays. But what about our weeks? I know, the weekends are usually more fun which is why we mention them. 

But today, I'm going to tell y'all what I've been up to this past week. Howd'ya like that?!

This past week, I've....

..treated my sister to a mani/pedi. I got OPI cajun shrimp on both my fingers & toes. My fave! 

..went to a baseball game with blog friends who are now IRL friends and our men.

..had a miniature slumber party with Stephanie and Mathew.

..made Chicken Fried Rice, Baked Ziti and Mexican Rice for dinner. Not all on the same night though. ;) Thanks Whit for blogging your recipes for me to steal a couple!

..met my best friends' baby, who is the most precious, sweetest thing I've ever seen. Meet Ellayna!

..hit up some Pure Barre after a couple of days off. I can tell the difference in the way I feel when I miss more than a day or so.

What did you do this week? 

This weekend, we'll be hanging with friends who are coming to town. Heading to a going away party for one of Nate's co-workers. Heading to a PB blogger event. Doing a little shopping. Sleeping in. :)

Any fun weekend plans in your future?


I Should Probably Be Playing the Lottery...

I'm not a person who typically has good luck. I'm not saying I'm cursed with bad luck either, but I just don't normally win things on the reg, if ya catch my drift.

Last week, a radiology clinic we refer patients to invited our office out for their semi-annual happy hour. Lots of other practices would be there, and they were offering apps and drinks on the house. I usually don't do things like this. Buuut, a couple of my co-workers coerced me into going. I thought, what could it hurt? I'll go have a couple of drinks and mingle with my co-workers off the clock for a bit.

I got there and had to sign a little ticket that would be entered into a drawing for a door prize later that night. As I'm enjoying my free margarita, I heard my name called. Whaaaaa?! I won something?! I go up front and am handed my prize, which is a $50 Kohl's gift card. 


Then, this past Monday, as I was sitting at my desk wishing away the day because I hate Mondays... I got an email that I won $1000 in cold hard cash from Bonnie's blog. I may or may not have started hyperventilating at my desk. I thought I was going to cry and vomit all at the same time. But in a good way, obvs. ;) I'm happy to say I'll be using that money to pay off one credit card and the rest of that bad boy is going into savings. Because I hate to admit this, but I don't even have a savings account right now. So, now I will have one for emergencies and it makes me feel soooo good.


Last night, I participated in Neely's Trendy on Twitter party for Boardroom Salon. I was running a little  late to the party since I was finishing up dinner, but I made it. And thank goodness I did because I won a Benchmark package. Which is basically "the works". Obviously, I'll be gifting it to Nate. He's going to love the pampering, I know it!


Last week, Meg had been talking all about the Blog Elevated conference that's going down next month. I wanted to go, but I just couldn't put down $250 for a ticket at the moment. Then, I heard they were giving away codes to get the ticket for just $99 on twitter. I still decided I should just save my money and go next year instead. Well, last night, as I was browsing twitter about to go to bed for the night, I saw that they mentioned they were possibly giving away free tickets. I thought I may as well try to win one right, what can it hurt??? 

The 3rd and final free ticket they were giving, I was one second away from winning. Seriously, the person who won replied one second before me. I was a little sad. :( But, then it was announced they were giving away one more free ticket for the night. And the winner was ME!


Y'all. I've won 4 amazing prizes in the last week. Who thinks I should go buy a lottery ticket???


Weekend Wrap-Up!

Good morning loves. This weekend seemed to fly by, but it always does when I'm go-go-go. I need to learn to relax at home more often.


Luckily, my weekend began at noon on Friday. :) I love when it works out that way. I started it off right by hitting up a Pure Barre class. I expected it to be pretty full, thinking people would come on their lunch breaks, but it was a little bare. 

After I grabbed a Jamba Juice smoothie (so conveniently located next to the PB studio) for lunch, I decided I deserved a manicure. Also, my nails were AWFUL. I always seem to let them get horrible before I go in for a touch up. I went with a french shellac mani this time. The french always seems to last longer, or so it seems because you can't tell in the back when they've grown out. ;)

When I left the salon, I noticed while driving that my nails still had that tacky/sticky feeling to them. Jo mentioned that they probably forgot to do a final swipe of alcohol over my nails and that's why. I was thinking that after my shower and whatnot, it'd go away. It did not. The stickiness was driving me crazy, so I put a coat of clear polish on them hoping it wouldn't ruin it. 

I headed to meet up with my sister after she got off work because we were going to see our friend who is a GM for a frozen yogurt shop, and her store just recently opened. I'm so proud of her, so I wanted to check out her new digs. Plus, the free fro-yo didn't hurt either. ;) It was delicious, and unfortunately I got no picture because I ate it just as fast as it was put in front of me.


My sister and I were headed to meet up with my BFF (who is 9 months pregnant!!!) and her daughter for lunch. It was so nice to catch up with her before she delivers another sweet girl. I did get a picture of me feeling the baby kick, but she'd probably kill me if I posted it here. Ya know, she doesn't feel like she looks super flattering right now, haha. So, instead I'll share one of me and my sister.

After lunch, we did a little shopping. Steph was buying some school clothes for her kid since it was tax-free weekend, so Casey and I browsed a second hand shop next door, and y'all - I found these fabulous Tory Burch wedges for only $45!!! I felt like it was such a steal that I couldn't pass them up, right?

But, I did pass them up. They were half a size too big. And while I thought I could overlook that, I left the shoes on and walked around the store for a bit to see how they would wear. While comfortable, I just couldn't get past the lifting in the back towards my heel every time I took a step. :( I hope the person who finds these knows what a fabulous deal she's getting.

Later that night, we had dinner at Plucker's. We loooove that place. It's so good and the atmosphere is fun too, plus Nate could watch the game. ;) Always a win-win in his book.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that on my caption of this pic, I said that Nate asked me why I'm always taking pictures of him. I mean, does he not understand that IG is meant for sharing every detail of my life. ;) Plus, they usually go on my blog too, duh.


Started my day off with a PB class. Feels so good to get it out of the way first thing in the morning, so I can enjoy the rest of my day.

Came home and Nate and I cleaned the apartment pretty good. Every few weekends or so, we get a wild hair and just CLEAN. It's nice and refreshing to start a new week with a clean place.

We headed to my mom's for an early dinner with the rest of the fam. My mom made lasagna. The recipe she uses has been handed down through out her dad's side of the family. It's amazing, and my great great grandmother was actually offered money long ago by a local Italian restaurant for the recipe, and she declined saying it's to stay in the family. :) My mom doesn't make it often, but when she does it's all I think about for days.

Sooo, yummy.

Also, when I took this picture, I said aloud, I wish I were a food photographer. I just think it would be really fun, but I don't know the first thing about photography and plus, all I use is the camera on my iPhone. Not very profesh. 

Anyway! That's pretty much the gist of my weekend. How was yours??

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Mid-Week Ramblings

I can't help but mimic the Geico commercial where the camel is happy it's hump day on Wednesdays. Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

Speaking of Geico, I am in the market for some new car insurance. Actually, I need to purchase it like yesterday. I have gotten great quotes from both Geico and Progressive. So, now I need to make a decision on which to purchase. Anyone have experience with both companies? If so, which did you prefer and why?

Last weekend, we went out for my best friend's husband's birthday. It was a surprise dinner to a Hibachi grill. Guys, don't shun me, but this was my first time to ever eat at a Hibachi grill. I was a little nervous having them cook my food right in front of me. And it was SO hot. I felt like I was getting a facial the whole time. But my goodness, it was delicious! And they did so many tricks. The onion volcano was pretty neat (I posted a video on Instagram) and then when he was cooking the fried rice, he shaped it into a heart, and since it was pretty much the cutest thing ever, I took a pic to share. ;)

I started Pure Barre classes again. I am sore, but I love it. I honestly think this is something I can stick with. It's not a workout that I dread each day. Even though it kicks my ass, I enjoy it at the same time. I was talking with a girl in class last night and she said she's been taking classes regularly for only 2 months and she is already in the best shape she's been in her life. I can't wait to see that. Oh, and PS. I took "before" pics of myself (which are grossing me out when I scroll through my albums on my phone) but I can't wait to take some "after" shots after about a month of PB. Will be exciting to see the changes.

Last weekend, Nate and I finally did some much needed grocery shopping. We were down to the bare essentials, and we were actually out of some of those. I was starting to get creative with what we were eating because it's hard to make a meal with a few things in the pantry. It was one of those trips where we had to go down every single aisle because we needed everything. It was a tough pill to swallow once we got to the checkout, but at least now we don't have to spend money on takeout.

Monday we went to dinner for Nate's step brother's birthday. I had the MOST delicious dinner. A bacon wrapped filet mignon, twice baked garlic potatoes, grilled veggies and some wonderful Chardonnay. I really believe that all Mondays should end that way. It would make it much more bearable. :) And because it was a birthday, we couldn't pass up dessert. We all shared some mocha pie. It was heavenly.

You may have already seen my tweet about this, but I'm so proud to announce that my car is officially paid off!!!! It's one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Such a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I plan to build up a good amount in my savings account from the money I'm not spending on a car payment for money to fall back on in case I need repairs. Because we all know that my luck will be that I'll have to drop a huge chunk of change now that the car is mine. And after building that up, it's time to use that extra money to pay off all of my other debts! I think that Sallie & Perkins would be very proud of me. ;)

How's your week going???

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My Style Monday!

It's not very often that I link up with Lindsey and Rachel, but I've documented a couple of my outfits as of late and wanted to share then with you guys. :)

I really need to be better about getting dressed up, so I can play along more often. Plus, it makes me feel good!

Out for my birthday:
Top and pants from NY&Co
Shoes from DSW
Clutch from Target

Out for a friend's birthday dinner:
Top from Old Navy
Shorts from NY&Co
Shoes from DSW

Lounging around the house & running errands with my sister:
Top from Old Navy
Shorts from Walmart

As you can see, I don't typically have a photog to take full body shots. So, I take them while looking down. :) If I am motivated to keep these #OOTD posts up, I'll have to make Nate get behind the camera more often!

What are you wearing these days??


Birthday Week Recap!

TGIF, lovers. This has been SUCH a long and tiring week, I'm glad to see the weekend!

Before I recap what I did for my 26th birthday, I want to announce the winner of my Birthday Giveaway. So, congrats to Brittan!!!

Yay, friend! I'll email you today with the details.

Okay.. now onto the good stuff! I had to make a few collages or it wouldn't been picture overload and you would've been scrolling all day. ;) 

  • We started off by having Chipotle for my birthday eve dinner. Let's face it. I can never get enough of those burrito bowls, so when Nate asked what I wanted for dinner, it wasn't even a question.
  • I decided to be "pretty in pink" on my birthday. Sad, but true story: One of the DRs at the practice I work for said he didn't recognize me at first with my hair "long and down" oops. I guess I should wash and fix it more often instead of throwing it on top of my head!
  • I got off work at noon on my birthday, so you can bet your sweet ass that I went and cashed in on all my birthday coupons. My lunch was a free Starbucks drink & a free Sprinkles cupcake. Love it.
  • Nate's mom sent me the SWEETEST text in all of the land. I know this woman loves me, but this text just made my whole entire day.
  • Nate and I went for pizza and wine for dinner on my actual birthday, which had to be finished off with some cheesecake. Obvs. ;)

  • We got dolled up to meet up with friends at The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner that weekend. I wore a whole new outfit. I've had the shirt and pants for a couple of months now, but I have a bad habit of letting clothes sit in my closet w/ tags on them. Birthday dinner was the perfect excuse to "shop my closet."
  • I was sooo happy that my best friend came and had her daughter that weekend. Love those 2 girls.
  • And you can't eat at The Cheesecake Factory and NOT get dessert, amiright?! Lemon raspberry cheesecake, ftw!

  • Afterwards, the cool kids took the party to a karaoke bar where many drinks (and shots, oops!) were had by all. 
  • I always, always have a good time when we hang with our friends Katie & Dave. They're a blast!
  • This was the night we heard about Kidd Kraddick, so we had to toast a drink in honor of him, too! 

  • Sunday was VERY low key since we had slight hangovers. So we took Bink to get groomed. As you can tell from his before & after pic, it was much needed. I love being able to see his sweet eyes now.
  • And the very last of my birthday shenanigans was this past Wednesday night. Nate got me tickets to see Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls. I was SOOO excited. I've been talking about this concert for months now. I just assumed the seats would be on the lawn, which I was totally OK with. Well, we got there and I see that are seats are 6 rows from the stage. It was amazing.
  • But, it was hot. So hot. I don't remember the last time I sweat that much. I'm pretty sure my pores weren't sweating regular ol' sweat by the end of the night. I was seeping out fake cheese (ya know, from my concession stand nachos) and miller lite. 
  • It was SUCH a blast. A birthday to remember, and I'm so thankful for those who helped make it memorable for me! :)


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