My Top 3 {Skin Care} Products

I've been more active in trying to do better in taking care of my skin as of late. I'm always down for trying new products, but right now I have a few favorites that I want to continue using.

Today, I'm going to share my top 3 skin care products with y'all so you can try them out too. 

First up is the Murad Renewing Eye Cream

I'm sure you checked out the site I linked - and no, I did NOT pay that much for this. I actually received a sample of it (may have been through Birchbox, I can't remember) and it's a pretty good sized sample. Luckily, a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. Once I'm out of it, I'll be very upset because I just can't stomach the price.

I've been using it every night. After I have washed, toned and moisturized my face, I apply this to my brow bone and under my eyes. I feel like it really refreshes my face and evens the skin tone. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I have AWFUL dark circles. I'm trying to combat that with this!

I really love this stuff, mostly because it's all natural. I really appreciate products that aren't full of chemicals. I have a big ol' bottle of this, and since I have tons of other lotions and potions, I use this in rotation with my others. But, this one has always been my favorite. It dries quickly and doesn't leave the greasy residue that some lotions leave behind. I HATE that feeling, and I'm not patient enough waiting for it to soak in. 

This doesn't do that. And there's minimal scent which I like too. Too many lotions are overpowering with the perfumes. I like something light, since I mainly use it for moisture. I use this after my showers to lock in the moisture on my super dry skin.

Lastly, is the Befine Night Cream.

I actually did receive a sample of this when I was a Birchbox subscriber and loved it so much that I bought a full size! I use it every single night on my face after I've washed and toned. This also follows the "little bit goes a long way" mantra. 

This is meant to be put on at night because it works while you sleep. It improves circulation and helps to reduce fine lines. It feels great, is very light, and the smell is light too.

So there ya have it. My top 3 favorite skin care products. If you like this kind of post, let me know, and I'll do more (top 3 makeup, top 3 hair care, etc.)

What are your favorite skin care products that I should try?


thepaceofitall said...

I'm going to need some of that eye cream, my undereye circles are scary!

I used to love the Boots moisturizer, sold at Target, but now they're changed the formula and it smells blegh. So I switched to Neutrogena (uh, how do you spell that?). Does the job just fine.

Life With Lauren said...

I am going to have to try the Hempz where did you find yours?

Shelley said...

I've been using curel for years for full body lotion after showers but they must have changed something because now it had a weird smell. Where did you get the hempz lotion?

Nicole said...

Ugh, I'm so bad at taking care of my skin at night! The last one looks great though...where do you get it? More than likely I'll have to order it online cause we don't have it here in the boonies :)

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I have never heard of any of these, great introduction!

Sparkles and Shoes

Meghan said...

I will have to check these out. My sister-in-law swears by hemp lotion. I really enjoy Caudelie skin care products, although they are so expensive:(

tara said...

love the befine night cream! good stuff!

Unknown said...

I love Sun Putty.

My skin looks great since I've been using it for 8 weeks. It is great for daily skin care and SPF 30 sun protection.




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