All sorts of fun going down at BWA this weekend..

So how's about I tell you about, eh?!

First things first, I had planned to have a vlog ready for you guys today. Well, that didn't happen.

I did record a vlog, but I hated it. I skipped like 3 steps in my makeup routine, could hardly see because I didn't have my contacts in (for God know why?!) and then it ended up being really long and I cleared my throat an annoying amount of times. Soooo, it was a no-go because also? I don't know how to edit this damn video. I'll try again sometime guys, I promise.

Friday night:
Nate got off work late and after spending too much time in front of the TV watching news, we had to get up and get some dinner. The original plan was to walk with Binky down the block to Rusty Tacos for dinner, since they have a pet friendly patio.

Well, it was already starting to get dark once we left, so we knew we definitely didn't want to walk back in the dark. SO we drove. And Binky acted like a little jerk. We just can't take him anywhere. ;) haha. He gets anxious and nervous easily, but I'm trying to slowly but surely break him out of that. We'll see. We survived dinner and made it home. Where I proceeded to crash on the couch (like most nights) and Nate wakes me up to go to bed.

We got up pretty early and I talked Nate into getting ready for the day for us to do a little walking around and window shopping at Mockingbird Station which is a few blocks from our place. So off we went with my Bath & Body Works gift card that I was still hanging on to from Christmas - (I know right?!) and we got ourselves some new summer candles. Their BIG 3 wick candles that are normally $20 a piece, are on sale 2 for $22. So we picked a few up. Nate got some body soap since he was running out, and like always we took advantage of the 4 for $15 deal on the handsoaps. We're addicted to these things. They're in our bathroom, kitchen, and they go fast. They just smell so nice and aren't a bad price either!

{maxi skirt - Old Navy} {tee - The Shine Project}

After wards we headed to Victoria's Secret because I was in desperate need of a new nude bra. I was tired of seeing my bra under almost all of my shirts. Well, I get in there and Nate decides he'll just wait outside. The lady helping me thinks I'm choosing bras to try on that are too small for me. What?! So, she fits me, gets me comfortable, I have a bra in hand that I want to buy, and I find out that I went up a cup size. Like I'm gonna have to start buying specially handcrafted brassieres soon. It's getting out of control. So whatever, I needed it and I got it.

We ran over to try Smashburger for a late lunch. Neither of us had been there before, but the reviews were good and the prices were decent so we gave it a shot. And we LOVED it. Will definitely be back. I love that it's so close to the apartment that we can swing by whenever.

We were headed to get home and get ready for our triple date with Neely, A, Stephanie and Mathew. We ended up at Victor Tango's - which is delicious! We found out that our beloved crab mac & cheese has been taken off of the menu. So needless to say, everyone was a little sad. 

After dinner and drinks, we were off to Barcadia, which is a really great bar that allows what Nate says, "for a 30 year old to be a 10 year old for the night" - it's true. We played lifesized Jenga, skee ball, pacman on arcade, and all of that extra fun stuff. 

Stephanie and Mathew had to leave early because they were driving back that night. Sad day to leave my BFF fo' lyfe. 

Came home, Nate popped in Pineapple Express - I don't know.. something about an appropriate movie for the date.

I passed out on the couch (the ush for me), went to bed shortly thereafter.

Woke up nice and early. Had breakfast and coffee on the couch with Nate.

Checked my emails and my day was made when I got one from Leeann saying I won her Greek Life Girl giveaway. YAY!!!! I had wanted this one so badly.

Remembered I needed to take a couple of items to the tailor to be hemmed. So off I go. Well, I get there and realize that they were closed on Sundays. Well, I'm out already and in the same shopping center as my nail salon.......

No question. I got a manicure. I'm a self proclaimed addicted.

I won't lie.. this is an old picture. Not my current manicure. BUT I chose the exact same color. So it's basically the same. :) If you're interested, it's "Gelery - Without Me Babies"

Came home, made my mama's famous hot sauce so that Nate and I could use our leftover taco meat to make nachos. They were de-damn-licious. 

And now? We lay on the couch together while this night flies by entirely too fast :(

Here's to another Monday.... I hope yours is fabulous!

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Maxine said...

hahahaha!!!! I do the same thing with my nail pictures. I pick the same colors every time so why take a new picture? (unless it was a bad shellac job..... ;-) )

elle at wishingoodluck said...

Is it bad that that margarita looks delish and it's 9 in the morning? It's going to be a longggg week.

Courtney B said...

What a GREAT weekend!
Why does Sunday night ALWAYS fly by too quickly? I swear, it's the shortest night of the week.

Whitney said...

Barcadia looks so awesome! My hubby would love that!

applesandglue said...

Uh, I had the same situation happen when I went to Victoria's Secret... except I went up several sizes. I was horrified!

Love that color polish, so pretty.

Glad you had a great weekend!

Shelley said...

Now I'm Curtis what bra size you wear lol. Jealous of your triple date! And love your nails :). Congrats on winning a giveaway!

Shelley said...

Ahh stupid phone. Curious not Curtis lol

Meg O. said...

Wait, you filmed a makeup vlog?!?!?! I have to see this! Jealous of girl time!!! Miss you!

Nicole said...

FUN weekend!!! I wish we had a Barcadia around here, my husband would love it!

Life With Lauren said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and congrats on winning the giveaway!

Helene said...

looks like y'all had a blast!! love me some barcadia

Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

Is that the Tervis you won on my giveaway years ago?! haha! Looks like you had a fun weekend! I will never have bra problems like that, you have to have boobs first ;)

tara said...

well helloooo fun weekend! i'm so jealous because i was sick all weekend and trapped in the house!

Megan Lindley said...

So you had a fabulous weekend! :) FUN!!!

Jodi said...

Wow that's a lot of link ups! ;)

Sounds like a fab weekend. So fun that you, Neely and Steph can hang out. So many awesome girls in TX!

And IMO Victoria's bras run small - I think they want girls to think they are bigger. Whenever I go there and get measured I always need to buy a size up!

Ashley said...

So fun!! I'm beyond sad that crab mac & jack isn't on the VT menu anymore...like, devastated. I may cry :(

Miss youuuuu!

Brianne Bracco said...

I need that delicious margarita in my belly and your adorable nails on my fingers. please and thank you :)

Katie said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! :)

Meghan said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend! You guys always talk about Victor Tango's! I am SO jealous - I must visit and try it out!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

It looks like you had a great weekend!

Sparkles and Shoes

ifs ands Butts said...

Tacos? Giveaway winner? That really is a great weekend!!

Julie said...

I'll admit that I fall asleep during movies hubby picks...sorry but once you've seen one horror movie, you've seen them all!

Jenn said...

I seriously love that nail color in that last picture. I cannot pull it off though!

Heather said...

You were a busy girl this past weekend! Glad you had a great one :).

Rachel O. said...

Haha I'm horrible at videos - I tried it once. Totally didn't work out. And now I'm craving nachos - best food ever.


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