While I'm still having the time of my life at Blissdom, I wanted to join in on Flashback Friday and share some pics of my fave people with y'all.

Enjoy! :)

L: Me & my BFF partying at some frat house. We must've been 18 or 19.
R: Here we are at her daughter's 5th birthday party. My how times have changed.

L: The first time Nate told me he loved me. We were at an Incubus concert. :)
R: The day Nate and I moved in together. :)

L: Me and my baby sister at 1 and 3. Chunky monkeys.
R: Us at a baseball game a few years ago. So grown up now. ;)

L: My nana with her four oldest grandchildren (at the time) me, my sister and our two cousins.
R: Hannah, Casey, myself and Brooke all grown up at our aunt's wedding.

I LOVE old school pictures. Nothing makes me happier than going through my old photos and reminiscing on memories. 

Do you compare pictures like this often?


Nikki said...

I love old pictures. I really should do a post like this now that I have a Tom of pictures from when I was younger.

Amy @ A Glimpse of the Gouglers said...

Love this! I need to see what awesome pictures I can dig up and compare :) Happy Friday and have fun at Blissdom!

Nicole said...

I was going through some old drawers the other day and stumbled onto some old college pics, from my sorority days. The most recurring thought was, "Wow, I kinda dressed like a hooker...a lot." hahahahahaha

Brooke said...

I LOVE looking at old pictures!!

jessica renee said...

I look through old pictures ALL THE TIME and love comparing! Memory lane is my fave ;) You were (still are, obviously!) the cutest little kid. Love the baby pic of you and your sis!

applesandglue said...

I haven't looked through pictures in a long time, maybe I should start. And enjoy blissdom!

Shelley said...

The picture of you and Nate moving in together is hilarious!

Heather said...

I love looking through old photographs! So many memories :)!

The picture of when you and Nate moved in together is hysterical! Haha.

Natalie Hinkley said...

How fun is this! Love looking at old pics :)

Claire Kiefer said...

How cool that you have so many direct comparison pictures! You hardly look like you've aged, you lucky girl!


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