Blissdom Tips & Tricks

I know your feeds are being blown up with Blissdom posts, I know. Be patient with me.

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it to attend Blissdom for my 2nd year in a row.

If you aren't going to Blissdom, or even if you are, and you just don't care for these posts, well I'm sorry. :)

I hope that they will come in handy for the newbies who are having trouble packing or deciding on other things. Mostly, this post is written for my home girl, Meg. Also known as one of my awesome roomies! What what?!

So, here you have it - 
Brunch with Amber's BlissDom Tips

Gonna Get My Bliss On

We just have about 3 weeks left gals. It's time to start prepping outfits and even packing. My plan is to take dresses. I will bring cardigans and leggings too, so that I can mix it up. But it's important to be comfortable. You won't be in your room a lot during the day and it may be a good walk away. You'll be walking around the hotel a lot too, so bring whatever shoes your feet are most comfortable in. For me, it's wedges or flats.

For girls' night in, it is dressy. Not formal by any means. Don't bust out that prom dress you still have hiding in the back of your mom's closet. Just a nice dress and heels. Pretty yourself up, take advantage of our night 'out'. I will wear a dress with some ruffled one shoulder sleeve and my most favorite (because they're most comfortable) black heels.

For girls' night out, they suggest PJs. I know that what a lot of us sleep in isn't appropriate for public slumber parties. I wear sweats/yoga pants and a fitted tee. So, I still look comfy but I'm not embarrassing all of you with my old stained 2 sizes too big tees and old cheer shorts. You're welcome for that. ;)

Don't be nervous. Think of it as walking into a hotel full of your best friends. These women all have something in common with you. It's never been so easy to walk up to a complete stranger and start talking. You'll share info about your blogs, exchange business cards (have you ordered yours yet?), and become great friends! Also, don't be intimidated by the 'big bloggers' or by bloggers you've admired for years. Go up and give them a hug! They'll be more than happy to meet you.

Pack lightly. By that, I mean leave extra room in your suitcase or bring an extra suitcase. Because girlfriend?? You're going to get yourself tons of swag! And it's good stuff too. You're going to want to bring it home with you. So prepare accordingly.

The most important thing I hope that you take away from this message is to come with an open heart and be prepared to have one of the best weekends of your life. You'll wish the next Blissdom could be sooner than a year away. ;)

Check out my Blissdom posts from last year. I blogged about the wisdom (from the sessions I attended) and I blogged about all of the shenanigans we got ourselves into.


Helene said...

so fun!! I wish I could go!!

Nikki said...

What is Blissdom?

Nicole said...

Ohhh, it sounds amazing! If I lived closer to Dallas, I'd definitely go!

KayLynn said...

Sounds like a blast ... never been

Meg O. said...

YAY! Thank you so much for writing this for me! I love it!!! You have great tips and I didn't even think about the swag!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ohmygah, I'm meeting you in TWO WEEKS!!!! Can you stand it?!?!?! So excited, my friend!


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