It's OK Thursday #78

Oh hi loves! Welcome to my blog on this beautiful day. ;)

If this is your first time linking up for It's OK Thursday, thank you and WELCOME!

All you have to do is type up a post listing what's OK with you, grab the button for your post, and come back to link up.

Let's do it!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to eat half a box of cereal for dinner #oops

..to stalk peoples' IG feeds all the way back to when they first got the app

..to still have Halloween candy in my candy jar at work

..to be planning the way I'll decorate our apartment :)

..to wear yoga pants to work because all of my scrub bottoms are dirty

..to hyperventilate a little when my Starbucks balance gets low #addict

..to think hash-tagging is fun, even though here on my blog it doesn't mean anything

..to try guacamole over and over again in hopes that I'll eventually like it

..to have finally took the plunge and bought my Blissdom ticket for this year! Are you going too?

..to go straight home from work and watch YouTube vids with my sister until it's time to get ready for bed

..to wonder how people find so many good things at thrift stores, I always only find junk!

..to need to find a new (read: easy and cheap) way to store my jewelry

..to sync my kindle with my phone in the mornings so I can hopefully get some reading in at work

..to need to be better about blog reading/commenting

What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!


Jennifer said...

Does it make sense that I hate guacamole and LOVE avocados? Seriously, I hate it.

SEL said...

I'm the same about the low balance, but I have an automatic transfer when it gets low.

Yoga pants to work? Amazeballs.

I'm not a huge fan of guacamole either. My BIL makes a pretty good dish, but he doesn't make it often...

Yay for decorating a new place!!

Amie said...

Decorating is so much fun and seeing all kinds of ideas on PInterest makes it even more exciting!

Check this out from Pinterest for your jewelry:

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I IG stalk too, I understand! lol I find it difficult to find good thrift store purchases too, what are these people's secret!? I usually try tomatoes over and over, hoping to eventually like them... I still don't! I love gauc though!
-heather @ from here to there

Allison said...

Hey Amber! I happened upon your blog, and I have to say I love it! And I love the idea of 'It's Ok Thursdays', and since I'm relatively new to the blogging world, I decided to give this a go. Following your blog! Happy Thursday!

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles | Living the (hockey) Life said...

I finally lost my "It's OK" virginity!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

I found a super cute jewelry box at Ross and it was cheap!


World According to Shia

Maxine said...

It's ok that I've never had brunch with you... it's always breakfast + coffee. OH and I legit had half a box of cereal for dinner last night.

Nicole said...

So on Rachael Ray yesterday they showed to put your bracelets on a paper towel holder. Your necklaces - get a towel bar and some S hooks (like maybe you hang a shower curtain with) and each hook gets a necklace. Scarfs - men's necktie rack and earrings - especially the stud earrings - buttons with 2 holes so you can keep matches together easily...

Holly said...

Cereal is the best dinner!

Haha, I've done that with some people's IG feeds when I get bored :)

I can't WAIT to have an apartment to decorate!!!!

Yoga pants are acceptable always.


I never have a good time at thrift stores. Maybe we should go together and we'll help each other out! LOL :)

And ditto on the reading/commenting. I always slack until the weekend.

Angie said...

Cereal for dinner is the bomb! Guacamole on the other hand, not so much. I hate that stuff.

Helene said...

i am terrible at thrifting. ugh. i wish I was better at it!

Ashley said...

So so so happy you're going to Blissdom! Oh, and I love that we both hashtagged in our posts today :)

Jasmyne! said...

I did that to my frosted flakes this morning, they were extra good today...IG stalking is so much fun, that sounded real creeper like but when they have a tons of pics I get tired and bored! Yay for decorating ideas, hello Pinterest? ;)

T said...

The boyfriend and I are moving in thi weekend! Its been 4.5 years since ive lived with another person...and its going to be an adjustment. But just like you...ive been obsessing over decorating. AHHHHHHH

Alexandra Anne said...

I do the same thing with instagram!!!! So glad I'm not the only one. ;)

Kristine Foley said...

So awesome you're going to Blissdom! Blogger get togethers are so intimidating to me. You'll have a blast I'm sure :) And yay for Youtube and sisters :)

Yourmorninglory said...

ok so the thrift store issue...i have it too!!! soo annoying i wish i found cute things :( also so excited for you going to blissdom, i feel like i need to blog a bit more before i go so i am waiting a bit longer :(

Cindy C said...

First time linking up with It's Ok Thursday! I have been known to wear sweat pants to work...so I completely understand.


Have a great day!

itsmekt said...

Haha I totally hashtagged in my post today to!! #causeitsfun

Ashley {Horseshoes and Pearls} said...

First time linking up to do the "It's OK Thursdays!" I submitted my link but I still don't see my link on the list. (Knowing me I probably didn't do it right) :(

Ashley @ Horseshoes & Pearls

Shellsea said...

I love #hashtags too. See what I did there, ha! Yeah for going to Blissdom , I am not going but I can't wait to read about it! Also, still loving your new blog design.

Audra Kate said...

I totally stalk IG profiles back to the beginning, too!
And I also hate guac! I've really tried to like it, I just don't!

Jenn said...

Yes, yes, yes. I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING on your list. Specially though...

Yoga pants to work when all my jeans are dirty...may have happened this week!

A 1/2 a box of cereal of dinner? happens more frequently than it probably should!

To NEVER understand how people find good stuff at thrift stores! It never happens to me!

Andddd I need to get better about reading/commenting, too! I've been slacking!

You're the best, Amber!

Savanah said...

I do that all the time on IG!! Especially if it's someone new I'm following!! I try not to accidentally like it cause then they'd know I'm a creeper! hahaha!


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