Game, Set, Match

Did you know I used to play tennis? Probably not. I loved it though. I still carry my racquet around in my car in hopes that I'll run into someone who wants to play with me. I'll probably be a little rusty though. ;)

When I found Meagan's blog, and saw she is basically a tennis guru, it made me love her even more. I'm lucky enough to have her as a sponsor, and today I'm letting her take over my blog.

So give her a warm welcome, and enjoy!


Hello there! My name's Meagan {May-gun} and I'm a twenty something newly wed, homeowner and soon to be momma trying to keep it all together. You can find me ranting and raving about my crazy life over at Call Me Mrs.

Call Me Mrs.

I'm new to Amber's page, but I couldn't resist talking about something we have in common- Tennis! Amber played in high school and I know she misses it. I've played since I was a wee one, have a college record and now give private lessons. That will be my full time gig when baby boy arrives.

Senior Year- The Glory Days
by that I mean I had a rockin' tan

Call me biased but Tennis is the best sport to get your entire body in shape and look cute doing it!

Tennis uses your legs to run while your core and upper body take care of the swing. On average that's 600 calories burned per hour!  The Mayo Clinic says only running 8 mph, tae-kwon-do, rollerblading, stair treadmill and jumping rope burn more calories per hour

If you hit with friends a couple times a week, 
you'd shed the pounds and save a bundle on a gym membership!

Check out the USTA for local coaches, leagues and courts

Let's face it, we have all thought about picking up a racket simply because we saw a cute skirt or top! 
As someone who takes the sport very seriously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Here are a few of my favorite styles. Cute and Practical!

Keep up with my transition to tennis coach and day to day revelations at Call Me Mrs.
I look forward to seein' ya around!


Okay, who wants to pick up their racquet and play now? ;)

Be sure and go give Meagan some love!



Helene said...

I love tennis!! I played in middle school (ha) and I play with some friends now (we used to play twice a week!) it's the best.

Renee said...

Just started playing tennis last year and taking lessons. I've since moved as you know so it's sooo hard to find people to play with. More than likely won't even take my racquet back to Cali with me this time. Took it last time and never used it. Wish we lived closer so I could make you play with me!! :)

Katie said...

I love tennis!!! I play in a league here in my town-- it's the best! :)


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