Crowley Party Ad Space Giveaway!

Hey lovely readers - today I have a super sweet blogger, Alycia here today. If you don't already know her - go get to know her. She's a doll, for serious!


Hello lovely readers of Brunch with Amber :) I am so excited that Amber has let me take over her blog today! I love how honest Amber is and funny in her posts, I am sure that is all why you read here as well :)

My name is Alycia Crowley and I blog over at Crowley Party! My blog is place for me to document my life, share, and connect. I think life should be enjoyed, and I try to do just that by enjoying all the little to big things in life! Because life should be a party :)

I know starting a blog and getting your voice out there can be a process, so today I am offering the wonderful readers here three months worth of a large

ad space on my blog! My sponsors get high lighted on my blog at the end of the thirty days, so you will get to be apart of that three times!

I like to offer affordable ad space for people looking to promote their blog, business, or website and only charge $25 for an xl ad and $10 for a large ad, SO to make this fun for everyone, if you don't win I will be knocking off $2.00 from my prices for the next 30 days if you e-mail me (cpadvertise@yahoo.com) using the code brunch!

I love finding new blogs to read, so comment on mine so I can find yours! Thanks for having me Amber :)


Helene said...

Love both of these blogs :)!

Kelly Ann said...

I am so excited that I won, YAY!

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