A super late holiday recap

Does it deem me the worst blogger ever in all of the blog land that I haven't done a Christmas OR New Year's recap yet? I sure hope not, ahhh!

Warning, this post is a little picture heavy. So bare with me. I happen to think that pictures make things more fun. :)

Okay, so Christmas time.. it's hard to go back that far already, ha. I'm an old woman.

Christmas Eve, I had to work, but they let us off at noon. Woo! So I headed home and finished some wrapping and little last minute things. Then, I got into my sweats and made a big ol' cup of hot cocoa.

I had found some peppermint flavored marshmallows on clearance earlier that day at Target, so I took a huge scoop and threw them in too. Ya know, for good measure. And everything tastes better when it's peppermint flavored. Trust me.

Oh, and these are the comfy pants I basically spent the whole 2 days of Christmas break in. They SO comfy. I want to live in them and never take them off. The only reason I have them off now is because they badly need to see the inside of a washing machine. I wore them too much, ha. Gross. #TMI

Then, while we were sitting at the table helping Mama peel potatoes or prep deviled eggs, or some other deliciousness, I kept seeing snow pics pop up on IG from people around me!

I was starting to wonder if we were going to see any snow, and I turn around and it was coming down outside! Little sister and I got extremely excited (gimme a break, we live in TX, this NEVER happens) so out we go to take some pics. Wine glass in hand, of course.

Binky didn't know what the hell to do with himself. He kept running around in it and looking at me like I was crazy. I probably did look crazy laughing at him, but I couldn't help myself. He was so adorable getting his little paws wet and trying to stay out of the snow.

Oh, I also got to bust out my off-brand Uggs for the first time. I mean, I never wear them. I never really need them. And yes, I said off-brand. I got these at a local shop for $5 last summer. Holla!!! Kept my feet warm and dry from the snow too. :)

Finally, it was time to eat. I didn't think I was going to be able to eat much because my stomach was very upset. But then, I realized I had 3 cups of coffee and 2 glasses of wine that morning. Nothing else. So, I needed food. And my mama's Christmas food? You don't need to tell me twice to load up a plate! 

I gave Binky a stocking with some toys and treats in it, and again - he did NOT know what to think about it. He kept sniffing, and sticking his head in it. Finally he started licking it (I think he smelled the treats) so I just dumped everything out for him.

 The past couple of years, I've done a gift exchange with my blog friends turned IRL besties, Neely and Kiley. It is always super fun, and we meet and have brunch and catch up on all the gossip.

Neely and I got K a Hello Kitty toaster! If you know K, this was like the best gift she'll ever receive. She was so excited I thought she was going to cry. Boom. Christmas miracles.

And Kiley and I got Neely none other than Starbucks gift card! Holla. I mean, it's so easy to shop for that girl. Starbucks is all she ever asks for!

After Christmas, comes New Years' Eve. We always try and do something fun, but this year a couple of our friends were getting married this past weekend, and wanted to stay in and have a low key NYE. They'd also recently just purchased a house, so they wanted to host a little something there too. So off we went and lots of drinking, snacks and games were had by all!

Nate and I a little silly after a couple of drinks. Who am I kidding? We could've been stone cold sober in this picture for all I know!

Listening to the countdown for the ball to drop. Champagne in hand ready to toast!!!

Oh, there's the silly faces again. Clearly the countdown was not happening fast enough for us, and we were passing time much better.

All the girls. I am loving this pic of my sweet friends. Such a fun time we had.

And then... it turned midnight. And I had my 5th new years kiss with the same man. It was wonderful. 

We stayed around for a couple more drinks, and then we had to head home since Nate had to work early and we had Bink at the apartment and then I woke up a little hungover. 

The End. :)

How were your holidays?

P.S. I know this post is kiiiiinda crappy, but I wanted to recap without making it too long and boring, so I highlighted the fun details instead. You're welcome. ;)


Helene said...

looks like you've been having fun!!! love me some off brand uggs :)

Cait said...

looks like a great new years and christmas amber! umm those peppermint marshmallows?! IM SO THERE!

Nadine Mathews said...

I can not believe I missed out on peppermint marshmallows! Was I living under a rock this holiday season?

Life With Lauren said...

Looks like a great Christmas and New Year! Wish it had snowed here!

SEL said...

I think this is the longest recap I've seen! Haha!

Looks like y'all had a blast! My recap is coming up next week. Already scheduled. Yippee!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I have never had peppermint marshmellows, but it sounds like the greatest thing ever and I'm on the hunt! So jealous y'all got snow, we rarely see it in my parts either! (Mississippi) Glad to see you had a great Christmas and New Years!

Kelli Herrington said...

looks like you had a blast. I need those peppermint marshmellows yum Im jealous of all those snow pics looks like dream

Melanie said...

It's definitely not too late for a holiday recap. I just posted our Christmas recap this morning!

I loved reading about your festivities.


Micah said...

Yay for the peppermint marshmallows. I'm going to miss them for the next eleven months. :(

Lauren said...

Those peppermint marshmellows look awesome :-)

Meghan said...

Aww, you two are so cute! Looks like an amazing holiday! And OMG, I love the peppermint marshmallows!

Holly said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Christmas and New Years!! Yay for snow!! I'm from Cleveland but I still get excited for the first snow so I know your happy feeling :)

Angie said...

Sounds like a wonderful ending to 2012!

B2012 said...

oh, i'm so in love with peppermint marshmallows. And I love target! I think the sales are already gone, too bad I was feeling so bad the past week and couldn't go anywhere...

Lenetta Carnes said...

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Meghan said...

Peppermint added to anything makes it exponentially better!

& looks like you had a great New Years & Christmas :)

Sarah Kil said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love your pj's! :) I wore mine all week too :D haha that was the best part! :D

Heather said...

So jealous of that Christmas snow!! Glad you had a great Holiday season!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that bubble necklace!!! It looks like you had a great holiday season!


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