Book Club Friday #18

Happy Friday friends!
Linking up, yet again, for one of my favorite link-ups with Heather and Katie.
This week, I'm sharing Hollywood is Like High School with Money by Zoey Dean.
My sweet friend, Becca sent me this to check out.

Book description from GoodReads:
Twenty-four-year old Taylor Henning has just landed her dream job as an assistant at a major movie studio. But when her catty coworkers trick her into almost getting fired, she realizes that the old saying "Hollywood is like school with money" just may be true. The thing is, Taylor wasn't exactly a social butterfly in high school-how is she supposed to do any better the second time around?

That's when she meets her boss's popular sixteen-year-old daughter Quinn, and has an epiphany: maybe this teenager can teach her how to use her queen bee tactics to succeed in the Hollywood popularity contest. Quinn comes up with a plan to teach Taylor one lesson a week-everything from "Fake it 'til you make it" to "It's *never* your fault"--and soon Taylor finds herself winning the war against rival assistant Kylie. Until, that is, she's directed to steal Kylie's boyfriend, and something happens that's not in the game plan: Taylor falls for the guy. Now she must do the impossible-- harness her inner mean girl while staying true to herself.

My thoughts: 

I thought this book was very cute. Also, very Lauren Conrad-ish. It reminded me a lot of the LA Candy series. The characters were easy to visualize, and it was a quick read. The perfect book to take out to the pool, for sure.
I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Have you read this book?

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It's OK Thursday #52

Can y'all believe it's already been one year of It's OK? I feel like we just started yesterday.

We appreciate every single one of you. Those who link up every now and then, those who've only linked up one, and those who've linked up every single one of the 52 weeks.

To thank y'all for linking up and helping us make this link-up so successful, Neely and I are having a super awesome giveaway! Be sure and check out the end of the post!!! :) 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to be crazy excited for this week's link up!

..to be sad that my birthday is over and now I have to wait another year to have another

..to be annoyed by JLo in all forms, what is with her laugh?!

..to hate when I leave my kindle at Nate's

..to have been without a phone for a few days because I dropped mine in the pool :(

..to bribe people to link-up with a giveaway! ;)

..to feel a strange sense of accomplishment when I have enough blog posts scheduled for a week

..to feel horrible sometimes when I don't comment on other blogs

..to feel like I'm a little too addicted to Twitter when I look at the number of tweets I have

..to wish I was more experienced with my hair

..to have not used any of the apps I've DL'd on my computer since I updated the software, what a waste!

..to think contacts are a pain in the ass & wish Lasik wasn't so expensive

..to love love LOVE finding other bloggers that you're so much like

..to get in weird cleaning moods all the time

..to not drink anything but coffee and water at all times

Now, for the giveaway! We are giving away a $25 gift card to Starbucks and a $25 gift card to Sephora.

One winner takes all!!!

In order to enter the giveaway, you must link-up for It's OK Thursday today, so get your post typed up and use the rafflecopter widget below to enter!

Good luck! :)


Happy Golden Birthday!

Today on my 25th birthday, I'm going to reminisce on the past few birthdays I've had. 

It's fun to remember and to also let you guys in on some memories. :)

My 21st birthday was one of my most exciting. My best friend went all out for me. She took me to get a spray tan, mani/pedi, buy a new dress and took me to dinner and out to get wasted, obviously. ;)

We went to dinner with a few other friends, and then out to a local bar where we did plenty of two steppin' and more drinking and flirting with the boys, of course.

Below is me with my first "legal" drink. A chili's margarita. Oh how I love these things!

I wish I was still this little hottie!

On my 22nd birthday, I was actually in Montana with Nate and his family. On my actual birthday I got horrible altitude sickness at his cousin's wedding. Girlfriend isn't used to the mountains!

Once we got back to his grandparents after the wedding weekend, his family had set up a cook-out complete with gifts and a homemade cake for my birthday.

It was one of THE sweetest gestures especially since it was my first time meeting all of his extended family. I definitely felt special and loved. :)

On my 23rd birthday, a lot of friends met up with us for dinner at Dick's Last Resort. It was my first time being there, and it was HILARIOUS! We got plenty of crazy fun pictures in all of the ridiculous hats the made for us.

In case you can't read mine, it says "B-day special: Buy me 1 drink, my pants come 1/2 off" it was pretty funny.

I got entirely too drunk on margaritas (I don't know Nate let me drink only tequila all night) but it was memorable none the less. :)

My 25th birthday was much more low-key. I wasn't even hungover the next day. Isn't that like a sign of getting old or something? ;)

Some of my closest friends met up with us for dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant, and then we went out for drinks at a karaoke bar before calling it a somewhat early night.

This year I don't have any major plans. It really sucks when your birthday is on a weekday. I'm sure Nate and I will go somewhere nice for dinner, but I'm not sure what else.

How have your past birthdays been? Any memories that really stick out?

P.S. I am guest posting for Holly today! Be sure and go check her blog out :)

Perfectly Imperfect Holly


It's that Time of Year

As I log onto Facebook and every other post is someone announcing their engagement, I can't help but think of how busy this time of year gets with weddings.

I started to think back on all of the weddings Nate and I have attended together in the 4 years we've been together.

We're at that age where our friends are getting married and having babies. It's kinda weird, but it's exciting all at the same time to be able to experience these happy moments in their lives.

Here we are at the first wedding we attended as a couple for some friends he went to college with. April 2009. Seems like so long ago!

In June 2009, we attended Ashleigh's wedding. It was SO much fun!

On my 22nd birthday (July 2009) we attended his cousin's wedding at a gorgeous ski resort in Montana. This is the trip where I officially met all of Nate's family.

In November 2009, we traveled to Kentucky for my aunt's wedding where Nate got to officially meet my family on my Mom's side. :)

In May 2011, we were lucky enough to be invited to a destination wedding of Nate's childhood best friend in Savannah, GA.

June 2011, we made the trek to Lubbock, TX to see one of his college best friends get married. It was a fun outdoor wedding.

After a break from weddings, we went to our latest a couple of weekends ago to one of his bowling friends from high school.

I feel like I'm missing some.. I thought we had been to a lot more. Maybe we have and I forgot to get a pic of us, oops!

We already have 3 weddings to attend in 2013, whew. It'll be a busy year!


It's OK Thursday #51

Y'all. Next week, Neely and I will have our one year It's OK Thursday anniversary!
That's hard to believe, isn't it?
Be sure and come back next week AND link up! We have a special giveaway lined up to thank you for being so supportive in helping us make this link-up a successful one. :)
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to be at a severe loss of blog post ideas

..to start a blog post and leave it as a draft for a while

..to plan cruise vacations online but never actually purchase one

..to use the fitness OnDemand to work out instead of going to the gym

..to try and keep your dog awake when you come home from work so he'll actually sleep all night

..to be obsessed with My Fitness Pal

..to wish I had a full-size trampoline

..to shower twice on some days

..to be sick of hearing about the American Idol judges

..to miss wearing dresses & heels to work some days

..but to also be thankful for scrubs ;)

..to seriously love some commercials

What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!


Birthday Wish List

This year is my golden birthday, and I know that doesn't mean anything to some people. I, however, find it pretty exciting. 

 Not sure what a golden birthday is? It is when you turn the age that your birthday is on. For example - my birthday is the 25th and this year I'll be 25. Make sense? 

 Last year, I asked for a kindle and I got it! Sooo, In case anyone is wondering what to get me ;) here's a little wish list of mine this year!

Source: toms.com via Amber on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Amber on Pinterest
Source: toms.com via Amber on Pinterest
Source: starbucks.com via Amber on Pinterest
Source: quickpwn.com via Amber on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Ruthi on Pinterest

Of course these are just SOME of the things I can think of. Doesn't it always seem that when NO ONE is in the market to buy you things you can think of a 100 things you want?! But whenever you have a birthday coming up, you can never think of anything. That always happens to me!

What are some things you've asked for on past birthdays?


If you really knew me..

Okay, I'm a total copy-cat. I have seen this floating all around the blog world (Michelle, MelissaJoeyJenni), and I decided that I LOVE the idea. So I'm taking it for myself, too. :)

If you really knew me..

* you'd know that my most favorite part of being an adult is the fact that I can eat dessert before dinner now if I want to. I'm a grown-up, and I do what I want!

* you'd know that I have a horrible habit of "twirling" my hair.

* you'd know that I have super oily hair and after 12 hours of washing it, it already looks dirty again. (the twirling probably doesn't help that fact!)

* you'd know that I cry at every wedding I attend, even if I barely know the couple.

* you'd know that if you drive past me on the road, 9 times out of 10 I have a finger up my nose. (just keepin' it real y'all!)

* you'd know that I count the strokes of deodorant I put under each arm.

* you'd also know that I have to turn everything into an even number. For example, if I use 3 pumps of soap when washing my hands, I'll use 3 paper towels to dry my hands off with. 3+3=6. ;)

* you'd know that I check behind the shower curtain before I go to the bathroom. I am paranoid some murderer is just waiting in there for me.

* you'd know that backing out of parking spaces causes me severe anxiety. I'm always scared someone is going to be flying down the parking lot and t-bone me.

* you'd know that I don't swear in front of people I don't know well. However, once we get close I sometimes forget to use the filter on my mouth. I apologize in advance.

* you'd know that I absolutely despise animated movies and the Disney channel. I'll be a super fun mom someday, huh?

* you'd know that I had to have stitches in the same spot on my chin twice which resulted in a funky looking scar.

* you'd know that I vividly remember my childhood and can give you very detailed information about it.

* you'd know that I rarely listen to "new" music and I don't care much for a song until it's already overplayed on the radio. That's when I start listening to it, when everyone else already hates it.

What should I know about you???


Gone Missing - Review & GIVEAWAY

Remember back when I reviewed a book and gave away 2 copies to 2 of my readers?

Well, I'm doing it again! I was contacted by the same media company to review Gone Missing by Linda Castillo.

When I read the summary of this book, I knew it would be a page-turner and one that I would be more than happy to give to my readers.

The author, Linda Castillo is a New York Times bestselling author who lives in Texas with her husband and is currently at work on her next book in this series, also set in Amish Country and featuring Chief of Police Kate Burkholder.

About the book:
Linda Castillo’s bestselling series has been called “gripping” [People] and “impossible to put down” [Bookpage] and the “teeth chattering suspense” [USA Today] continues with GONE MISSING—a deeply chilling novel about a rite of passage gone horribly wrong.

Rumspringa is the time when Amish teens are allowed to experience life without the rules. It’s an exciting time of personal discovery and growth before committing to the church. But when a young teen disappears without a trace, the carefree fun comes to an abrupt and sinister end, and fear spreads through the community like a contagion. 

A missing child is a nightmare to all parents, and never more so than in the Amish community, where family ties run deep. When the search for the presumed runaway turns up a dead body, the case quickly becomes a murder investigation. And chief of Police Kate Burkholder knows that in order to solve this case she will have to call upon everything she has to give not only as a cop, but as a woman whose own Amish roots run deep.

Kate and state agent, John Tomasetti, delve into the lives of the missing teen and discover links to cold cases that may go back years. But will Kate piece together all the parts of this sinister puzzle in time to save the missing teen and the Amish community from a devastating fate? Or will she find herself locked in a fight to the death with a merciless killer?

My thoughts:
This book pulled me in from page one. The author is very descriptive and takes the reader to the exact spot the characters are. It's very mysterious and suspenseful. This book will leave you wanting more and more! I give it 5 stars, for sure.

Lucky for you guys, I've been given the chance to give 2 of my readers their very own copy of this book! HOLLA!

This giveaway will last until Friday, July 20 11:59pm CST. I will announce the winners the next day, Saturday either here on my blog or on twitter.

Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


It's OK Thursday #50

Hey y'all! How's everyone's week going so far?

If you've noticed, this It's OK is our 50th one which means the 52nd is coming up which means it'll be our one year anniversary!

Be sure and come back for that week - we're offering up a pretty amazing giveaway if I do say so myself. Ya know, as a thank you to all of you for making this link-up successful. ;)

Now, onto what you really came here for!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to sleep with a fan on full blast

..to wake up earlier than your alarm to get some reading knocked outta the way

..to wonder how in the world your dog gets so dirty so fast

..to absolutely LOATHE doing laundry and wait until the last minute to do so

..to not be active on FB, but be a major creep, HA!

..to have more jewelry than you actually ever wear

..to scour Groupon for spa deals

..to wish I was a hat girl, but I just can't pull them off!

..to be incredibly intrigued by Howard Stern and his story

..to have become obsessed with Viggle & I'm totally saving up my points for a macbook!

..to know if I ever got the chance to try out for Wheel of Fortune I'd kick ass!

..that sometimes the news makes me sick to my stomach

What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!



This past Wednesday, I got my 7th tattoo. 

To see my other tats, go HERE.

I've been wanting to get a wrist tattoo for the longest time but never did for numerous reasons.

My little sister and I were talking and she wanted one too, but neither of us just wanted to jump in and get a "cute" tattoo. We wanted something that meant something to the both of us.

After a lot of talking and researching we decided to get "Sorellona" and "Sorellina" which mean "big sister" and "little sister" in Italian.

We're Italian from our Mom's side. Her dad's family came over from Italy. It's always been something that I've been very proud of, and it was something I wanted to pay homage too.

We each got it in the same spot, and we both LOVE it.

As small as it is, it only took maybe two minutes, but it was very uncomfortable. I've heard that wrist tattoos are very painful, so I was prepared for the worst.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I'm sure you've already seen, but here it is:

We both love the tattoos so much. It's nice to have a tattoo that means something, is special to us, and we'll never regret.


Weekend Update!

I typically blog about my weekend anyway, so why not link up with Leeann, Dana and Sami, right?! Do you recap your weekends on Sunday or Monday too? Go ahead and click the button below to link up your recap post too!

After work, I came home to change, grab Binky and grab a bag to stay with Nate for the weekend. I headed to his place and when I pulled up I wondered where his car was. I'm such a bad girlfriend. I forget that he works every single Friday. He didn't work on Fridays for the longest time, so I'm still getting used to it. ;) 

His roomie/bff was home doing his Insanity workout (looks waaaay too intense for my liking) so we hung out until Nate got home. Then we went and grabbed dinner at Raising Cane's to go. If you've never eaten there, I highly recommend it. SO yum.

It ended up being an early night, like Fridays usually are. Nate scrolled through Netflix forever (like always) but we couldn't find anything to watch, so we headed to bed.

Nate had to work in the morning for a couple of hours, so I laid in bed until 11. I LOVE being lazy on Saturdays. When I finally rolled out of bed to take Binky out, I decided I may as well go grab Starbucks since I was already downstairs. I don't know why, but I love to take Binky in the car with me. He loves it too, and people always comment on how cute he is in the drive-thru. ;)

After Nate got home from work, we lounged around the apartment and watched TV, I finished my book and did a whole bunch of nothing. We always enjoy days like this, and so does Binky.

See? Total bums. Binky would sleep all weekend if we let him.

Saturday night, we were going to a wedding for one of Nate's friends from high school. My nails were looking pretty hellish, so I went over to the nail salon across the street to get a QUICK polish change. I waited for 45 minutes. :-/ While I was there it started to rain, so I pretty much knew my hair wasn't going to look good that night.

Once I had China Glaze's Bridezilla (so fitting!) on my nails, I headed back to the apartment to get ready. I love getting all dolled up with Nate and going out to do something fun. I just love attending weddings.

I get A LOT of compliments on this dress. I found it at F21 for $20. I just love shopping there. I can usually always find the cutest stuff for so cheap! Also, how do you like Nate's tie? I got it for him our first (or maybe second?) Christmas together, and I finally got him to wear it. He's a creature of habit.. so he usually always wears the same thing. ;) I love this red on him though.

The wedding we went to was so gorgeous and the reception was a blast. I love all the personal touches they added. The hors d'oeuvres while we waited on the wedding party to finish photographs were the bride and groom's favorite foods - Wing Stop wings and Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets. So adorable, right? Also, along with wine and beer served at the bar, they also had the bride's favorite, Blood Orange Margaritas. 

They were to die for, so yum!

Nate hasn't been feeling too well - I think he's fighting off a sinus infection - so we left the wedding a bit earlier than we normally would have. On the way home, I mentioned how I was ready to crawl in my jammies and get in bed. I can't believe how just a few years will change the way you go out and have fun. 4-5 years ago, I would just be going out for the night when Nate and I were headed home, HA!

We woke up pretty early and headed to Walmart because Nate needed a few things, and we decided we'd go ahead and get some beer for the pool. As we were putting the beer in the cart, one of the workers said, "You do know you can't buy that until noon, right?" Damn, totally forgot about that. Nate said that's reason enough to not get out of bed before noon on a Sunday, haha. 

We decided we'd go grab late breakfast and then it'd be after noon and we could get beer. On the way out of Walmart, we stopped at Redbox, like we always do.. well Nate saw that J. Edgar was in there. We've been wanting to see it, but it is usually out when we go to get it. Nate got it and said if I watched it with him, he promised to go to the pool with me when it was over. Done Deal!

After the movie (which was OK, a bit slow though) we headed to the convenience store across the street for some beer and headed to the pool. It was SO hot though that the pool felt like a warm bath instead of nice and cool. So, we only stayed for an hour before we headed back up to the apartment where I packed up because I was leaving to meet up with my bff for dinner.

Now, here I am blogging my weekend for y'all. ;) I am going to read a bit on my kindle while I lay in bed and then it'll be Monday before I know it!

I hope y'all had an awesome weekend!


Book Club Friday #17

Linking up with 2 of the coolest Houston bloggers, Heather and Katie for Book Club Friday!
I had such a busy week last week that I didn't even have much energy to blog, so I forgot to link-up last week. Oops!
I'm back at it though. :)
Be sure and click the button below to check out lots of book reviews! It's one of my favorite ways to find new blogs/new books to read.

This week, I'm reviewing Too Close to Home by Lynette Eason.

I got this a few months ago as a freebie on my kindle (I don't think it is free anymore though :-/) and it just sat in my library until finally I saw it was a short one, and decided to start it up.

Book description from GoodReads:

Samantha Cash is the FBI's secret weapon. Her methods are invisible, and she never stops until the case is closed. When missing teens begin turning up dead in a small Southern town, Samantha is assigned to help local chief Connor Wolfe find the killer. And he has two problems with that. There's her faith--in God and herself. And then there's the fact that she looks exactly like his late wife.

As they get close to an answer, the case becomes personal. The killer seems to be taking an interest in Connor's 16-year-old daughter, who thinks her dad is getting way too protective. Can't a girl just have some fun?

My thoughts:

This book had everything you could want in a good story. There was suspense, drama, love and everything in between. The suspense of the whole story definitely left me wanting more, and I finished this one very quickly.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars!

Have you read this book before? If so, what did you think?

Be sure and friend me on GoodReads!


It's OK to be Thankful Thursday #49

Last week, blogger really pissed me off. I'm sure you saw my awesome It's OK post, right? Yeah, you didn't because blogger didn't post anything I wrote!!!!!
Anyway, onto happier things :)
Thanks for linking up with Neely, Tracy and I. We are SO happy to have you.
Its Ok Thursdays
My Blog Button
It's OK..
..to be lazy some weeks when it comes to blogging
..to be thankful that my readers still love me even when I am lazy :)
..to get pissed when you breakout like a teenager
..to be thankful for amazing face washes to help with those pesky little breakouts
..to LOOOVE entering giveaways, it's so fun to me for some reason
..to be super thankful when you actually win one :)
..to be stressing about finding a storage place/PO box/packing
..to be thankful for friends who are willing to help me out in a pinch
..to eat a cupcake for breakfast
..to be thankful when you don't go over your calories for the day
..to love buying ingredients to make yummy recipes with my mama
..to be thankful for a mama who knows how to cook and taught me too
..to be excited for my birthday like I'm still a kid!
..to be thankful for another year wiser! ;)
What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!
P.S. All month long, I am offering 25% off all sponsor ads with the promo code BIRTHDAY - go check it out! :)


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