Top 5 Favorite 2012 Purchases!

I got to thinking the other day about some purchases I made this year that I don't want to live without ever again. I wanted to share with y'all what I consider my top 5 favorite purchases of 2012. Hopefully you already have these items, if not - get them! ;)

First up:

I am beyond happy that I was able to purchase and use the Bare Minerals collection. The lady at Sephora even helped color match me, and pick out what I needed. I had a pretty awesome experience. And the makeup? It's unlike any other makeup I've used. I feel like I have full coverage that isn't cakey at all on my face. It's very light and airy, actually.

Hands down, best makeup purchase of 2012.


After years of wearing old tennis shoes that hurt my feet, I decided it was time to invest in a good pair. I'm so picky about tennis shoes though. They have to fit just perfect. I splurged a bit on a pair of runners' shoes from Saucony, and boy am I happy I did. They are so incredibly comfortable and lightweight. They help keep my feet supported and are just all around perfect for any type of shoe.

Holla! Best shoe purchase of 2012.


For the longest time, I saw people putting their hair in sock buns. I was jealous because I loved the style and simplicity of it. I couldn't do it, and just assumed it was because my hair is so thin. Then, I found what I'd been looking for my hole life at Ulta. The Mia will do what you want to do with your hair! AND? The best part.. is my hair will look like a dirty hot mess, but I throw my Mia bun in there and walah! It looks presentable for any type of situation. It's a dream.

Definitely - best hair care purchase of 2012.


I had lusted over a Macbook for a while, mainly because I always want what others already have. My Dell was working fine though, so I felt no reason to buy a new computer. Lo and behold, my Dell crashed out on me. It would've cost the amount to get it fixed that I would be able to get a new computer. Luckily, my sweet friend Kiley was selling her older model Macbook. Done and Done. I bought it from her immediately and have kinda sorta fallin' in love with Apple since. It's fun to learn.

Oh yeah - best technology purchase of 2012.


I've wanted an iPhone for as long as I can remember. However my upgrade never fell in the right spot. Until...... I dropped my lovely android into the pool. The damage was done. It wasn't able to be fixed :( I was sad yes, but then I remembered I could get an iPhone!! Was able to come over to the dark side and be a part of the Apple family this past summer. And I. Love. It. iPhone = Life.

For sure, best smartphone purchase of 2012.

What purchases did you make this year that you just couldn't imagine going into 2013 without?


Jennifer said...

I keep meaning to try Bare Minerals.

Helene said...

this is so fun! Love this idea amber. I think the iphone 5 was my favorite purchase of this year. Im attached at the hip to it!

Janna Renee said...

I LOVE my iPhone, and I love my Bare Minerals, but my face isn't used to foundation or powder so it makes me break out. It is still a must for special occasions!!

Jenn said...

What a fantastic idea for a post! I love it! I think my running shoes would make the list, too. Oh, and my iPhone 5 also. I seriously need to get the sock bun. In fact....I may get myself one this week. I've been DYING to try it!

Such a great post- LOVE it :)

meghan said...

Yay for new running shoes! They make all the difference in the world. My favorite purchase that I couldn't live without from 2012? Hm. Maybe I'd say my running shoes too? I finally found ones that don't make my hips hurt.

Katie Wilkes said...

I've been using bare minerals for years. Nothing can compare :)

Leanna Vera said...

I LOVE Bare Minerals! They have the best make up.

Katie said...

Maybe I will look into som bare minerals. I really need some make up that doesn't make my face go crazy...

Anbd for reals, who doesn't love their iPhone? Crazy people that's who!

Julie said...

I'm an android girl but I understand your love for your iphone - cause I love my android!

Merry Christmas!!

Rebekah @ Living && Learning said...

Well, I'm an android girl ;) but I can't live without my smart phone! And My 2 other favorite purchases from 2012 - a pair of Toms & a Kindle! :)

Nadine Mathews said...

I love iPhone. I went to android back in January of this year, and for Christmas my husband bought me the iPhone 5 because he got tired of me complaining about my droid :) My other favorite purchases this year include my Beauticontrol face wash that I can never not use now, Coach flip flops (nuff said) and gray Essie nail polish that looks so cute on my pasty white toes in the fall/winter.

Amber Cease said...

YAY for favorite 2012 purchases! ;)

SEL said...

Sooo, I bought saucony's when I started working out super hardcore, like 2 hours every day, 6 days a week, and I was fitted for them and LOVED them. I still use them for my workouts, used them for my half-marathon this past march, and? I bought them in 2009. I LOVE them. Lifelong fan here.

Hubs got me my iphone in 2010 and it's SO much better than my storm 2 and blackberry I had. I'll never go back to anything else. In fact, I just got the iphone 5. Apple fan say whaaaaat. ;)

For makeup, I love Elizabeth Arden. Love love love. I have some bare minerals and philosophy. They're great, too!

Yay for great purchases!

Katie said...

I need The Mia! I can't do a sock bun for the life of me!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have a macbook and it's by far been the best computer I've ever had! Same goes for the iphone! Glad you love both of yours!


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