There's a first for everything!

First, let me preface by saying - I suck at coming up with blog post titles. I sit here and try to come up with something cute, clever, funny or something that will draw my readers in, but I never get anything. Boo.

Also, let's talk about how someecards.com has a card for everything in life. Seriously, google "some ecards" with whatever topic you want. Boom!

Okay, so I saw a few bloggers do this a couple of weeks ago, Jess and Jo, and I loved the idea! It's a fun way for all of you new followers to get to know me a little better. :)

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: 
Turn off my alarm, check my emails/tweets, scroll through IG and then take Binky out.

First thing you reach for when you open the fridge: 
Usually a bottle of water.

First things you do when you get to the gym: 
Scan my membership card and take my stuff to the locker room.

First thing you do when you get home from work: 
Scoop Binky up and love on him. I don't even put my stuff down first. He's just too adorable running to the door and wagging his tail 90miles a minute. I can't resist!

First car: 
1987 Chevrolet Cavalier. I hated that thing! It was primer gray, and the heater didn't work.

First accident/traffic violation: 
A few months after I got my license I got a speeding ticket for going 49 in a 30, oops!

First thing you wanted to be when you grew up: 
When I was 5, I told everyone I'd be a synchronized swimmer. HAHA!

First choice beverage: 
Morning - coffee. Afternoon - water. Night - wine.

First choice breakfast: 
Usually banana and yogurt or a bagel because it's quickest. If someone was cooking for me every morning though? I'd have eggs, bacon and pancakes. YUM!

First choice dessert: 
Cheesecake. Always. 

First song that comes to mind: 
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSYNC ;) Don't lie, you're totally singing it now.

First major purchase: 
My first car. Once I got my license after I turned 16, my parents told me I could only get a car if I could come up with half of the money for one, and they'd pay for the other half. 

First job: [aside from babysitting]
My mom managed a convenient store while I was in high school, and I helped her out some nights. But my first REAL job, was a carhop at Sonic.
First time you flew on a plane: 
I was 2 years old. Flew to Pennsylvania with my mama and little sister to stay with our grandparents for a while.

Have you done this same quiz/survey? I'd love to read your answers! :)


Cori H. said...

I took this survey last week on my blog. Fun times! :) You're right, there really is an e-card for everything!

My Firsts post: http://everydayenchanted.blogspot.com/2012/12/firsts.html

Illegally Blonde said...

My first job... also carhop at Sonic... I skated too...

Helene said...

I love this, and I like the blog title Amber! mmm cheesecake. And working at sonice- i need to hear more!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Someecards are the bomb. I literally google "someecards about (topic" and find one befitting my work email chains ... just emailed one to a coworker about donuts in the office kitchen - hilarious!


SEL said...

I used to tell people that being a teacher was the best birth control EVER. Then I got pregnant and had M. And we all know I adore her, so.... ;)

You and my husband would be breakfast buddies with the eggs and bacon.

But, you and I would be bff's with the bagels. I mean, I'm Jewish. What else am I supposed to eat. ;)

And I love the coffee, water, wine. Basically, you need something to help wake you up, keep you hydrated, and relax. Perfect list if you ask me!!


Melissa said...

What a fun entry...learned a lot about you!

I will admit, I did start singing the NSYNC song in my head =)

Stephanie said...

All the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling. It's that time of year...

That was just mean. I haven't had enough coffee or wine for nsync to be stuck in my head! ;)

Rebekah said...

I love someecards! They're so funny! This was super fun to read, I think I'll have to do it! :)

jessica renee said...

Oh I've had that freaking N'Sync song in my head all season! haha And I LOVE that coffee e-card. So true!

jessica renee said...

oh and I think I'm gonna copy this too ;)

Nichole said...

Hahaha, I feel like I can totally relate to ALL of those someecards, is that bad? Lol

Lisette @ Northern Belle Diaries said...

I LOVE that coffee/wine ecard! It was meant for me haha! Cute post! I usually let the puppies out first thing--even before I get to go!

Heather said...

I love this post! I may copy cat you...

Angie said...

My first car was a Cavalier too! Oh and I got a speeding ticket today. I was doing 71 in a 55, yep big oops! Actually $175.00 oops :(

Jenn said...

What a fun post! I also struggle coming up with blog post titles- I want them to sound catchy and clever....they usually don't though, ha!

Your first things in the morning sound a lot like mine- minus taking Binky out!

This is so great- I may have to steal this sometime soon :)

Chelsea Coleen said...

oh this is so fun! its like speed dating. i think we just had a blogger speed date hehe nice to meet you!

Heather said...

I just may have to copy this :). I LOVE someecards, they're hysterical...and say all the things I'm too ashamed to say!


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