My happies

This weekend was spent watching a TON of news coverage on the Sandy Hook shooting. I feel a little numb and quite depressed after a weekend with only bad stuff on TV and the internet.

I want to cheer myself up a bit, and hopefully the blogosphere too, since it's depressing at the moment as well.

Things, this weekend, that made me happy:

Going to the movies with wet hair, glasses and sweats and having my boyfriend say, "You don't even need makeup." #swoon

Lunch date with the boyfriend's family. Love their sweet souls so much.

Stocking stuffer shopping with my little sister.

Making tacos for dinner with my sister.

Binky whining until he is right up next to me and cuddling.

Sleeping in.

The smile on my mom's face when I gave her a Christmas card.

Coming up with ideas for holiday baking treats.

What makes you happy in a somber time like now?

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Have a beautiful Monday my friends. And try not to dwell on the negative in the world. Take some time out of your day, even if just for 5 minutes, to focus on what makes you happy.

I won't be posting tomorrow, as the blog world is taking a day of silence for the victims of Sandy Hook.

Please participate too, if you so wish.


Meg O. said...

I need to go stocking stuffer shopping! What a sweet thing that the bf said, too. Love ya

Helene said...

what a sweet boyfriend, love compliments like that. and sleeping in yes! always sleeping in!

Julie said...

Oh how I wish my hubby would say stuff like that. He's very much metrosexual (yes I do use that term, ha) and gives the eyeball if something doesn't look the way he wants it, etc. The man may even own more clothes than me!

Natalie Hinkley said...

This weekend was mega depressing, thanks for sharing something happy :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am still catching up on all of my DVR'd shows from when I went to Australia two months ago and somehow managed to miss a lot of the coverage. So sad.

Sounds like the bf is def a keeper ;)

Kate Cee from Mrs. Monologues said...

I agree all the news is so sad, which makes me happier to hear that you had a fabulous weekend and that your BF is fantastic. Big hugs!

Heather said...

I have refused to watch any coverage. It just breaks my heart. But I am glad that you did have a happy weekend despite all the sadness :).

Claire Kiefer said...

It's a nice change to read about happy things after all the sadness that's been permeating the news, blogs, and just the world in general over the past week.

Things that have been making me happy: baking Christmas cookies, having time to drink my coffee slowly in the morning, our office holiday party at a bowling alley, wine, and staring at my Christmas tree. :)

emt817ftw said...

my daughter, who teaches 3rd grade, and I had scheduled our holiday baking for Saturday, and we decided to go ahead even with heavy hearts. My granddaughter surprised us by driving in from college early. I hugged both of them tight and we said a prayer for the parents and families of the children that were taken away.
Being so blessed to have a happy and healthy family makes me smile, even through the tears.


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