It's OK Thursday #71

Hi friends! Happy Thursday, or as I like to call it Friday Eve. :)
How has your week been going?! I hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend!
If this is your first time linking up for It's OK Thursday, thank you and WELCOME!
All you have to do is type up a post listing what's OK with you, grab the button for your post, and come back to link up.
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK..
..to feel like I repeat myself on this post every week
..to be beyond happy that this semester is just about finished
..to be stressing about my final exam because I'm the worst studier in the world
..to think the word "studier" looks funny - is it even a word?! maybe study-er? ;)
..to not understand why I have the worst cuticles on the face of the planet
..to push my sister into working out with me
..to wish my co-workers would hurry and finish the candy in my jar so I won't be tempted by it
..to wish McDonald's french fries didn't taste so damn good
..to wonder how I'll ever have my own kids when I can't even hande something being wrong with my dog
..to still be obsessed with my blog design, it's still fun and new!
..to hate that in order to go to Starbucks before work I have to go outta my way
..to love trying new coffee creamers - I've found International Delight has a lot of variety
..to be nervous about dropping my phone now that I don't have an otterbox on it
..to want a new stethoscope baaaaad
What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!


Brook said...

Speaking of cuticles, I need a mani so badly! Good luck on your studying and final!

Jennifer said...

I bite my cuticles the way people bite their nails. It's a horrible habit!

Jennifer said...

having issues linking up.


I don't know why this always happens to me?!

Megan said...

What's your favorite flavor creamer?

Karla said...

LOL! I have to go out of my way to get Starbucks too!
& I am loving your new blog design as well.. I'm still not 100% used to it! =)

Helene said...

haha I love that you want a new stethoscope, such a nerd! and I LOVE starbucks, yum!

Julie said...

I think that because Sbux is not on the way to my husband's work that it saves us a lot of money because if it were, he'd be there multiple times a day!

Carley Woodard said...

I feel like I am repeating myself constantly on my blog. I blame it on my short term memory... I feel like I am repeating myself constantly on my blog. I'm loving your blog design too! Looks great. I was just saying the other day how good McDonald's fries were. I personally am a salt fan and they sure do salt those fries. Happy Friday Eve!


Ha! Cuticles.. you & I feel the same way? I'm sure you'll do great on your exam!! Making your sister workout with is just another way of saying "I Love You". And I wonder the same thing with the whole kid thing - B says I'll tell my kids to tough it out but carry the dog around if he whimpers. I'm sure that is only 65% true LMAO. International delight is cheaper & has amazing!!! What flavors are your favorite?? <3 Amy

Cat Logan said...

Hey it is ok that i could probably copy a lot of your post and it would work for me too :)
Hope you have a great day and good look studying and on those finals!!!

Lara Takahashi said...

Joining ^^
x, Lara

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Yay for the semester almost being over :) no better feeling then that!

Rebekah said...

You aren't alone on the cuticle front! No matter what I do, mine are awful (plus I can't seem to remember to do something about it daily, so it's always horrible when I notice!)!

Carly Ann said...

McDonald's fries will be the death of me, I swear it. SO GOOD.


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