Let's be friends, like IRL..

Happy Monday friends. I hope everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend since this week is most likely a short one for you. Me? Off work on Thursday, but I have to go in for 4 freakin' hours on Friday to do nothing. So annoying.

Oh, so before before I start my post, a little P.S. if you will - I'd like to congratulate Jillian on winning my Shutterfly giveaway! Congrats girlfriend!

Now, am I the only one who finds it weird that we say we are meeting our blog friends, IRL (in real life) - um, isn't blogging real life? No, but seriously. I don't live in some fantasy world with people who aren't real, blogging is a part of my actual life. Whatever, the term has always kinda made me think, but I've never came up with something creative enough to take its place. I'll keep thinkin' on it.

Maybe it's because we have these friends that are just friends through blog comments, emails, tweets, etc. But then you meet them in person and your lives mesh together and it becomes so much more than just a "blog friend" they are now a friend that you hang out with just like you would any normal friend of yours.

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this.. well last week, I had the opportunity to meet Helene, and I absolutely adore her. I did before meeting, but now? I think she may be my long lost BFF. For serious.

While we were there Neely also came too.

Oh ya know, just a couple of bloggers instagramming pictures in Starbucks. No big.

We got to talking about everything under the sun, and blogging came up a lot, obvs. Helene wrote a recap on us meeting, and it is hysterical. You must read it!

Then it had me thinking about all of the wonderful bloggers that I've had the chance to meet in the past 2.5 years I've been blogging.

The very first blogger I ever met was Neely, and I'm so glad. She made me feel comfortable enough, and even after that we met a lot of bloggers together. It's amazing how blogging can bring people together, as I now consider her one of my best friends.

After losing my blog friend meet-up virginity, I was much more confident to meet other bloggers, and I sought out those I wanted to meet. It was becoming a fun little hobby! :)

Another blogger that was here in Dallas, was Kiley. I'd actually been following her blog since day 1. Since I started mine. We found one another on 20sb, and I was thrilled to have met her. She's one of my BFFs and I totally heart her!

Here we are meeting Joe Jonas together in Nashville at Blissdom last year. Amazing experience, and loved sharing it with a fab blog friend.

Also, while at Blissdom, I got to meet the amazing Meghan. She is SUCH a fun person, and I feel really lucky to call her a friend.

I met Ashley, Kerbi and Katie all in Dallas at a meet-up. None of them even live in Dallas though. They traveled so they could meet other bloggers too! Super sweet girls who I just love.

Last summer, I got to meet Meg. Again, beyond excited because she was one of the first blogs I started reading, and hello?! Who doesn't want a friend who is as fabulous as she is with her hair and blog?!

Luckily this past month, I got to meet up with her again when she was in town so I could meet sweet baby Kennedy! She's just got the cutest baby!

Last summer, Neely and I met up with Rachel and Katie for a fro-yo blog date. It was fun. These girls are just sweethearts, and it's a really cool feeling to be reading about someone's life for so long via their blog, and then just put it all together once you meet.

Fun fact.. Katie just got married a couple of weeks ago, and this night that she met up with a couple of bloggers? It's the same night she met her husband. :) See what blogging can do for people?!

Back when we had our Dallas Blog Meet-up last summer, you'll never guess who traveled to Texas to meet up with us?

Queen Aly herself. I thought it was super awesome that she traveled from Indiana to see her blog friends. It was really fun meeting her and listening to her hilariously awesome beauty tips. :)

Also, at the meetup was Jenn who is originally from Dallas, but traveled from Austin to meet up with us!

She was such a sweet doll! I remember her telling me all night what a cute accent I had.. like she isn't a Texan herself! ;)

There's many more bloggers that I've met that I don't have picture proof with, so I just wanted to highlight some of those who did! :)

Have you met a lot of bloggers IRL? Who did you meet up with? I love hearing about blates - so tell me about yours!

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Have a happy Monday, friends! I hope this week flies by for you and your holiday comes quickly! :)



Nikki said...

I LOVE meeting my "blog friends" and them becoming IRL friend. I am not a fan of the whole blog friend IRL friends terms I just consider everyone friends!

Neely said...

OMG my blog hair! I love how randomly the blonde Neely makes appearances in blog posts....rawr.

I heart you and Im so glad to have you as one of my bestest friends IRL :)

Helene said...

this post is amazing!!!!!! I think we are long lost bffs!! seriously, i had the best time with you ever. thanks so much for being the BEST!

jessica renee said...

That is so awesome that you've met so many bloggers!! I've met only two bloggers IRL and one of them was Kerbi!

Karla said...

I've never ever done this but would love to in the future! =) So cool!

Heather said...

I've never met any blog friends :(...and it makes me sad!

pretty little things said...

looks like you guys had a fun weekend! xo


Ashley said...

Aww, I love this post and I love YOU!

Megan said...

I feel the same way. The friends I have from the blogging world know more about me than almost all of my "real life" friends. I'm super jealous you met Helene and Neely...they are both awesome. I enjoy reading their blogs so so so much. :) PS: I just started following you this weekend..loving your blog as well!

tara said...

um. when are WE going to be IRL friends??!?!!?

Meghan @ Shine On said...

You've met SO many bloggers. So, when are we going to meet? :)


Jess @ Pretty Physicist said...

I've only met one blogger so far. It seems like ALL the bloggers I want to meet (or 99% of them) are in the south ... and just so far from me! :(

Kiley said...

oh Joe. I love it. :D You've met a crap ton of bloggers! I love it!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I love some of them! I follow a few of their blogs. If you come to CA, we have to meet up!!


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