It's OK Thursday #70

Did I really just type #70 up there?! Whoa, I can't believe we've been doing this link-up that long. Amazing. Thank you ALL so much for helping us promote it each week! :)
First time here for It's OK Thursday? All you gotta do is type up a post, similar to mine below, stating what's OK with you this week, grab the button and come back to link it up!
Let's get this party started!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK..
..to be trying out the Slim Fast diet again
..but hating it because I could totally eat a horse right now
..to be in serious need of a work out buddy
..to cringe at the thought of how much I'll pay for stamps to mail all my Christmas cards
..to be having fun addressing said cards, want one? Email me your address :)
..to wish I could just find a watch to fit my wrists
..to wonder how old is too young for carpal tunnel
..to want to share the goodness of lemon oreos with everyone!
..to be totally weirded out by my dreams I've had lately
..to let work pile up since my DR will be outta town next week and I'll have plenty of time
..to think I may just blog a little during that time ;)
..to want to record a vlog, but have no topics, boo!
..to LOVE watching others' vlogs so I can picture their voice when I read their blog
..to already be counting down to the Winter premiere of PLL - 6 weeks!
..to hate paying bills, duh
What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!

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Karla said...

Do a VLOG! That would be so fun! It's definitely pretty intimidating at first..but you get over it! =D

audra kate said...

Lemon oreos?? What?!

Helene said...

i think i have carpel tunnel!! let's get together and chat about it soon :)

lil desiqua said...

Hmmm I've never heard of lemon oreos! I haven't even started thinking about holiday cards yet- you're ahead of the game for sure!

Also, not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but when I tried to link up on your site, it kept redirecting me here: http://stresscasey.blogspot.com/2012/11/christmas-came-early-gorgeous-earrings.html

Just letting you know! Like I said, not sure if it's just my wonky computer or not!

Nikki said...

Carpal Tunnel...I wonder the same thing!
oreos...THE BEST but have to be double stuffed!
Bills suck!

Julie said...

I've never done a vlog, have thought about it but never actually took that jump.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Slim fast? Awesome, girl!! And I'd totally be your workout buddy. Virtually, maybe? We could text while at e gym? Ha!!

Micah said...

I can't do Slim Fast. I need actual food. Like something I chew. I'm sure Slim Fast works for someone (obviously, because it's been on the market forever), but I'll stick to WW.

I'm using twitter as my workout accountability. I need to keep it up this holiday season so I don't gain weight. I'm soooo close to my goal, I don't want to go back.

Nicole said...

I'm counting calories with MFP again, and I seriously feel like I could eat a horse too. I'm ALWAYS hungry!

Kristy Creighton said...

Just found you through another blog friend linked up to your party and had to join in! Sooooo...new GFC follower here! LOL

Have a great one! (Or OK, at least.)
Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

smk053078 said...

Wow this is your 70th link up!!! That is crazy! Way to keep with it. High five! And I am soooooo dreading addressing and paying for postage for all our cards...UGH!!!

winetastegirl.com said...

Wow girl congrats on number #70. Great job!

Lisette @ Northern Belle Diaries said...

I need a workout buddy! You wouldn't happen to live in Georgia, would you? I also love vlogs for the very same reason!


A Babbling Brunette said...

lemon oreos?? what????

Katie said...

I, too, am having a really hard time finding a watch that fits me...Not fun!

Katie said...

I'm going on a hunt for these lemon oreos this weekend! And yessss do a vlog!!!! :)


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