It's OK Thursday #69

Opa Thanksgiving style!!! Hahaha, I am hilarious sometimes. 

Thanks for coming to link-up with Neely and I even though you're awful busy stuffing your fat faces with all the turkey and dressing you can find. ;) We appreciate it. 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to be wine drunk before dinner even starts

..to be selfish and want my boyfriend here instead of at work

..to plan on eating my weight in every single side we have, not just the turkey!

..to already be looking forward to the mayo, turkey and pepper leftover sandwiches we'll be having

..to be kinda jealous of people who have 20+ people at their place for Thanksgiving. Maybe one day I'll host a dinner party that big at my own place.

..to have debated on waking up early this morning to get things taken care of, or sleeping in since it is a random day off of work.

..to have to keep an eye on Binky all day because the guys will be "dropping" food for him that he doesn't need to be eating.

..to be ready for Christmas now :)

What are you OK with on this Thanksgiving day? Come link up and share!

I hope you are all having a fabulous time with your family or friends and eating a lot! :)



Karla said...

I'm ready for Christmas now too!! =)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Amber!

Lauren said...

Happy Thanksgiving friend, I'm already having a mimosa so def going to be wine drunk by noon haha :-)

Celia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Heather said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Meghan said...

I was most definitely wine drunk before dinner, too!

Jennifer said...

Not only is it OK but it's preferable to be wine drunk before dinner. :) Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Katie said...

Totally ok to be wine drunk before dinner! ;) Hope your Thanksgiving was great!


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