Fashion Blogger, I am not...

The title says it all y'all. 

I am not a fashion blogger, as it is made quite obvious by my mirror made self photos that are super grainy because of the awesome iPhone quality. ;)

Also? I am not the trendiest girl you'll ever meet. I will choose comfort over cute, 9 times out of 10. I do, however, lust after all of the cute trends I see all over blogs, twitter and IG. 

Every now and then, I'll get a wild hair and feel like putting together a presentable outfit, and of course I just had to document it for all of you. 

Cardigan - Plato's Closet (originally from F21)

Cami - Forever 21

Dress - Target 

Loafers - Target

A few notes:

HORRIBLE lighting. This cardi? It's mustard colored, not the lemony color that the photo shows.

These flats? $15 at Target. I see the Steve Madden ones ($50) all over the blogosphere, and I actually tried on a pair at DSW myself. BUT.. I saw these at Target for less than half the price and they're identical!!! #bargainshopper ;)

Oh how I hate breaking in new shoes. I still have blisters. Ouch!

This dress? Most comfortable thing I've ever worn. I've had it forever. Just a plain black cotton dress, and it's so versatile. Simple enough to wear "down" and easy enough to dress up!

  • Trying to show you the matching bracelet.. instead it looks like I'm showing you my tattoo.
  • Just me and my pearly whites!
  • Texting Jo, Mia and Bec to make sure the jewelry goes with the outfit. ;)
Necklace and bracelet - From the Heart Jewelry

I won this set from a giveaway that Meg had, and I LOVE it. It matched this outfit perfectly.

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pleated poppy

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Illegally Blonde said...

Super cute! Just can't get on the loafer bandwagon yet.

Coley said...

Love the cardigan! I have been looking everywhere for mustard colored one, so jealous you found one at Plato's closet!

Tarabelle said...

great deal on the loafers!



Rebekah said...

I'm all about comfort. I have horrible fashion sense too! I've been debating on getting those loafers but I don't know.

Julie said...

I see people posting their outfits on some blogs on an almost daily basis and it makes me wonder if I should...on occasion - but cute outfit :)

SEL said...

I love this post for so many reasons. I have a post sitting in my drafts with pictures of me wearing different outfits. I FINALLY found my niche again and am actually wearing things besides yoga pants and tank tops. (Yay for being a sahm!) But, also because I've been able to put a whole bunch of cute outfits together for some strange reason.

So, I'm right there with you. I am NOT a fashion blogger.

But, your outfit is super cute and I LOVE the mustard cardigan!

Get it, girl!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

OMGahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have to have those loafers pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS hosting my first giveaway on le blog today! Come over and join in ;)

Neely said...

I too am no fashion blogger....but you friend are adorbs....I wish I could take cute outfit pictures...maybe we can be each others photographers?

Helene said...

Ok I don't have anything half as cute as that in my closet! love it!

Ashley said...

Cute!! I never post anything I wear becaues I feel like I look like an old lady all the time. A note about the iphone photos--if you turn your camera horizontal, you get higher definition rather than the vertical shot--same with the video.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

It's so hard to take pics of yourself. I fail miserably all the time :(

Cute outfit and jewelry! Loving the loafers!!

tara said...

very cute! and i LOVE the loafers!

polyestherbunny said...

Thanks for the inspiring post today Amber! I've been a long time reader and like you, I'm no fashion blogger but I do feel inspired by some of my outfits from time-to-time. Thanks for inspiring me to post about my outfits also! http://polyestherbunny.blogspot.ca/2012/11/day-7-crayola-colours.html

Keep up the great blogging! :o)

Steph said...

My outfit posts are the same way haha...cell phone quality on the rare occasion I feel an outfit is blog-worthy :)

Cute! I love the shoes.

Laura Darling said...

I am definitely going to Target to check out those shoes!

Maria Lipkin said...

I also choose comfort over cute. I bought new flats over the weekend at target too and I totally feel you on the whole breaking them in and the blisters, it is horrible! anyways, I'm now following along from the hop! :)


Amanda Haney said...

Love those shoes! I'm a total bargain shopper too. Many of my favorite items in my closet are from Platos Closet.

audra kate said...

Love it!!! I totally wanted those shoes but I wasn't sure how comfy they'd be!


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