Misikko Hana Hair Dryer Review

Oh heyyy! I'm sure this post popping up on your reader is getting old. Every blogger and their dog has reviewed these things, right? Oh well. Go ahead and read this one too. ;)

When I was contacted by the marketing department at Misikko to review a hair dryer, I was beyond excited. First of all, mine that I'd had for 10+ years had just died on me, and the $15 one I bought wasn't really cuttin' it!

I was sent the t3 hair dryer to review, and it came with all sorts of other goodies in the box, but the most important thing of course, was the hair dryer itself.

My first thought upon opening up the box was how nice and sleek it was. I bet those people at the Hana Salon love using this baby. ;)

I had just colored my hair, and it was soaking wet after I washed it. So it was the perfect time to test this sucker out! I brushed out my hair and did a before and after pictures.

Here is my hair sopping wet after washing: 

And here I am after drying my hair. 2 minutes later!!! Yes, 2 minutes later. Not long at all.

Completely and 100% dry! Now, normally it takes me only around 8-10 minutes to dry my hair because I don't have much. It's super thin. But, 2 minutes? Now that I can deal with! I have no excuse now for not drying my hair.

The look/design of the dryer
The amount of time it took to dry my hair
The cool button doesn't need to be held it, you press it and it's cool air completely
It's very quiet and not loud like most dryers

The price - if I hadn't received this, I never would've been able to afford it on my own
The weight.. I got an arm workout drying my hair in just 2 minutes
The cord is a wrap around, I feel like for as sophisticated as this dryer is, there should be a coil that sucks up the cord itself.

Overall, I was very pleased with this hair dryer, and I'd definitely recommend it to y'all!

Disclaimer: I received a hair dryer in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are mine.


meghan said...

I want the hair dryer!! I got the straightener and need to review it on my blog, but it's the hair dryer my heart is really after!!!

Neely said...

Yeah I def get an arm workout everytime I dry my hair

Ali said...

I have a cheap dryer, and have forever, and love the concept of this dryer. With plenty of thick, curly, long hair I need a good dryer to depend on. But this is out of my price range, maybe one will appear at my doorstep? A girl can wish :)

Julie said...

I will admit I am jealous that many are able to try this out, and the straightener. So what's the secret to getting my hands on one? ;)

Jenn said...

Sounds pretty neat! I just got a fancy dryer (totally by chance! I never could have afforded it!) and I LOVE how much it cuts down on drying time! I'm with you though- it'd be nice if they could do something about the cords!

Viviask said...

Looks like a great professional product! Salon tools make a whole lot of difference, I have a Karmin g3 hair dryer myself and it's great at drying my hair.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

They just sent me this to review!!!


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