It's OK Thursday #62

I'm so thankful that this week is going by so quickly. Yesterday, I totally thought it was Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised to realize it was Wednesday. I love when that happens!
Y'all know the drill. If you wanna play along with It's OK Thursday (which you totally should!) all you have to do it type up a similar post to mine listing what's OK with you this week, grab the button (located to the right) and come back to link it up!
Done and done!
Let's gooooo...
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK..
..to think one of the best things about eating out is the leftovers for lunch the next day
..to be envious of people who don't have to wash their hair every day
..to not know why I even take an allergy pill each day - I still sneeze like crazy!
..to not be totally ready for cooler weather, I never dress well for it.
..to scour the internet for coupons before going grocery shopping
..to find it hard to believe that it's already October
..to feel pressure to begin my Christmas shopping, it'll be here before we know it!
..to be obsessed with my new Maybooks - can't wait to review it for y'all!
..to totally crank up the music and roll down the windows, even if it's an old school song ;)
..to hope I have endless amounts of money when I get my own house so I can decorate any way I want
..to feel like I need some more useful apps on my phone, post coming soon on this!
..to hate flu season
..to think the cutest thing in the world is when my BFF's daughter says my name
..to be a little upset that I never find anything good on Groupon anymore
..to contemplate re-subscribing to Birchbox
What's OK with you this week? Come link up with us and share!


Nikki said...

I started Christmas shopping. Kinda sad I aint gonna lie.

Meghan said...

Ok, true story. Sometimes, I go out to eat JUST so I have a lunch the next day:)

MarlaJan said...

Hi! I started couponing myself (not like those crazies on TLC) because I'm out of work on disability. I use the website www.livingrichwithcoupons.com It's amazeballs. She does all the work, and breaks down all the weekly sales for all the major supermarkets. It's saving me an ass ton of $$$!! Happy couponing!

Also, stop on by to my blog and say hi! I love reading yours


Sara Pierce said...

my heart fell when I walked into Target and saw all the CHRISTMAS aisles already up. TOO SOON!

Kristina said...

Oh man, I just got my flu shot yesterday. My arm is killing me. Groupon has been so awesome for me I've been spending WAYYYY to much money! I can't wait to hear your Maybooks review!

Julie said...

A friend of my on FB already posted pictures of all her presents for her two kiddos bought and wrapped for Christmas...and its only October!! Aye ye ye! I give her credit but I wouldn't have a place to hide it all

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Ughhh I hate flu season too! I will never understand why more people don't get a flu shot! My mom's a nurse and always made sure our whole family got our flu shots and they really do make a huge difference. The years I haven't gotten one I've been sick as a dog :(

And I loooove leftovers for lunch!

Happy Friday Eve! :)

Rebekah said...

I hate having to wash my hair every day. Dry shampoo is awesome but I still don't like how it makes my hair feel!

That's What She Read said...

i love cranking up the music and rolling down the music!!

Nicole said...

I love the comment about eating leftovers for lunch! It's SO true!

Kiley said...

yeah, it's really not fair when others don't have to wash their hair every day. pisses me offfffffff.

This was a wonderful it's okay post madame. :)

Jeannie Clemens said...

Coupons...why don't they just make the product priced lower? Is it okay that I hate coupons?

Nina said...

I will start Christmas shopping as late as possible. Why you ask? because I cannot hold back with the presents I have to give them asap!! Can't wait to see the faces of the people I love :-)!

I love your 2nd point ... LOL I need to wash every day too and it sucks!!

PS: your link-up is growing and growing .. I need a day or two to get through all of them.. I am loving it!

Nikki P said...

Oops, I didn't mean to link up twice. My link wasn't showing up so you can delete one of them if you want. Also, it's TOTALLY ok to crank an old school jam!!

Steph said...

When you find a ridiculous amount of money for your home decor could you please share the wealth? I have that hope too. :p

JKT said...

I totally am with you- how is it already October?! Wasn't it just June? Crazy, I tell you. Cranking up the music and windows down is okay- no matter what!! Andddd I hope for a ridiculous amount of wealth to fall into my lap any old time- let me know if you find the trick to that ;)


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