InstaLately #1

Today is my first time to link up with Jenn for her weekly installment of InstaLately. It's a fun way to blog about my life in IG pics, especially if some of my readers don't follow me there.

If you don't follow me on Instagram, and would like to you can go HERE! :)

  • Binky all up in my face not letting me nap when I was sick
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies - a combo of mine and Nate's fave cookies
  • Pre-hair dye, from a box, by my sister

  • My new favorite thing for my coffee - sweet enough you don't need much sugar
  • Day drinking with my sister, good for the soul
  • A fresh french shellac manicure makes me happy
  • Binky - such a stereotype peeing on the fire hydrant ;)
What are y'all taking pics of this week? Go link up with Jenn and share!


Misikko Hana Hair Dryer Review

Oh heyyy! I'm sure this post popping up on your reader is getting old. Every blogger and their dog has reviewed these things, right? Oh well. Go ahead and read this one too. ;)

When I was contacted by the marketing department at Misikko to review a hair dryer, I was beyond excited. First of all, mine that I'd had for 10+ years had just died on me, and the $15 one I bought wasn't really cuttin' it!

I was sent the t3 hair dryer to review, and it came with all sorts of other goodies in the box, but the most important thing of course, was the hair dryer itself.

My first thought upon opening up the box was how nice and sleek it was. I bet those people at the Hana Salon love using this baby. ;)

I had just colored my hair, and it was soaking wet after I washed it. So it was the perfect time to test this sucker out! I brushed out my hair and did a before and after pictures.

Here is my hair sopping wet after washing: 

And here I am after drying my hair. 2 minutes later!!! Yes, 2 minutes later. Not long at all.

Completely and 100% dry! Now, normally it takes me only around 8-10 minutes to dry my hair because I don't have much. It's super thin. But, 2 minutes? Now that I can deal with! I have no excuse now for not drying my hair.

The look/design of the dryer
The amount of time it took to dry my hair
The cool button doesn't need to be held it, you press it and it's cool air completely
It's very quiet and not loud like most dryers

The price - if I hadn't received this, I never would've been able to afford it on my own
The weight.. I got an arm workout drying my hair in just 2 minutes
The cord is a wrap around, I feel like for as sophisticated as this dryer is, there should be a coil that sucks up the cord itself.

Overall, I was very pleased with this hair dryer, and I'd definitely recommend it to y'all!

Disclaimer: I received a hair dryer in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are mine.


Take a look at my phone

When I first got my iPhone a few months ago, I was SO excited to download apps that I couldn't get before on my other phone. The world of iPhone apps just seemed never ending! :)

When I got my phone, I wish there were a post like this. Sooo, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite apps, just in case you're in the market for any for yourself. 

I have each of my apps in a folder because I'm organized like that.


PayPal - I LOVE this app. I use PayPal on the reg, so it's nice to have it right at my fingertips when I don't have access to a computer.
Bank of Texas - I am able to check my balance and transactions, and I also recently started making check deposits this way. I love not having to drive all the way across town just to make a deposit at the actual bank branch.
Tip Check - This app is very useful because Nate and I are always asking each other, "How much should we tip?" This app lets you type in the totals and taxes, you pick what percentage you're going to tip, and it tells you how much to add to the ticket. Genius!
Gas Buddy - It uses the GPS on your phone to track the gas stations near you, and it tells you the cheapest ones. Again, pure genius.


Instagram - Everyone knows what this is. No explanation needed, right? ;)
Insta eFree - I actually don't really use this one. It's an app that will make collages of your pics to post to your IG, buuuut....
PicStitch - This app for collages is way better. It's easy to just pick the pics you want, and it can post to your IG from the app.
Shutterfly - I love being able to upload the pics from my phone immediately to my shutterfly account. It's much easier than emailing them to me, then saving them to my computer and THEN uploading it to my shutterfly account.
Notestagram - This is a cool little app that has different backgrounds, and you can type in a message to upload to your IG.


Twitter - I'm a little addicted. Nothing like laying in bed in the mornings and catching up on your timeline before getting ready for work. ;)
Facebook - If it weren't for the app, I'd probably never use my FB. I keep it around just to keep up with family.
HeyTell - This is a walkie talkie app, and you can send voice messages to other users. It's kinda fun. I use it when I don't want to talk on the phone, but I have much more to say than a text.
Foursquare - I actually don't use this much anymore either, but you can check in at places and earn points to compete with friends.
GoodReads - I love my goodreads account, and it's nice to catch up on my friends' books and update my book status without having to get on the computer.
Find Friends - This app is very stalker friendly! Haha. You have to accept friends before they can see you on there, but if you're friend with someone, they can track your location at all times and vice versa. It really came in handy one day when Nate and I were meeting our friends for lunch, and we got a little lost. I pulled them up on the app, and we followed the map that way.
Pinterest - Again, self explanatory. A bit addicting as well.
Pages - This app allows me to access my blog fan page on my FB without having to actually log onto my FB account and switch over. Love it.
Klout - I actually don't like this app all that much. It basically just gives me my notifications, but doesn't let me do much else.


Smoothie King - This app will track the locations closest to you, and you can add your favorite smoothies to the app.
Domino's - Again, it tracks the closest locations, and you can actually place delivery and carry out orders from the app.
BWW - Finds the closest locations to you, and you can add your favorite things. 
Hello Vino - I LOVE this app. It helps you choose a wine by all different types. It will pair it with food, by taste, by occasion, etc. So fun!
Chipotle - Tracks locations, and you can place an order too.
Urbanspoon - Going out to dinner, but can decide where you want to go? This app will help you decide. You can choose by cuisine, price, and what's recommended for your area.
Starbucks - Tracks locations, and it also tracks your rewards and card balances. I use this app every. single. day.
All Recipes - I've found many a delicious recipes for dinner on here! You can choose whether you're making a side, main dish or dessert, and pick certain ingredients and it'll give you a list of recipes.
Sprinkles - This app tells you which cupcakes are available on which days, and it also tells you the secret word and which cupcake you'll score. There's also fun games you can play too. :)
TruxMap - This tracks all the food trucks in major cities. Where they'll be and when. It's fun.
Chili's - Tracks locations, and you can order from the app!


Groupon - We all use this, correct? This sends me notifications every morning with that day's deals. Love it.
Amazon - Self explanatory.
Craigs' List - Again, self explanatory.
Michael's - Tracks locations, and there's also major coupons on the app. Love it.
Etsy - It's good for browsing, but if you're looking for a certain shop or item, it's hard to use.
Poshmark - I used this app a lot when I first got my phone, but not as much anymore. You can list clothing items and accessories you have for sale, and you can also buy from here too.
Retail Me Not - Hands down, the best coupons ever. I use this frequently. Type in whatever store you're shopping at, and it'll come up with coupons and promo codes.
Living Social - Same concept as Groupon.
Target - Track locations, shop and you can sync your cards to the app. Also, can be used in the new Passbook app with the iOS6 update.
Sephora - Tracks locations, and there's all sorts of fun things to do. Beauty advice, videos, wish lists, etc.


Nike Running - I haven't used this app, but I downloaded it because I know it'll track your mileage and I like that. Now I just need to put it to use.
Lose It - You add in your foods and exercises and it logs everything for you, kinda like MFP. (see below)
Endomondo - I love this app. You can tell it what exercising you're doing, and it'll tell you the cals burned and mileage used. I love that it uses the GPS and tracks your route and miles logged. 
MyFitnessPal - I LOVE this app. I love it more than the actual website because before I even choose a food, it'll tell me the cals. It's an easy way to track food (cals) and exercise. It even tells you how much you'll weigh if you follow a certain goal.
iTriage - A neat little app where you enter in your symptoms, and it'll tell you what you may have. Think WebMD.
Anatomy - I use this to help quiz myself. It has different sections on the human anatomy and it tells you what they do.
Yoga Builder - I actually got this for free (was $4.99) from Starbucks app of the week! You add in poses to build your yoga practice. Kinda fun.
Gym Pact - This app is awesome. You tell it how much you'll be working out during the week, and it'll PAY you. Seriously. BUT, if you don't log a workout, it'll deduct from your total too. How's that for motivation?
c25k - As you can see, it's listed as new because I just recently re-downloaded it. The app has an exercise plan that's build to help you train for a 5k.


IMDb - I'm also curious as to which actor played in what movie, and I love learning trivia about movies/TV shows. This allows you to look up whatever actor, etc and it gives you info on them.
Pandora - Self Explanatory.
Kindle - An easy way for me to get away with reading while at work and not actually pulling out my kindle. ;)
KiddNation - An app for a local radio station.
Viggle - Earn rewards for watching TV. It uses your phone to listen to what you're watching and you earn points for each minute you watch to cash in for rewards.
Netflix - Self explanatory.
iSwap Faces - This app is effing hilarious! You upload a picture, and you can swap your face with whoever is in the picture with you. This has provided hours of entertainment.
iBooks - Actually never used because of my kindle, but I think you can buy books on your iTunes account, and they're stored here.


Matching with Friends - You match tiles to make them disappear. Not my most favorite game.
Scramble with Friends - You see how many words you can make out of a bunch of letters scrambled together.
Draw Something - You pick from a list of topics, draw a picture for your friend, they guess it and send you one back.
Song Pop - You play against friends, and guess songs to see who knows more out of a genre. It's fun. :)
Coin Dozer - This is crazy addicting. Knock coins off the ledge to earn points and level up.
Words with Friends - Scrabble, basically.


TangoTab - I learned of this app on the news. It's like groupon in a sense.. it tells you which restaurants in your area are offering discounts. For example, 25% off or a free appetizer. You show the app to the waiter and you can mark it as used, and for every time you use the app a free meal is donated to a person in need.
Catalista - This app tells you of volunteer opportunities in your area.
Shazam - This app is the coolest. Can't think of the name of a song or artist and it's driving you crazy? This app will listen to the song, and tell you the name and artist!
ESPN Score Center - Tells you the scores of games. This was downloaded for Nate. ;)
CNN - My favorite way to read the news.
Wikipedia - My favorite way to learn new things. ;)
Daily Show - I am in love with Jon Stewart. You can catch up on the headlines from his shows, and it also tells you who he will be interviewing on his show that week.
Big Day - I downloaded this countdown app thinking I could use it for numerous things, but I can't. It only counts down to one event at a time. Lame. I'd probably have to pay for the app in order to count down to more things.

Just an FYI - all of these apps were FREE. I'm too cheap for anything else. ;)

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It's OK Thursday #65

Hi friends! I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. Being sick is NO fun.
Thanks for coming to check out what It's OK Thursday is all about. Just type up a post similar to mine below (saying what's OK with you this week), grab the button, and come back to link up! :)
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK..
..to immediately minimize windows when a co-worker walks up behind you
..to not understand why people can't just be happy for each other
..to be slightly addicted to Bejeweled on FB
..to feel overwhelmed at work, 'tis the season
..to think the worst sometimes
..to be very particular about the way you do laundry
..to be sad when you go to reply to a comment and the persons' email isn't attached :(
..to want to win a group giveaway SO bad, it'd be like Christmas! :)
..to probably annoy my twitter followers with giveaway tweets, oops!
..to wish I were as creative as some people
..to fall off the My Fitness Pal train, AGAIN
..to love shellac manis, but hate how it looks when it grows out. *Mental note to self - get a lighter color next time!*
..to skip the $100 visit to the hairdresser and let my sister dye it from a box
..to be counting down 'til the semester is over - Biology will be the death of me!
..to have a super hard time saving money
What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share with us! :)


Blue Bird Bride Giveaway!

Do I tell you guys, as my readers, how much I love and appreciate you? Seriously, do I tell you enough?

Well just in case I don't, I am having a fabulous giveaway for y'all today because ya know, actions speak louder than words. ;)

Today, one lucky reader has the chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Blue Bird Bride's etsy shop!

I know that I could come up with plenty of pretties to buy with my $20 if I won! Perhaps, I'd put it towards a bib necklace?!

I've had my eye on a side cross necklace lately, so I could get one of those, perhaps?!

OH! And, currently the shop is running a Buy 3, Get 1 Free holiday special. I don't know about you, but I'm all about getting more bang for my buck! ;)

So, are you totally excited now? :)

Use the rafflecopter widget below to for your chance to win the $20 credit. The giveaway will run for one week, and the winner will be notified via email.

Thank you and GOOD luck! :)

Also, if you don't win, don't fear - use promo code FALL2012 to save 15% at checkout!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wired Essentials Review

I was lucky enough to review a bracelet from Wired Essentials. This etsy shop has TONS of cute stuff, and Danielle was super sweet to work with.

She sent me the Chelsea bracelet to review. My first thought upon opening the package was how unique the bracelet was. I had never seen anything like it, and that's always a plus in my book!

{photo from Wired Essentials shop}

Description from the shop listing:
The Chelsea Bracelet is fashioned by crocheting beads onto copper wire for a glamorous open design. The bracelet shown here is made using bronze copper wire and an Indian Summer bead mix. 

Bracelets measure 7" unless otherwise specified in the notes to seller.

Each bracelet is custom made to order and you can choose the color wire and bead mix

The bracelet was a bit big on me (because I have freakishly tiny wrists, and nothing fits them) so I had my mom try on the bracelet and it fit her perfectly!

I asked my mom for her thoughts on the bracelet and she described it as: feminine, stylish and unique. She says she thinks it will go with many different outfits. We love the versatility of the piece. 

Also, I had to get a picture of the clasp because in my opinion those are the best ones for bracelets. They're easy to clasp yourself, and it takes seconds instead of fighting with the typical clasp you see.

Danielle has offered my readers a discount code, LUCKY YOU! So, go get your shop on and use promo code REVIEW for 10% off. :)

Happy shopping, my friends!


It's OK Thursday #64

Well y'all I'm off work today, but not for fun. I'm most likely sucking down dayquil and/or taking a nap as you read this.

Link up with Neely and I to make me feel better :)

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to get real upset when Netflix doesn't have what I want

..to eat popsicles and ice cream for all meals when you're sick

..to try using FB for reading blogs since google reader will be gone soon

..to want to nap during the day

..to wait until the last minute to study - hello cram session!

..to have awful test anxiety

..to be re-obsessed with Words with Friends

..to be jealous when someone gets a new car and wish you could get a new one too

..to hate when gas goes up the day after I get it

..to make this week's list a bit shorter than normal

What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!


What I was up to..

What's that? You want to know what I did this weekend? Of course, let me tell you! ;)


I had gotten a mani/pedi the day before because I was in desperate need of both. I am embarrassed by how awful my cuticles look y'all. Plus, this past week was the week from HELL, so I thought it'd do me some good. :)

I got Essie Skirting the Issue on my toes - which looked super dark red, almost brownish/bronze in the bottle. I was surprised at how it looked on my toes, but I still liked the color. And I got OPI Russian Navy on my nails, which is quickly becoming my favorite fall color!

After work, I headed home to get ready to head out for my date night with Nate. Friday was our 4 year anniversary, but we kept it low key and headed to Olive Garden for dinner. It felt special though because we never eat there.

We both had enough wine to feel pretty good, and we stuffed ourselves full. Neither of us could decide what to eat, so we decided to share the Tour of Italy entree. It was fettuccine alfredo, lasagna and chicken parmesan. So delish.

The night was pretty awesome. We had lots of fabulous conversation, and we were both happy. :)

See? Happy faces! :)


We woke up early - I think we're getting old or something, we can NEVER sleep in anymore. We went and got donuts and coffee, and came back to watch some TV.

After a shower, I headed to run a couple of errands. Plato's Closet, Movie Trading Company and Petco.

Came back to finish up the Tech/WVU game which ended very well. Which also means I had a very happy boyfriend. :)

We basically lounged on the couch watching some sporting event, all night. I get bored of that pretty easily, so I finished a book and watched My Sister's Keeper on Lifetime. Cue tears. Such a sad movie.


Nate had to work early, so I got up and had some coffee and Bink snuggles on the couch while I caught up on PLL.

Once Nate's roomie woke up, I packed my things and was headed home to finish up some homework and rearrange my things in my sister's room.

Now, I'm lounging around struggling with whether or not to update my about me page here on the blog or not!

Linked up with Leeann, Sami & Dana. And also, with Meg.

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How was your weekend?!


I love you because..

..I feel like myself when I'm with you.

..you pour me a glass of wine when I need it.

..you clean up the kitchen after I cook.

..you make me laugh.

..you give the best hugs.

..you smack my ass when we're walking up the stairs.

..you tell me what a good cook I am.

..you go on ice cream runs with me.
..you let me pick places we eat.

..your family treats me like their own.

..you have a cute butt.

..you make me proud.

..you clean up VERY well. Rawr! ;)

..you tell me I look good even when I know I don't.

..you're ridiculously adorable when you sing along with the radio.

..you know tons of useless information, and always have an answer to any question I have.

..you pick on me, and it's fun even when I act annoyed.

..you're just as silly as I am.

..you do things with me that you don't always want to do.

..you're mine!

Happy 4th anniversary to the man who makes my heart full and complete. I am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life. You make me more happy than you know, and I can't wait to see where this life takes us. Love you babe!

Catch up on our love story!
3 years
2 years
How we met


It's OK Thursday #63

Hey y'all. I'm so happy that it's Friday eve. This week my allergies have been kicking my ass, and I just want to lay in bed all day. It's been hard getting up for work. So, I'm definitely ready for the weekend.
Since it's Thursday, it's time for It's OK! Y'all know the drill. Come link up with us!
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK..
..to be totally selfish.. sometimes it's just needed
..to have a good cry
..to always feel the need to use a coupon/promo code
..to be absolutely in love with the post I have scheduled for tomorrow
..to love when my friends IRL tell me they read my blog
..to think this video is hilarious & totally made my day. Thanks Neely! :)
..to wish it were socially acceptable to drink wine at 9 in the morning
..to think I have a pretty amazing giveaway going on that you should enter ;) #shamlessplug
..to get sad when my favorite blogs don't post
..to feel the need to completely catch up on my twitter timeline during the day
..to throw mail in the floorboard of my car instead of taking it inside
..to think my sister is the best of the best when it comes to cheering me up
..to love when people agree with me, after all - I am always right ;)
..to like chatting on the phone only while driving
..to crave candy corn!
What's OK with you? Come link up with us and share!


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