September Sponsor Group GIVEAWAY!

Good morning, and happy Monday sweet friends!
In honor of my super awesome sponsors, I'm letting them host a giveaway for YOU!
If it weren't for my readers and sponsors, Brunch with Amber wouldn't be what it is today, so I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.
Please meet my sponsors and check out their blogs. I promise you won't be sorry. ;)
First up is Aimee, and she blogs over at Aimee's World.

She's giving away a 200x200 "The Norm" sponsor ad on her blog and a $10 Target gift card!

She blogs about anything from her blessings in life to working full time and going to college full time to her kitty, Idgit. She loves all things beauty related, reading blogs, reality T.V., and shopping. Meeting new bloggers and having relationships in the blogosphere is one of her favorite things! Come on by the little ol' blog and join the family!

Next up is Christine, who blogs over at A Day in the Life.

She's giving away an adorable stationery set, winner's choice of color!

Christine describes herself as a city girl in her twenties just starting to discover what the world has to offer. She is finishing up school and trying to make her big break in the world of event planning or as professionals call it, event coordination. She fell in love with planning events when she saw The Wedding Planner over ten years ago, and she's been at it ever since. Her blog is honestly a collection of everything. It's a place for her to dish about celebrities and everything in the entertainment industry as well as somewhere to share her life experiences and make fun of herself at the same time. It's a sanctuary for her writing where she can be herself and not have to worry about anyone judging her for it. It's the place that she likes to call home.

Life & Everything Else In Between

Now we have Nathan, who blogs at Life and Everything Else in Between.

He's giving away a 200x125 "Quarter Deck" sponsor ad on his blog!

Nathan is a mid-twenty year old male blogger. He's married to a beautiful wife named Erin and they have a gorgeous two 1/2 month old daughter, Lillian. He's a dog lover and his yellow lab, Chloe can usually always be seen at his side. He's been blogging for about two years now and he does it for him. It's a place to keep track of the everyday events of his life and everything else in between. He says he's met a lot of amazing people through blogging and he hopes to meet many more! He hosts a monthly link-up called the MNB Hop (Meet New Bloggers) on the first Monday of every month. He also hosts a yearly awards post called the LEEIB Bloggie Awards! His favorite saying is that life is good isn't just a trademark, it's a fact! Hope you'll stop in and say hello!

Just a Few of My Favorite Things
Now, we have Erin, who blogs at Just a Few of My Favorite Things.

She's giving away a $20 Target gift card!

Erin has lots of favorite things that she likes to write about: new hairstyles, makeup, nail polish, shopping, fashion, fun and crafty projects, fitness and lots of Pinterest-related ideas! She also likes to run, does yoga and loves to read. She is an elementary school teacher, living in a Washington D.C. suburb in Virginia and loves her job!

Here's Courtney, who blogs at What a Whimsical World.

She's giving away a $15 Starbucks gift card, a fall scented candle and a copy of one of her favorite books, which will be a surprise to the winner!

She's a 20-something Southern Belle (grew up in the Carolinas) who has been transported to Yankee-land for work. She works from home doing marketing and sales for BNSF Railway, and says she loves her job - she travels a lot, gets to meet lots of new people, and she gets to help people make smart business decisions - all things she loves! Courtney and her boyfriend live in Harrisburg, PA and have a 2 1/2 year old puppy named Lucy who is their child - silly and spoiled and just great. Courtney loves to read, cook, drink wine, travel, dance, plan parties and events (She may have missed her calling to be an event/wedding planner), and spend time with family and friends. Her blog is meant to be a documentation of what she considers a beautiful life - it is a little bit of everything, some nonsense, some serious, random musings, obsessions, and so on. She is just really getting started in this, but is so excited for where this blogging journey can take her. 

Now, those are some fabulous gifts if you ask me!

One will will take ALL! So please, use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Giveaway winner will be announced on the widget and will be notified via email.



Steph said...

I think the surprise book is exciting! I love surprises!! Also, the free ad space is a pretty great prize!

Angel said...

I think the surprise book sounds great! And the stationary!

Dreams Do Come True said...

$20.00 Target Gift Card


Sara said...

I'd love to win the fall scented candle. I love all things fall :)

Sara Pierce said...

as a mom of a teething 9 month old... the STARBUCKS GIFT CARD!!!!

Aubrey S. said...

Starbucks card! As if that was a choice =)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Starbucks + candle + book is my fav!

And how was I not following you? Seriously?! Sorry about that!

Jade :) said...

$20 Target Gift Card! I'm sureeeeeeee I could find LOTS of things to buy with that! :D

Brittany Dawn said...

I'm most excited about the gift cards!

Krystal said...

Ooooh la la! TARGET please! ;D

Shane Prather said...

target gift card!


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