It's OK Thursday #58

Clearly this is the week of link-ups here on my blog. So, you should go ahead and link-up with Neely and I for It's OK Thursday!
Just type up a post similar to mine below stating what's OK with you this week, grab the button and come back to link up.
It's fun, I promise. :)
Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK..
..to stalk the Kate Spade website for a certain handbag
..to want to "treat" myself each payday but know I should resist
..to want to stay in bed and cuddle with Bink in the mornings
..to not understand why I couldn't buy more than 1 starbucks living social deal
..to think it's weird that it's so cold at work when it's 100 degrees outside
..to be so incredibly grateful for the relationship I have with Nate
..to be excited to take my mom on a surprise outing for her birthday next week!
..to not understand the hype of some things
..to wish I knew how to design my own blog and make it look pretty
..to think reading school textbooks is really putting a damper on my personal reading goals
..to hate getting the oil changed in my car, so I put it off as long as possible (I know, it's horrible!)
..to sometimes have no energy to comment on blogs, but I always read them
..to have lived off of Smart Ones frozen dinners for lunch for 2 weeks now
..to wish there were a magic food/pill that would allow me to drop weight instead of working out ;)
..to feel like a total lazy ass for the above comment
What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!
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Lauren said...

Love it! "to not understand why I couldn't buy more than 1 starbucks living social deal"-to this I agree, WHY????!

Aubrey S. said...

I hope your mama doesn't read your blog or you've just spoiled the birthday surprise.

Holly said...

I want to treat myself every PayDay too but I don't always....my room would be out of control hoarders if that happened lol.

Yay for surprise outings!! Can't wait to hear more :)

I am with ya on the commenting--I'm seriously just getting back into it today after MONTHS of slacking.

And can you share that magic weight loss pill with me when you find it?! ;)

Sarah Grace said...

that livingsocial deal was the best!! and i agree...i wish there wasn't a quantity limit!

happy thursday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Sarah said...

i TOTALLY understand the weightloss pill thing! haha Working out is the worst!! (well maybe not the total worst!) Why can't we all just be naturally thin? haha

Have a fab thursday!

Jaz said...

If you had more than one LivingSocial account you could buy more than one. I actually bought 2. And I'm right along there with you as far as being able to design my own blog. I lack those creative skills. Lol!

Nicole said...

Its ok for me to have lots of ideas to blog about, but nooooo energy to actually do them!

Ann said...

It is totally okay to feel like a lazy ass. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ugh! I hate having to get my oil changed too!

Steph said...

Ugh..I'm with you on wishing I could design my own blog. And wishing for a magic weight loss pill. :)

JKT said...

Feel like you're reading my mind this week! My office has been a freaking igloo and I have to dress like it's snowing outside to stay warm inside- annoyed! I've been living on lean cuisines, I wish I could take a pill and be skinny (or at least skinnier)annnndd I'd love to be able to design my own blog :( Someday!

Heather said...

If you ever find that magic pill please let me know :).


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