Book Club Friday #25

How is September almost close to being over? This year is FLYING by.
It's gonna be Christmas before we know it!
Linking up with Heather and Katie, as usual. :)
This week, I'm sharing Worth Lying For by Lisa Cheney.
This book was recommended to me by my sweet friend, Becca. It was a free kindle book when I got it, but I believe it is now $2.99.

Book description from GoodReads:

Mary Minke knows she should be grateful: a mostly happy marriage, mostly grown kids and a mostly steady paycheck. But at forty, she finds herself fantasizing about sprawling Tuscan villas and fitting into 'juniors department' fashions. Instead, another twenty years in a two-bedroom ranch, sale-rack slacks and a receptionist job at Idid-a-Rod Auto Garage seem to be her destiny. Until...

Mary stumbles on a bag of cash in the car of two-bit drug dealer Jimmy Adler... and steals it. Confiding in best friend, Caryn, she vows to make good by playing Robin Hood in the sleepy town of Stillwater Village. Only she must keep the plan under wraps from devoted husband, Nick, who just happens to be the local sheriff.

As one unexpected event after another turns Mary's once tapioca-bland life hotter than three-alarm chili, she is more than a little tempted to indulge in a few retail therapy sessions. Charity begins at home, after all, but where should it end? When the fate of her imperfect yet loving family is put on the line, Mary must decide what the good life really means, and if it is Worth Lying For.

My thoughts:

This book was such a fun read! The characters are hilarious, and very easy to relate to. I appreciate that in a book. Although I got the book for free, I would definitely recommend paying for it. It's well worth it, promise.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

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Neely said...

Ill have to check it out

Julie said...

I'm soo far behind on reading :/ but I hope to get caught up - adding it to my reading list :)

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing hoecakes!

Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

Gotta love a free book! I have a ton on my nook that I will hopefully get to one day. And I could barely see anything else after you mentioned Christmas ;)

Megan said...

This sounds like a super fun, light read!!

Sara said...

Just added you on Good Reads! I have no idea how to use the site, but I know a few people that use it so I decided to start one! :)



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