If you really knew me..

Okay, I'm a total copy-cat. I have seen this floating all around the blog world (Michelle, MelissaJoeyJenni), and I decided that I LOVE the idea. So I'm taking it for myself, too. :)

If you really knew me..

* you'd know that my most favorite part of being an adult is the fact that I can eat dessert before dinner now if I want to. I'm a grown-up, and I do what I want!

* you'd know that I have a horrible habit of "twirling" my hair.

* you'd know that I have super oily hair and after 12 hours of washing it, it already looks dirty again. (the twirling probably doesn't help that fact!)

* you'd know that I cry at every wedding I attend, even if I barely know the couple.

* you'd know that if you drive past me on the road, 9 times out of 10 I have a finger up my nose. (just keepin' it real y'all!)

* you'd know that I count the strokes of deodorant I put under each arm.

* you'd also know that I have to turn everything into an even number. For example, if I use 3 pumps of soap when washing my hands, I'll use 3 paper towels to dry my hands off with. 3+3=6. ;)

* you'd know that I check behind the shower curtain before I go to the bathroom. I am paranoid some murderer is just waiting in there for me.

* you'd know that backing out of parking spaces causes me severe anxiety. I'm always scared someone is going to be flying down the parking lot and t-bone me.

* you'd know that I don't swear in front of people I don't know well. However, once we get close I sometimes forget to use the filter on my mouth. I apologize in advance.

* you'd know that I absolutely despise animated movies and the Disney channel. I'll be a super fun mom someday, huh?

* you'd know that I had to have stitches in the same spot on my chin twice which resulted in a funky looking scar.

* you'd know that I vividly remember my childhood and can give you very detailed information about it.

* you'd know that I rarely listen to "new" music and I don't care much for a song until it's already overplayed on the radio. That's when I start listening to it, when everyone else already hates it.

What should I know about you???


Cait said...

omg i love this ha i always check the shower curtain too sometimes ;) id say if you knew me you'd know that i love to read, i hate unpacking and i'd do anything for my friends :)

Neely said...

OMG I twirl my hair too, my mom hates it!!

I have a very similar post scheduled tomorrow :)

Gretchen said...

I count deodorant strokes, too! I turn things into odd numbers, though (so much so that when I get a new tattoo, I must get a small one with it to make the number odd again!)
Also, you and I have the same birthday...maybe that's why? :)

Annabelle said...

I pick my nose in the car too! My hubby makes fun! I also try to make everything even. If it doesn't work out, I get stressed out.

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Haha I totally go "digging for gold" in the car too. It must have something to do with the rearview mirro and wanting to make sure everything is good to go before arriving at my destination :-P

Suze said...

I have one of these posts scheduled this week- haha!

I twirl my hair and I always check behind the shower curtain!

I'm not super hip when it comes to new music either. I only recently heard Bieber for the first time!

Amanda said...

I have super oily hair too, probably one of the things I dislike about myself the most!

tara said...

i'm guilty of twirling my hair too!!

Nicole said...

I've also seen this floating around...and I might just have to cave in and do it!

Meghan @ Shine On said...

I totes cry at weddings too...even TV weddings, or wedding commercials. It's a terrible disease.


Jennifer said...

I totally remember my childhood too! People think it's crazy how much I remember! And I too cry at any wedding I go to.

Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

I also count deodorant strokes. Gotta keep it even!

Love that pic of y'all - so cute!

star said...

I count deodorant strokes too! I also have a thibg for numbers. Like the volume has to be 30 or 35, not 33. oh, and I also check behind the shower curtain!

Amanda Olvey said...

I also count the deodorant stokes! New follower...love your blog!!

Mellie Lorissa said...

We have the same hair problem! Dang grease- I envy those who can wash their hair every other day! Not fair.

I also check behind the curtain. :)


Meghan said...

Girl, I ALWAYS check behind the curtain, too! And I BAWL at weddings, regardless of who is getting married!

Love this post!

Meagan said...

Goodness! Counting deoderant application? That sounds exhausting!

A Babbling Brunette said...

anndddd this just confirmed how much we are EVEN MORE alike!! I swear girl ---

I count my deodorant strokes too.
I check behind the shower curtain...although, idk what I'd do if someone were actually ever in there!
Backing out of parking spots scares me too.
I'm not big on animated movies, at all.
I have had stitches on my chin twice and have a huge scar!

Heather said...

Bahaha, I seriously laughed out loud and the finger up your nose while driving...too funny, and I do the same thing. Oh well.

I seriously need to do this!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Haha SAME on the weddings! When I was engaged, the church (where we were having the ceremony) recommended that we attend a wedding there to see what they were like and get ideas. I "crashed" a wedding with my mom and bawled my eyes out the whole time. The people were strangers. Haha :)

I'm also with you on the trucker mouth :) I was just thinking the other day that it only comes out when I'm really comfortable. But sometimes I get too comfortable with the wrong people, or my comfort gets confused. Like if I'm with my husband (obvi very comfortable) and my MIL, and accidentally drop the f-bomb or similar... :) Oops.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's actually pretty cool that you remember everything from growing up! I wish I did.


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