It's OK to be Thankful Thursday #47

Top o' the mornin' to ya friends!

How's everyone's week going? Mine is okay.. I'm just wishing for the weekend, like always! :)

Okay, so what did y'all think about last week's "It's OK Thursday" where we mashed up with Tracy's "Thankful Thursday"?

It seemed to be pretty popular, so we decided to do it again this week! Wooooo! :) 

Its Ok Thursdays


It's OK..

..to be sick of sports on the TV 24/7 - that's what I get for staying with the boyfriend

..to be super thankful that I have a boyfriend who is so worried about my safety and loves me

..to feel like a total slacker when it comes to my reading compared to Becca

..to be excited to have up'd my reading goal on GoodReads

..to be thankful for all of the amazing friends I've met through blogging

..to feel like you can't get through the workday if you don't check your email throughout

..to be seriously challenged on not letting yourself text while driving

..to be thankful for coffee in the mornings, it's so needed!

..to feel too lucky when it comes to the winnings I've had lately

..to think the only good thing about not staying at my apartment is that my mail builds up and I have good stuff in there by the time I check it :)

..to think sunflower seeds are yummy, but smell so bad

..to be thankful for the ability to cook yummy meals!

..to buy a skirt without having a top that will go with it

..to be thankful for a pool to lounge in on hot summer days

..to be itching for a new EC life planner, but it's only June!

What's OK with you and what are you thankful for this week? Come link up and share!


Julie said...

I'm working hard on my goal for goodreads as well!

Shia said...

I haven't heard of goodreads ... going to check it out!

Thanks for sharing!

♥ Shia

Kiley said...

I can't wait to see youuuu on Sunday!

I have PB at 1:45, btw. so plenty of time!

Your bf is the sweetest. :) And I'm with ya on the planner...I can't justify buying a new one yet! But I neeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd.

Michelle said...

YAY for increasing your reading goal! I was way ahead of schedule and almost at my original 25 book goal already but then I kinda stopped reading but since summer is here I'll have more time! :)

I want the new planner too but mine doesn't end till December so I definitely need to wait!

Cait said...

love your list :) i had to get the new planner and i got it for jan-dec since mine will be up in dec. SO WORTH IT and obvi so excited!

Kristin said...

They just outlawed texting and driving in Alaska. So now it's a challenge to not check email as I'm at red lights. they actually had the first person to get a ticket for it announced on the news. Embarrassing! #firstworldproblems

Meghan said...

I so need an EC planner! I am tempted to get one now that my regular one is up!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Ahhhh I love sunflower seeds!! And seriously it is a challenge to not text & drive. I check my email allllll the time at work, def makes thing better when I have blogger emails!

Candi said...

Oh I like the mashup, I didn't know about it. Maybe next Thursday. Fun!

Amber said...

I know it's horrible, but I also have to work on my txting while driving! I would feel awful if I hurt someone! I seriously have started putting my phone in my purse, in my nephew's carseat so I won't be so tempted!

Claire Kiefer said...

I just ordered my very first EC life planner and I am SO EXCITED.

Also: currently drinking coffee. Can't go on without it.

I'm not into sports this season, but when September gets here, I'm all about some football!!!


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