It's OK Thursday #43

Oh hello! Welcome to It's OK Thursday! :)
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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to hate drinking the coffee at work

..to be a coffee snob because Starbucks tastes so much better

..to use peppermint mocha coffee creamer in May

..to talk too much about coffee ;)

..to count down to your birthday like a kid

..to eat peppermints all day so you don't eat other crap

..to wish you could work as a professional blogger

..to come to work some days and hope your patients cancel

..to procrastinate entirely too long on some things ..to hate taking off your makeup but do it anyway

..to be planning some fun stuff for blogiversary week - anyone wanna donate?! email me!

..to seriously need to go swimsuit shopping but know it'll be depressing

..to hate waking up early to make an airport run but do it anyway because you love your boyfriend

..to put off getting my CPR recertified, ugh

..to wish I played the lottery so I had a chance to win

What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!



Haley W. said...

Omg! I used to do the peppermint thing all the time to keep me from eating, haha. Good to know I'm not the only one ;)

Julie said...

I woke up today with the same thoughts about swimsuit shopping and it depresses me too...but its gotta be done, the pool opens this weekend :)

Cait said...

i love the idea of eating peppermints haah. great idea amber!

Micah said...

I'll donate something to your blogiversary week. :) Probably some Mary Kay products if that's OK. Let me know.

Sara Pierce said...

I totally wish I could be a professional blogger and I hate that I have to take my make up off before bed. It's incredibly annoying!

Rebekah said...

I totally countdown to my birthday. When is yours?? I really hate taking my makeup off before bed. I do it but it's just annoying to do!

Nicole said...

Hey I still am drinking the peppermint Mocha creamer to get me through my Caramel Macchiato cravings! My friend told me though that I could find that type of creamer!

Kiley said...

I just really love and miss you. So. Let me take you on a dinner date with Neely and you can eat all my food!? NO money necessary! haha.

Holly said...

The coffee at work is always disgusting, I don't know why! Thankfully we have a Keurig here so if I forget my coffee or don't have time to make it, I can pop in one of my emergency K cups :)

I'm using York Peppermint Patty creamer now and it tastes like a Peppermint Mocha!! :)

Kelly said...

Gahhh!! I HATE our coffee at our office too. Blech :-P And um... As a high schooler I used to write the countdown # to my birthday on the back of my hand. WHAT a dork!! ;-D

lori said...

i need to go swimsuit shopping too... but its SOO hard to find something that fits good, its so depressing. and my golly, they're SO expensive!

Cynthia Raymond said...

Well I feel the same way on Swimsuit shopping.. I think everyone does! but this week is my first week doing this and I love it!

Leanna Vera said...

I'm not gonna lie, I keep a secret stash of K Cups in my office desk. We're always running out of decent coffee at our office so I always have to bring a back up!

Aubrey S. said...

Coffee, coffee, coffee, COFFEE! =)

You are not alone, friend.

Jessica said...

I use peppermint mocha creamer too!!! I'm addicted to it! It's the only way I can drink non-Starbucks coffee!!! I knew I loved you for a reason ;)

A Babbling Brunette said...

haha I say the lottery thing all the time!!!

Melanie said...

Is it weird that I want to win the lottery SO bad too? If you watch "the lottery changed my life" on TLC, it actually may change your mind lol. :)


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