Amber Lately

Oh hi there! You haven't forgotten about me already, have you? 

I know I've been a little scarce on the blog lately, but I'm back in full force! 

Since I haven't filled you guys in on my life recently, and I got the go ahead from Neely to use this idea for a blog post, it's going to be a random mumble jumble of everything. :) 

My little sister had her birthday celebration a couple weekends ago, and we all stayed in a cabin at a campground for the weekend. It was the most adorable little cabin ever! I could've actually lived there.

Sadly, I got super sick that weekend and wasn't able to party it up with my sister like I had originally planned. What I thought was allergies turned into a severe sinus infection and an ear infection that landed me in the ER and put me out of work for a week. 

What a way to spend your vacation time, huh? 

Anyway, I wasn't going to miss out on the rest of my sister's birthday celebration. So I sucked it up for the most part, and stuck it out and even had a piece of her cake!

Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! Such a pretty cake and she loved the pink icing. 

I've been spending lots of time with my best friend and her little girl. I feel so lucky to have the BEST bff. She knows me way too well, that sometimes it's creepy, ha! And if I loved her kid anymore, I wouldn't have enough for my own kids someday.

Seriously? The kid kills me with cuteness. And those pigtails? I DIE! 

Binky has really been warming up to me and Nate so much more now. It took him a little longer than most dogs because he wasn't a puppy when we got him, and he has trust issues. But lately? The dog follows me around everywhere! He's at the bathroom door when I get outta the shower, he follows me to my room when I get dressed, he wags his tail like a madman when he sees me. 

I. Love. It.

Yes, my dog is a boy. But, this opportunity came up and I just couldn't pass it up. And Nate would like me to inform y'all he had nothing to do with this and is thoroughly embarrassed. HA! 

I finally jumped on the 50 shades bandwagon, and I am glad I did. I feel slightly embarrassed admitting that I am totally into these books. I feel like a perv. If it wasn't so popular, there's no way I'd tell you guys about it, HA! I would feel like a total creep loving these books if so many other people didn't feel the same.

Did y'all see the skit SNL did about this trilogy? Oh my god. Effing hilarious. Go look it up on youtube now. You can thank me later. 

This past weekend was spent at all the festivals in Dallas. Friday night we headed out to Main Street Days, which we go to every year. We met up with some friends, listened to good 80s music, rode rides and had foot long corn dogs. Oh yeah, that's right. 

We also got to play with this crazy thing..

Her name is Ponca, and she's almost a year old. She has CONSTANT energy. The dog never stops, and I am surprised I was able to get this picture. It took many tries because they all looked like a blur.

I love this man so much, but he has no idea how to be normal when I pull out the camera. I even say, smile like a regular person and this is what I get. But.. I wouldn't have it any other way. :) Love my silly boy! 

Saturday, Nate had to work 2 of the festivals, and I skipped out on the first one to go hang out with my mama. I met him at his place later and we headed out to Wildflower Festival where Nate was also working. The perks? Getting an access pass and a drink bracelet. Score!

I've gone to work with Nate and seen him do his magic in the studio.. but going backstage with him and actually seeing him onstage and on the big screen was beyond amazing. I love watching him work, and he's just so damn good at what he does. 

At one of the drink booths, the girl who served me told me that I was just the cutest thing she's ever seen. It totally made my night! I love people like that. :) 

I also got to meet up with Neely this weekend and have some girl time and catch up. The original plan was to grab Starbucks and go for a walk. Instead? We grabbed Starbucks and chatted over coffee, then decided we were going to eat a week's worth of calories at one sitting.

Oh yeah. 

So instead of getting some exercise in, we indulged in this instead. Not the best idea, but totally worth it. 

And, just for a little something funny.. My sister and I always tell each other about the funny pins we find, and she told me she found the perfect one for me.

This is the story of my life, everyday. 

Hope y'all have a great week!



Cait said...

love this Amebr and omg i fully understand the obsessiveness of 50 Shades! I read the first one in about 8 hours and now am running to the store to buy the other 2 (heck i may just buy the trilogy because im enjoying it..(and embarrassed to say it too ha) glad i'm not the only one

Kiley said...

LOL y'all didn't walk?! That's too funny. Love it.

Im glad you had a great weekend! Was the festival fun?

Rebekah said...

So awful that you were so sick! I'm glad you're better! Sometimes it's best to just indulge when you're with friends :) Dylan ALWAYS makes faces when we take pictures!

Lauren said...

Cute pics, your dog is precious!Love the little bow! So obsessed with 50 Shades not even funny haha.

Nichole said...

Binky is the cutest thing ever!! I want him, lol!

Holly said...

Staying in a cabin is a lot of fun! But not getting sick :(

That little girl is sooooo cute!!!

Nicole said...

No wonder you haven't been on here much! My boss just had the same sickness last week and was out the whole week-not that I'm complaining about that though! LOL

I too am a 50 Shades FREAK right now. I just started book 3. I'm glad I jumped on the bandwagon though! I couldn't believe everything everyone was saying about it, and how the sex scenes were intense. Well, I sure found out! My MIL asked me the other day if I'd heard of the books...I was like, "uuuhhhh....yeah?" Now she wants to read them! I warned her though...

Glad you're back and feeling better!

Shelley said...

YUMM those nachos look amazing! I'm jealous of the food and company!!

A Babbling Brunette said...

hahahha that someecard is SOOOO me. In my pjs right now actually! That little girl's dress is adorable too. Oh and those nachos looks amazing. YUM!

Meagan said...

What does Nate do? I wish I could get together with you and Neely! So jealous!

star said...

I read 50 Shades a few weeks ago, and I still can't stop thinking about them! Great books!

Savanah said...

your pup is so cute :) and those nachos look SO good!!!

Meghan said...

I will be starting 50 Shades soon and can't wait! Also, that little girl is SO adorable! I die!

Heather said...

haha, I love the Some ecards! That's been me 95% of the time on maternity leave.

Neely said...

I dont even want to talk about the nachos

Heather said...

I feel like such a creep for reading and loving 50 shades of grey. Good gracious I can't get enough!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That cabin is too cute! I totally agree with you on 50 Shades but it's just soooo good!


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