It's OK Thursday #37

Hey there!

This week has been fairly easy with only 2 days of patients, instead of the normal 4. So for that, I am grateful!

As you know, today is the day for It's OK Thursday with Neely and myself. All you need to do to play along is type up a post similar to mine below, grab the button and come back to link up!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to not answer your phone when you don't feel like talking

..to watch the same exact TV show line-up every. single. day

..to be slightly addicted to Instagram, love!

..to be really down on yourself when you eat more sweets than you should

..to really miss yoga, and want to join a studio that is just strictly for yoga

..but, not also want to spend an arm and a leg for yoga either!

..to leave TV shows you don't care for on when you're reading for background noise

..to baby your dog because he just had oral surgery

..to be a little overly excited when you get a free drink coupon in the mail from Starbucks

..to love when a whole bunch of good stuff comes in the mail at one time instead of spread out

..to not understand why veggies don't taste as good as junk food

..to carefully decide what to buy with gift cards

..to want to buy everything online but not want to pay the shipping

..to get anxious when watching Chopped on Food Network, what if they don't finish in time? Ahhh!

..to feel like you're going to get some seriously good karma

What's OK with you this week? Come link up and share!

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Nikki said...

I baby my dogs regularly no matter what! It's Okay! LOL!


Michelle said...

Veggies should taste as good as junk food! It would make things a whole lot easier!

I love Chopped too! I get nervous with the time as well, even on Cupcake Wars and other timed shows too! HAHA

Micah said...

Ahhh. The shipping one. I hate it when the shipping is almost as much as what I'm actually buying. Grr.

Lindsey said...

"..to not answer your phone when you don't feel like talking"

Um me! And I'm also TOTALLY addicted to Instagram in a bad, bad way!!!

Martha said...

I baby my dog all the time! she's rotten with a capital R!
I don't know how I ever survived life without caller ID because I really hate talking on the phone....in with you there!

Lauren said...

to want to buy everything online but not want to pay the shipping
- this is SO me haha :-)

Meg O. said...

Yeah! Join a yoga studio!! Best thing I did for myself!!!

Rebekah said...

I baby Glenda a lot. I blame it on her daddy being gone :) Ignoring phone calls is perfectly fine!

Nicole said...

I signed up for Instagram awhile ago & I never used it until this week! I have been missing out! I am obsessed now :)

Happy Thursday!

Nicole said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm the SAME WAY with Chopped! Why?!?! it's only a tv show! Sometimes I've found myself clapping for them when they've finished right at the last second...then I'm like, WTF Nicole, get a life! LOL.

Shia said...

I am so bad about checking the mail that by the time I do all the good stuff is in there...new magazines, birch box, etc. I know our mailman hates us...he's probably thinking...I bring it EVERYDAY...so check it EVERYDAY!

♥ Shia

Neely said...

I find a lot of free shipping codes on retailmenot :)

Angie said...

I always enjoy the "It's Okay" posts. I need to link up one day soon :)

I'm the world's worst for not answering my phone. Some days I just have nothing to say!

Can you send some of that good Karma my way? I could use it.

Happy Thursday Friend

lil desiqua said...

Love Instagram! I've had it for awhile, but a lot of my friends were on droids, so they haven't had it until recently. So much more fun now!

I have been known to hold on to my gift cards for upwards of 6 months just waiting to find the perfect thing to spend it on!

Love your OK's!

Heather said...

Bahaha, why doesn't veggies taste as good as junk food? I'd much rather chips than veggies any day of the week.

Kim said...

If only veggies tasted good....

So excited to link up with Its OK for the first time!

E said...

So many comments to leave for you!
1) Do you live in Dallas? I don't remember. But if so, when I'm there, I'm going to "try" a yoga studio and I'm thinking about trying Bikram yoga which I haven't done before. Have you tried it? Anyways, a lot of studios do "new student" pricing for a week or a month at a decent price.
2) I leave the TV on for background noise. I am actually rarely ever paying attention to what I have on.
3) Free drink tickets are awesome! They are dangerous though, because I always get the biggest size possible to take advantage of the free drink.
4) Real mail is so exciting. Especially real FUN mail.
5) Imagine the horrible prices for shipping out to this lonely island. Some places think it's ok to charge an arm and a leg to ship stuff here. It's rude.
6) Chopped makes me anxious, too!

Thanks for the book recommendation, too, lady!

Shelley said...

Who doesn't love getting mail?! :) And free stuff is awesome.

Heather said...

I spend SO much more time picking out something to buy with a gift card than otherwise!


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