Fashion to Figure Review

I was recently contacted by Fashion to Figure and was given the opportunity to pick out an item from their website to review. 

This company has so many cute things to choose from - clothing, jewelry and accessories. 

I knew I wanted to check out their bags, and as I was browsing the accessories I came across the most adorable hot pink clutch that I knew I just had to have! 

I let them know which product I wanted, and it was shipped to me in under 2 weeks in great packaging.

Is this color not fabulous? So much fun, and the perfect hue for Spring, in my opinion. It was a bit bigger than I had expected, but I still love it.

It even came with a linked strap if you wanted to carry it on your shoulder instead of as a clutch in your hand. I like versatile. :)

The inside has all sorts of different pockets, and is pretty large. Lots of room for your going out necessities. 

Overall, I was very pleased with Fashion to Figure. They have exceptional customer service, great products and affordable prices. Can't be beat! :)



Katie said...

Omg-- I love that clutch!! So, so cute!

Lauren said...

Want that clutch super cute :-)

Lindsey said...

I love anything pink!!!! Great pick.

crista81 said...

Very cute - love the color!

Neely said...

So freaking cute!

tara said...

how cute!

Looey Tremblay said...

here for the 1st time great blog..! :) and congratulations it feels really awsum when your hard work pays off.! :)

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