A blissful weekend

Has it really been 2 weeks since I came back to reality from the fabulousness that is Blissdom? Sad day.

I have already blogged about the wisdom I gained from Blissdom, but now? It's time to blog about the FUN that was had while in Nashville. It was one of THE most fun weekends I've evah had!

Well, we arrived Wednesday night so we could go out to dinner and get settled in the hotel before the fun started on Thursday.

We walked into the hotel to this sight:

So amazing, right? The hotel was MASSIVE, like a town in itself. And getting lost happened on a daily or even hourly basis!

Thursday, we woke up and headed to register and get our fabulous swag bags.

Seeing this sign made it seem all so real! While we were in line for registration, we ran into Jenn!

She was SUCH a doll, and I was so excited to meet her. I was also very excited that she was a small person like me. ;)

After walking around and checking things out, we went to the Handmade Marketplace which was basically a live version of Etsy, which was AWESOME. After spending all our money there, we walked around the hotel to find lunch. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from at the Gaylord Opryland, so we had many choices. We ended up going to eat at Stax, a place where you "build your own" burgers. It was pretty good, but a little over-priced.

After lunch, we headed back up to the rooms to get ready for the kick-off reception that night. It was down on the water's edge, and they had provided us with all the fixings for fajitas and chips, hot sauce and queso. It was delish.

We had the Bliss Chicks give us a great party to welcome us to a fun-filled weekend. We sat around, drank, chatted and talked about the fashion of everywhere. We had to head upstairs and get in bed because Neely, Kiley, Meghan and I were getting up the next morning for a 6AM pure barre class. Yes, we worked out on vacation. Call us insane.

The next day was the first day of sessions. We had an amazing opening keynote, where Jon Acuff was a speaker.. hilarious! After hearing him speak while we had some breakfast, we walked around all the sponsor booths set up, and got even more free swag.

First, I just HAD to get a picture with the Lorax who showed up for Blissdom too.

He was so short, I just knew it was actually Danny Devito in there. ;)

Later, Kiley and I had appointments for free manicures offered by the lovely people at Ritani. They did a fabulous job, and my nails still look great!

Later that night, we were scheduled for Girls' Night Out.. which I was SO looking forward to. First, I had plans to meet up with my aunt, uncle and little cousins for dinner. They moved about 30 minutes from Nashville this past summer, and she would've been really upset had I came to town and not seen her. I am her favorite niece after all. ;)

We had a great dinner, but I was sad to leave them. It's not very often we get to see each other, but I am grateful for the time we did have.

After dinner, they dropped me back off at the hotel where I met the girls in the ballroom for the Girls' Night Out where I was super excited to see that Wine Sisterhood was sponsoring the event.

This event was so fun. We all got dolled up and enjoyed MANY glasses of wine. Danced around, snacked on delicious food. I wish we could have Girls' Night Out at Blissdom like once a month!

Joe Jonas was performing for us that night. I wasn't super excited, I didn't really know any of his songs, so I just figured I'd dance around with the girls and enjoy the show...

...until he came on stage. Do you know how beautiful he is? Well, I saw him up close and personal and I know that he is a hot piece. I decided I must touch him, so I go reach my hand up to the stage while he's teasing all the girls, he reaches down to hold my hand, and someone spilled their glass of wine all over me.

Yeah, luckily it was white wine, not red. I didn't care though, Joe Jonas held my hand & we totally had a moment.

By the way, I wasn't the ONLY person who suddenly turned into a boy crazy 14 year old when he came on stage.. ;)

They announced after he was done performing that he would be doing meet & greets and taking pictures with people who were interested. I was definitely interested. Kiley and I headed over to wait in line.

After that, the one & only Rascal Flatts were performing. This I was excited about because I actually was able to sing along to their songs. HA! They also had a meet & greet, but by the time I headed over to the line, they were closing up shop. :(

After the performance, we were all pretty exhausted and buzzed from the drinks and dancing.

The next day, Kiley and I spent the morning in the hotel spa and it was amazing. We initially went in for massages, but they were booked for the day on those. They asked if we'd like facials instead, and we went for it. Let me just say that I learned A LOT about my skin, and the products I've been using. Afterwards, I felt so pretty, like my skin was glowing. We didn't even go back up to the room to re-apply makeup before heading to lunch.

Lunch was sponsored by Centrum, and it was so delicious. We had pecan-crusted chicken, veggies, a salad and raspberry sorbet for dessert. While we ate, we were serenaded by Chris Mann. If you watch The Voice, you already know who I'm talking about.. the opera guy. ;)

Afterwards, while we were in the hallway of the ballroom waiting on the closing keynote, we saw that Chris Mann was doing photos with people. Meeting more famous people? Sign me up!

After the closing keynote, we headed out for dinner which landed us in downtown Nashville which was QUITE the adventure. I was super sad the weekend was ending, but we headed back for Girls' Night In in our jammies for a little last of the fun before we had to wake up before dawn the next morning to head back to Texas!

It was such an amazing time, and if you're considering next year - think no more, just GO! There's no decision to be made. It was life-changing, and I know I'll be there again. :)


Cait said...

omg that sounds sooooo awesome. i def want to try and go next year :) what a great oppt amber and i love all the pics!

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I'm so jealous. It looks like soooo much fun. I could've totally drove to Nashville too. I bet the one next year will be far away from me :(

Annabelle said...

I love Nashville! And to have Blissdom there at the same time would have been AH MAY ZING!!!!

Life With Lauren said...

Oh my goodness it looks like you had an amazing time!

Lauren said...

Joe Jonas... swoon.

AND. You were in Nashville and didn't tell me?!
It's like, next door to Knoxville, pretty much.

Looks like you had fun, though!! Love Nashville!

Lauren said...

That hotel looks quite amazing! I am super jealous you got to see those awesome concerts and the entire weekend looks like a blast!! :-)

Amber in South Carolina said...

My friends and I took a trip to Nashville waayyyy back in 2003 and I loved Opryland. That hotel was so awesome! We took a ride on the little lazy river thing that takes like 2 minutes but there was a wedding going on at the time and I just remember thinking how gorgeous it was!

Nicole said...

What an amazing, fun trip! I am going to Nash in July for work, and we're staying at the same hotel-glad I was able to see what I'm in for-looks amazing! I don't know any Joe Jonas songs either, but I agree, he is one hot piece! I've always wanted to hear Rascal Flatts cause I love their music. Were they good in person? I also really like Chris Mann-I've actually started watching the Voice this season and DAMN-he is good! Looks like a great trip overall!

Life Happens said...

Wow, looks like it was fabulous!!

Meghan said...

Dude. I look like such a tool in that last picture. Ha!

Ashley said...

Oh, that was such a great time! I'm ready to go back now! :)

Emily said...

Every Blissdom post I see makes me more & more determined to get there next year! It looks like y'all had an amazing time, thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

Wow, I had no idea that Blissdom was so huge!! I want to go next year!!

Becca Christensen said...

I love that blue dress!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Totally jealous! It sounds like it was an amazing time!!!


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