Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 8

Happy hump day y'all. Can you believe this challenge is already more than half way over?! Sad day!

I want to say thanks to everyone who has linked up, we LOVE having you here to have fun with us. :)

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Valentine’s Day Challenge

Day {EIGHT} Love Myself (favorite feature, best quality, best personality trait, etc.)

My favorite physical feature about myself I'd have to say is my eyes. I have green eyes, and I just LOVE them. When I wear green, they stand out even more. :)

My favorite non-physical trait about myself, is that I truly care about people. Even strangers. I care about people's well-being and I want everyone to be "okay". I'd save everyone from their hurt in the world, if I could.

I also want to make everyone's day. I will go out of my way to hold open a door for a stranger, or compliment someone on their shoes/outfit. Anything to make someone smile or happy even just for a second makes me feel so good!

I asked Nate to tell me what one of his favorite things was about me, and he said that I am a good cook. ;) Smart guy! I have made him my guinea pig. I make him be the taste tester for any new recipe I try, so I guess I am doing something right!

What do you love about yourself? Come link up and share with us!


lori said...

good answers! i think mine would be very similar! my hubs always tells me that i would help everyone if i could... and its so true. i hate to see people in need or hurting.

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I make my hubby try everything I make when I cook, even if it is something just for him.

Angel said...

Aww you are so sweet! I love helping people too! When I asked Kensei what my best features were he said that I was ditzy and could never remember things so I always lose arguments. I am having so much fun with the link up!

Cait said...

good answers girl :) xox

Casey said...

Wanting to help people is the best quality for a nurse to have...you're going to make a wonderful one :) xo

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Love it girl, good stuff :-)


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