Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 3

Happy hump day, woo hoo!

Thanks to everyone who has been linking up with us for the valentine challenge. It's fun, right? :)

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Valentine’s Day Challenge

Day {THREE} Love My Outfit - Valentine's Day Outfits

I love getting all pretty for Valentine's Day, and I always try and incorporate red or pink into my outfit.

For some reason, I can't any pics of us from this past Valentine's Day, so you just get 2010 and 2009. :)

This was our very first V-day together in 2009. I know you can't really see my outfit, but it's a gray and black strapless dress. I think I wore red heels. I can't remember! :-/

Here we are before dinner, V-day 2010. I LOVE this dress, and got it on the cheap too, which is always the best.

After dinner, we came home and changed into jammies and had more wine. :)

What do y'all wear on V-day? Come link up with us!


Julie said...

Cute dresses!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Love the outfits, I love getting all dressed up too :-)

Emily said...

Love the outfits, but love jammies & wine with the boy even more!

Tiffany said...

Oh, that dress is so pretty! And y'all are so cute in your jammies! =)

Jamie said...


Meg O. said...

I'm thinking this year is a "jammies" Valentine's Day year for us! Good call :) You look so cute.

Casey said...

You both look adorable!

meghan said...

Ohhh jammies. Sometimes more fun than getting dressed up at all. It's nice to be able to relax together.


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