Blissdom Wisdom

As most of you already know (because I've been talking about it non-stop), I ventured to Nashville, TN this past weekend for the Blissdom blogging conference.


While there, I learned SO much more than I ever expected to learn. I left each session I attended with so much more and even confidence for my lil' blog.

I'd like to share some of the slivers of wisdom I was able to retain while at the conference.

"Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle."

This was said by the ever so smart and hilariously entertaining, Jon Acuff during the opening keynote. I think this quote really stuck with a lot of people. After he said it, twitter blew up quoting him. It really hit home for me, and so many others. We, as bloggers, constantly look at other "bigger" blogs and wonder why we can't be in the same place they are. We never think that they were once at the same spot we're in now. We've all been in the same position. We need to quit comparing ourselves to others, and know that we're all different, NOT the same.

"By realizing your life is a sum of choices, you are empowered!"

The first session I attended at Blissdom was Living & Embracing the Best Life for Yourself ran by the incredibly talented Jeannette Kaplun. She made me realize that we control the way we feel in our lives. We have the power to make the choices to be happy and embrace life. She asks us to embraces the choices we've made, forgive ourselves for bad choices we've made or things we had no control over. Also, we need to live in the moment, and not worry. Worrying is useless and a total waste of energy.

"You're a writer when YOU say you are, screw everybody else."

My favorite session, How to Fall Back in Love with Writing & Create your Best Work Yet, was conducted by the very inspiring Jeff Goins. He taught us that in order to do our best work as a writer, we have to first believe in ourselves. To become a writer, the first step is to say it outloud - I'm a writer! All of us are writers. We writer about the stories of our lives. The best thing we can do for our blogs is to stop writing for the approval of others, and start writing for ourselves. Simple as that.

Again, I never imagined I'd leave Blissdom with so much knowledge. I felt inspired, overwhelmed and emotional all weekend long. I can definitely say that this has been a life-changing experience for myself AND my blog. I can't wait until next year!

Be on the lookout for the fun post of crazy times (oh, and we had plenty!) at Blissdom.

Also, I'm guest posting over at Neely's blog today, sharing my 5 DOs and a DON'T. Go check it out!


Micah said...

Sounds like you learned some great stuff. I am definitely putting it on my calendar for next year.

Ashlee Miller said...

Jon Acuff is AMAZING! I got to see him in person at a conference I went to last July and got to meet him. I can't begin to say how gifted he is at public speaking!

Becca Christensen said...

So glad that Blissdom went so well...wish I was there. Hey, maybe I will be sometime soon. ;]

Emily said...

I'm gonna have to get a crew of girls that I can go with & get there next year, it all sounds so amazingly inspiring!

Nicole said...

I've been struggling with the whole "you're a writer when you say you are" thing. I feel like sometimes I HAVE to have a blog post for the day, which takes all of the fun out of it!

Trish said...

That bit about being a writer when you say you are really hit home for me. I love to write, but I question whether I'm actually any good at it ALL the time. I do think part of it has to do with writing blogs in the past that weren't true to who I am. It's a lot better now that I feel like I've found my niche.

Erica said...

I really enjoyed this post being that I am brand spankin new to blogging. I especially liked the part about being a writer when you say you are as this hit home for me. I stopped writing to focus more on grad school and now that I'm going to graduate in May I am coming back to writing things just for me!

tara said...

sounds like a really amazing conference to attend! loved reading everyone's tweets during the sessions!

Meghan said...

I loved Jon Acuff and I have probably repeated that line 27 times since I've been home! Love you girl!

Bethany said...

This sounds like such a fantastic weekend!!!

meghan said...

I love this post, Amber! I really wish I could have made it to Blissdom, especially since it was in Nash!! Glad it was fun!

Keep Shining,

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like it was totally worth going to! Glad you had a great time!


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