Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 10

Welcome to the last day of our Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge!

Thanks again to all who linked up, played along and enjoyed themselves these past 2 weeks. You guys rock! :)

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day {TEN} Thanksgiving memories

The most recent (and funniest) is last year's Thanksgiving.

My little sister and I were determined to make Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves.

We went out, got the turkey and all the ingredients for the yummy sides and pies too.

We already prepared ourselves for that morning, knowing it would be a stressful one, by having a couple of bottles of wine on hand. Some may have said this was a big mistake. ;)

Our first attempt at Thanksgiving dinner saw many spills, forgotten ingredients which resulted in a quick run to the store, and lessons learned in making pumpkin pie.

By the time we sat down to eat, I had already had WAY too much wine. I was what you may call drunk by then. I knocked over the salt, needed a nap, and started laughing mid-prayer. Oops!

All in all though, it was successful because it was yummy, we were together as a family, and it's a great memory to remember. My family now has a funny story to tell because they still haven't let me live that one down! ;)

Please share your favorite Thanksgiving memory with us by linking up with us!



It's OK Thursday #9

Welcome to It's OK Thursday, otherwise known as the best blogging day of the week!

In my opinion, of course. ;)

You guys know the drill. Grab the button, write up your post and come back here to link it up!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to feel your best when your apartment is clean

..to consider a kid's birthday party the best form of birth control

..to have an online cart full of stuff that you haven't clicked "check out" on yet

..to feel like your recent re-enrollment to ebay is going to get you in some trouble

..to have the urge to bake something, almost every night

..to wait until the last minute to do a school project

..to get overly excited about a package in the mail because you had forgotten about it

..to wash your hands more than normal to try and finish off your current soap so you can put out the fall scented one :)

..to have a certain number of things on my list each week #ocdmuch?

..to try and con your boyfriend into doing something he doesn't particularly feel like doing because, "but babe, it's going to be our anniversary weekend"

..to be happy you don't live in the tiny town you grew up in anymore

..to save new clothes for a certain occasion

..to feel relieved when your posts are typed up a week in advance so that you can focus more on homework in the evenings

..to have some of your favorite blogs URLs memorized

..to flip out when your phone dies.. whatever will I do without my constant twitter updates?!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 9

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Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day {NINE} Favorite football pastimes

Well, I'm not HUGE into football watching, mainly because I don't understand all of the rules and it annoys me to not know what's going on. ;)

Nate never misses a Tech game though, so I'm always watching those with him. It's so fun watching him get into it. He's so passionate about it, and I love watching him get all riled up about it.

We occasionally will have watch parties with friends, and that's always a blast of course! Football, food and friends? What more could you want?!

How do y'all show your football spirit?


Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 8

Happy hump day girls!

Thanks so much to all who're linking up with us for the challenge. Hope you're having fun!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day {EIGHT} Fall travel/road trips

This year I'm very excited for a road trip we'll be taking. We're going to make the trip to Lubbock for a football game! I can't wait. :)

Since I started dating Nate, we don't miss a televised game. We haven't been to an actual game together though, so it'll be so much fun!

Us at the Tech/Baylor game at Cowboys Stadium

In fall of '09 we took a road trip to Kentucky to attend my aunt's wedding. It was our first road trip together, so it was a blast.

Where are you guys going this year?


Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 6

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

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Fabulous Fall Blog ChallengeBold

Day {SIX} Fall TV Shows (new or returning)

Hands down, GREY'S ANATOMY is the main thing I'm excited about being back on TV. It's my faaave show & I live for watching it. Dramatic, much? ;)

I'm also excited about some shows that Nate & I both enjoy that he'll DVR at his place so I can watch at a later time. :)

We love Modern Family, hilarious!

Also, Nate got me hooked on The League last year. I totally thought I was going to hate it, but it is seriously hysterical!

I would be excited about The Office too, but since Michael Scott is gone.. I'm not as interested anymore. It just won't be the same. Sad day :(

All images via google images

What shows are you guys most looking forward to this year?


Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 5

Happy friday lovelies! Thanks so much for playing with us this week for our fall challenge. We hope that you'll be back next week too! :)

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day {FIVE} Things you are looking forward to for fall

-Most definitely the cooler temps. It gets HOT in Texas, y'all!

-Cuddling up in sweats and a hoodie, nothing beats it!

-Hot coffee drinks - I usually get iced when it's hot out

-All the delicious comfort food that comes with the weather :)

-The pretty colors that change outside


-Darker nail polish for mani/pedi time

-Mine & Nate's anniversary ;)

-Texas State Fair - if you've never been, you're missing out!

What do you guys look most forward to now that fall is fast approaching?


It's OK Thursday #8

Hiiiii everyone! :) Last week Neely & I got the most link-ups that we've had since we started "It's OK Thursday"! That's awesome, and we appreciate you all for LOVING this link-up so much. :)

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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to be super thankful you're hosting a challenge. It means your blog topics are already written out. Makes posting a cinch!

..to be forcing yourself to get through a book that doesn't interest you much, because you already spent your money on it

..to love using your heating pad (what am I, 80 years old?!)

..to LOATHE flu season with a passion

..to feel accomplished on your workiversary

..to still have your myspace account because you love your playlist

..to mess things up so you'll have something to organize

..to consult Pinterest before making your grocery list

..to be excited for your best friend's daughter's 6th birthday party

..to sometimes ruin your healthy salad by putting too much dressing on it

..to be totally excited to see Journey, but be preparing yourself for the fact that you'll probably be the youngest person there

..to freak out and text your boyfriend to be careful driving when it starts storming

..to be a little sad when you actually receive packages you've been waiting on in the mail because now what will you look forward to?

..to really wish you had cable sometimes, but other times be glad that you don't

..to think that no one else's bed could possibly be as comfy as yours is


Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of our Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge!

Thanks to everyone who is playing along, we hope you guys are having as much fun with it as we are. :)

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day {THREE} What do you do for Halloween/a Halloween memory

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween, but I haven't the past 2 years. I've been trying to talk Nate into dressing up with me.. so we'll see this year.

If I dress up, I usually go to a Halloween party or out somewhere so I can show off my costume.

2008 - Bumblebee

2006 - Oompa Loompa

It's hard to see.. but I was a cop.

What do you guys do for Halloween? Grab our button, tell us and link up!


Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 2

Hey ladies! Welcome to Day 2 of our challenge!

Thanks to all of you who linked up yesterday. Y'all are awesome!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day {TWO} Fall clothes/trends/makeup

I love bringing out my cardigans, scarves, comfy sweats, cozy socks and my favorite cold weather jacket.

Oh wait, that's NATE wearing my favorite jacket. ;)

Cute, colorful and cozy socks..

My daddy and myself wearing one of my fave scarves.

As for my makeup, not much changes. I'm very low maintenance when it comes to my face. I may add a few darker eyeshadows in the mix, but that's about it besides my normal mascara and eyeliner.

What are your fall trends? Come link up with us!


Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 1

Hey Y'all! Welcome to mine & Neely's Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge!

We've got topics every day for 2 weeks to welcome fall's arrival. So play along and link up with us!

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Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day {ONE} Fall Traditions

Partaking in Starbucks' PSL drinks as often as possible

Enjoying my mama's pumpkin bread

Texas Tech/UT Watch Party with friends

All images via google images

What are your fall traditions?! Come link up!


It's OK Thursday #7

Top o' the morning to ya!

I don't know why I said that.. I'm not even Irish! Just seemed fun. :)

Thanks so much for linking up with us & making this a successful link up. Y'all don't know how much it means to us! :)

So.. you know what to do. Type up your post, grab our button for your post & come back to link it up!

Have fun!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

..to already be planning what you're going to write in your Erin Condren planner

..to get a little bored in your Spanish class because it's basically a review of what you had forgotten from high school

..to clean out the receipts from your purse before you do a "what's in my bag?" post ;) oops, secret's out!

..to have serious anxiety over being able to balance school, work, homework, reading for fun, having a social life and blogging

..to wanna smack your co-workers who say they don't have "time" to help you when all they do is sit on their ass and file their nails while you have zero time to sit down during the day

..to take showers at night during the week so that you'll have an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning

..to jump on the bandwagon when you see bloggers post about awesome purchases

..to really want to have guest posters on the blog (never done it before) but have no reason to do it at the moment

..to feel totally out of the loop because you can't check twitter much while you're at work

..to stop at Sonic for a Coke Zero on your way to class

..to wonder what in the world people were thinking when they woke up and dressed themselves that morning

..to search for recipes that you already have the ingredients for so that you don't have to go to the grocery store

..to feel sad when you see a giveaway for something that you already own

..to feel like you hit the lottery when you win a giveaway

..to be totally drained by the end of the week that you crash by 10 or 11 on Friday nights


The "Forgiven" List

Nate and I have our "lists" of celebrities who we'd have relations with if given the opportunity. ;)

If said opportunities were ever to arise, we'd automatically forgive one another because the celebrity is on our "list".

Well, Nate said he'd forgive me if I got a chunk of change before leaving the sack. HA!

On my list, I have many gorgeous, knock my socks off men. But just to name a few..

Woody Harrelson - don't judge me! He just does something for me that I can't explain!

Ryan Gosling - obvious reasons that I don't even have to explain!

Bradley Cooper - I can handle a man with a cocky attitude..

Now that you're all DROOLING..

Nate's got some pretty cute girls on his list, I guess! ;)

Malin Akerman - I like that she seems sweet & down to earth, and I hate her for being able to pull off any hair color she wants!

Olivia Wilde - Maxim's Hottest Woman which is clearly why he's obsessed with her. Oh, and he likes her in House too.

Anne Hathaway - he likes that she's not all made up, she looks like a natural, girl next door type.

Pretty reasonable, yes?

Do you and your significant other have similar lists?


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