Double Whammy Post!

Today, I'm going to do 2 posts in one.. so hold tight!

First up, I'm linking with the oh so sweet Meghan for her Top 5 Thursdays. The topic this week is VACAY spots!

Here are mine (in no specific order, I just can't choose!)

1. Italy

I'm Italian, and have always dreamed of going and visiting the country, and of course enjoying that fabulous food!

2. New York City

I've never been before, and would LOVE to go for New Year's Eve. I'm sure the city would be jam packed, but all the more fun! :)

3. Bahamas

I'm like a fish outta water. I love anything tropical, and could live by the sand with a drink in hand!

4. London

I've always had a thing for those accents ;)

5. Las Vegas

Go ahead, make fun. Pick on me for being "sheltered". I'm aware that I'm the only person in America that's never been to Vegas.

Are you done laughing at me? Okay good.

Now, on to the Jiggle Challenge!

Weight Loss Challenge

This week I lost 2.5 lbs!

I was shocked! I thought with all the Easter goodies, I wouldn't lose the most that I've lost the whole challenge, but I did it.

You can imagine that I was pretty pleased. :)

So, that's a total of 3.5 lbs since beginning the challenge. Yay!


WILW - Not a typical Wednesday!


- that I was one of 3 lucky winners of
Michelle's giveaway, and soon I will be the owner of a fabulous SHINE necklace!

- that the Dallas Blog Meetup is 2 days away, ahhh! (Who's ready for me to stop reminding you all of this?!) ;) I am giddy like a schoolgirl! I need a girls' weekend like you wouldn't believe!

- dinner with Nate at my place tonight. Making my famous beef stew, at his request!

- Friday is my half day this week at work! Which is a nice change from Thursday, but it's a weird change too..

- Easter candy. Enough said!

- Savannah, GA trip is only in 2.5 more weeks!!!


Young & Awkward

Okay, last week Neely had this fabulous idea to scan some old school pictures and post them on her blog.. pretty legit, right?

We all love going through old pics.. I know I can do it for hours. She added a linky to it, so that we can all embarrass ourselves!! :)

Here goes nothing..

Grubbin' down on what looks like a mushy mess - 1 year old

Tell me, how can you resist this face? - 2 years old

Struggling to hold up my chunky baby sis! - 2.5 years old

Just another day at the zoo - 3 years old (luckily my Mom didn't catch the moment I got my head stuck in the flamingo bars, yes that's a true story!)

I'm embarrassed to say that I had a Garfield nightgown - 3.5 years old

Oh drill team days, how I loved you! - 7 years old

My Nana with all her grandchildren (at the time) - 8 years old

4th grade cheerleading!

Us on one of our vacations with our grandparents - 11 years old

Sophomore Luau Dance - why did I put a lei around my head? God only knows!

I was blonde at one time, it was VERY short lived. Yuck!

My junior prom. Best. Prom. Ever. Loved my dress and hair. Everything was perfect!

My senior prom, where I was also prom queen.

One of my LAME senior pictures.

Fall '05 - "Always Classy, Never Trashy!" ;)

Oh house parties, they just aren't what they used to be anymore!

Don't be afraid to link up ladies! :)


Weight Loss Challenge Week: 3

Weight Loss Challenge

I have a confession to make.

I slacked on exercising this week.

I ate my weight in Italian food on 2 different occasions this week.

BUT I drank a lot of water. Does that count for something?

Needless to say, when I hopped on the scale this morning, I just KNEW that I was going to have gained. I was mentally prepared for it, but was going to hate to have to break the news to you guys.

My alarm went off and before I got in the shower, I stripped down (hey, we all weigh naked!) and I had lost 0.5 pounds.. AGAIN!

So, I'm down 1 pound total. I know last week, I was disappointed with half a pound, but that's because I busted my ass trying to lose it. This week, I was shocked I lost anything, so I'm happy with it.

I promise I'll do MUCH better. I feel better when I do good, and it's a better support system when I do good. :)

The end!

P.S. Go enter my lovely friend Heather's giveaway!

She hit 100 followers, and it's full of fun, girly things that we all LOVE! Go check it out!



I'm LOVING.. that my favorite patient is coming in today! Always makes my day when the happy, pleasant ones come in for a visit. :)

I'm LOVING.. Bath & Body Works Mango Margarita foaming hand soap. I bought it a while back, along with a ton others, but just now put it out on my sink, and it smells amazing!
I'm LOVING.. that I get to meet so many of you fabulous bloggers in just 9 short days!

I'm LOVING.. that I've been sleeping through the night lately. Could it be that I've been having to take a Benadryl before bed? Probably, but either way, it helps with sleep!

I'm LOVING.. that now that I have the internet at home, I can actually catch up on blogs, and not feel guilty that I am so behind!

What are you guys LOVING today?

Happy Hump Day friends!


GTKY Sunday!

1. what's something you've eaten and liked, but didn't think you would?
Hummus. I didn't think I would like it because of the texture, but the first time I tried it, I loooved it.

2. plastic surgery..yay or nay?
Mmm, I don't think so. Too many risks, but after I have bebes, maybe I'll think differently.

3. 2 things you love about spring are.....?
Wearing my sundresses and strapless tops AND laying out :)

4. when's the last time you went on a picnic?
I can't even remember.. that would be fun though, I even have a really cute picnic basket to use!

5. what's your favorite app?
I use my twitter app the most, and also Words With Friends, of course.
6. who does the grocery shopping in your house?
Considering I live alone, I do it ALL :)

7. would you rather take a spin class or zumba?
I've done both, and I like zumba better, because spin leaves me sore and walking funny for like a freakin' week. Ridiculous.

8. how often do you go out to dinner?
More often than I should, especially when Nate and I are together on the weekends. We'd save a lot more money if we would stay in more, but eating out is more fun, right?!


Tattoo Re-do

On Thursday, it started out like any other typical day.

I woke up and went to work. After work, I was planning on coming home to get laundry done and get a run in.

My sister text me while I was at work and asked what my plans were when I left work, and I let her know. She said she wanted to take me to eat since Gloria's was having 25 cent margs (yes, I'm so serious) and she wanted me to go with her to get her most recent tattoo added to.

I agreed to go with.

After lunch, we headed over to the tattoo shop. She ended up not getting her tattoo added to, she got a whole NEW tattoo. It's really cute, and she loves it. So that's important.

While we were there, I mentioned that I needed to get my biggest regret (my tramp stamp) fixed. She said I should. Well, I didn't really have the money to do it. Casey said if I did her taxes for her, she'd pay for my tattoo.

Well, hell yeah. I took her up on the offer. I've had the tattoo for 7 years and have YET to get it fixed. If I didn't do it now, I probably wasn't going to.

Let me give you the back story.

When I was 17, I badly wanted a tattoo. A lot of my friends were 18, and were getting tattoos, so I wanted one too. My parents wouldn't sign for me to get one, so I found a way to get one of my own.

A friend of mine had a brother-in-law who supposedly used to own a tattoo parlor, and he said that if a went to his parents place and picked up a TV that belonged to him and brought it to his place, he'd do my tattoo for me for free and not worry about my age.

Sketchy, yes. But I was 17, so I didn't worry about it otherwise. Dumb, I know.

Well, he ended up not really knowing what he was doing, I got an awful infection and couldn't walk for a good month or so. It was a horrible experience and let's just say that my lesson was definitely learned.

7 years later, I finally got it fixed and here are the results, my friends!

I'm SO incredibly happy with the results. The artist did an amazing job fixing what he could, and I finally got color.

Isn't it awesome how different a tattoo can change?!


Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2

Weight Loss Challenge

Okay, so this week for exercise I have been doing the C25K program and a Walk/Kick at home video which consists of aerobic walking and beginning kickboxing.

I have modified my diet to 1200 calories a day. And since starting the challenge, I actually haven't even hit my 1200. My fitness pal tells me each day I'm going to go into starvation mode. I guess I need to eat dessert more often? I'm not starving myself. I get full at each meal, so I don't know.

Anyway, the final outcome is......

I lost 0.5 pounds. Only half a pound.

I was a bit disappointed when I got on the scale this morning. I expected more. I am an over-achiever, but still.. I guess I'll just shoot for more next week! :)



I'm LOVING.. that my work day is OVAH! Well, I'm technically still at work, but no more patients. Now, just waiting to go home. :) I'm LOVING.. that Nate is coming over for dinner tonight, and I'm making tacos.. at his request! Love this boy! I'm LOVING.. that the Dallas blogger meetup is 2.5 weeks away! SO freakin' excited! I sure wish my lovely Houston blog friends would come up for it.. hint hint ;) I'm LOVING.. that I finally have internet at my apartment. Yes, I'm THAT behind in the world. I'm LOVING.. that I've actually been counting my calories this week, and it's a lot easier than I thought. What are you guys LOVING?!


Another Monday in the books!

Hello blog friends!

Sorry I've been a little absent.. had a busy weekend. Nate and I went to his parents' place to help them clean out their attic, which meant him and his step brother found their childhood toys. So basically we played all day. :)

Yes, that would be my boyfriend. With a ghostbusters' proton pack.

And, now he's hosing down the slip n' slide for his step-brother.

Quite amusing.

His mom and I had a good time just laughing and taking pictures of them while they reminisced over everything.

How was your guys' weekend? Anything exciting happen to anyone?

Mingle 240

P.S. My super awesome friend Neely is having an AMAZING giveaway, and you'd pretty much be crazy if you didn't go enter!! So what are you waiting on, get over there and enter!


Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1

Okay, I'm doing it. I'm linking up with one of my fave blog friends, Lindsey and Rachel for their 8 week long weight loss challenge.

I struggled with whether or not to link up because I'm afraid I won't lose any, and I'll disappoint myself and the other girls linking up, but I decided to go ahead and do it.

If I don't lose any, I'll at least be here for support for you guys! :)

So, here goes nothing!

Weight Loss Challenge

Back in high school, I never had to watch my weight. Mainly because I ran cross country, played tennis and was a cheerleader. I didn't even have to watch what I ate. My best friend and I would go to Sonic for cheeseburgers and fries every day after school. Now, I can't even look at a cheeseburger without gaining an ounce.

I know by being more active, it'll definitely help. So, that's my plan!

So, according to the myfitnesspal BMI calculator the healthy weight range for someone my height, 4'11" is between 92 and 124 pounds.

My goal:
Goal weight is 110 pounds.
This week I am currently at 130 pounds. This means I need to lose 20 pounds. I can do this!

My fitness plan:

I will be doing the Couch to 5k program 3 times a week, yoga and pilates at my gym. I do have the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD, but last time I attempted that, I thought I was going to die, and was so sore I couldn't move for days. Any tips anyone?

My eating plan:

I hate diets. I never stick to them, but when I go for groceries, I never buy anything that's terribly UN-healthy either. I already drink water in place of soda, but I do plan to stop eating after 7 or 8 at night. I also plan to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet.

I have the myfitnesspal app on my phone, and will hopefully be using that more to count my calories!

I'd love to offer support and motivation for anyone doing the challenge. So let's email or gchat! amber.willmon@gmail.com


In case you wanna be my BFF..

So, the lovely ladies of the DBM blog decided we should all do a post of what we should know ahead of time about each other. Ya know, to get to know one another.

I love doing stuff like this. Narcissistic much? Maybe! ;) What?! I like talking about myself!

So, if you're attending the DBM, write up your post and go link up at Jenn's blog!

All you need to know about me, in order to be my BFF:

I was born and raised in Texas, and after years of trying not to sound like I'm from the south, I've finally learned to embrace it.

I'm from the smallest town on the map. Hell, it may not even be on the map. My graduating class had 20 people in it. Go ahead, laugh. Everyone else does.

I moved to Dallas a year and a half after I graduated and haven't looked back! :)

My parents didn't divorce until my senior year of high school, but are now the best of friends.

I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who I love more than life itself.

I met my boyfriend online, when neither of us were looking for anything serious. We've been together for 2.5 years.

I think cigarette smoke is the worst smell in the world.

I'm the world's pickiest eater. Mainly because I don't like foods based on their texture.

If it was socially acceptable, I'd never wear anything but yoga pants and flip flops, even formal occasions.

I live alone, and hate every second of it. Wanna come hang out?

My favorite color is RED!

My favorite food is Italian, with Mexican coming in at a VERY close second.

I drink wine and coffee like it's water.

I'm not very outdoorsy. My friends tell me that I'm spoiled by "fake air" because I prefer the A/C over fresh air, HA!

I think that honey mustard is the perfect condiment for anything, oh and ketchup too!

Ranch is disgusting. I'm aware that I may lose some followers for that comment. ;)

Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show, that is currently on air. My past fave shows include Will & Grace and Friends.

I think cheesecake is the most amazing thing that man ever created.

Well, if I keep talking, what are we going to talk about at the meet-up?!


What I'm LOVING Wednesday

I'm LOVING.. that the boyfriend and I are headed to spend the weekend with his parents. I love hanging out with his mom. :) I'm LOVING.. that the DBM is coming up so FAST! Can't wait to meet everyone!! Don't forget to go check out the DBM blog for all the details if you're attending. I'm LOVING.. that when I get off work today, I'm going grocery shopping. Lame, I know. I'm one of those people who loves to grocery shop. Plus, I'm so low on food that it's to the point where I'm eating pizza rolls for DINNER instead of a snack, pathetic. I'm LOVING.. that Neely and I are having dinner tomorrow night at Mi Cocina. Yummy! I'm LOVING.. the newest trailer for Hangover 2, seriously could Memorial Day come any sooner?! I'm LOVING.. all the friends I've made from blogging. I know we all say it, but I didn't imagine I'd actually make friends by starting a blog. :)


GTKY Sunday

1. do you weigh yourself?
obsessively. every single morning when i get to work. annnd the boyfriend's mom just had an extra scale that she asked if i wanted, and i took it. so now i foresee myself doing it more often.

2. what's the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?
oh lots, i'm sure. i'm a very picky eater, so there's a ton of food that i've tried and HATED. i'll try any food, but 9 times out of 10, i'm going to hate it.

3. snail mail or email?
i usually email, but i definitely prefer getting some good old fashioned snail mail :)

4. do you have any irrational fears...what are they?
my biggest fear is clowns. a lot of people find this irrational, it's not to me though. i'm also afraid that someone is going to be hiding in my backseat or lying in my shower to kill me. i scare myself more than anything most times.

5. do you play an instrument?
nope. i'm not musically inclined at all. i'd love to learn the piano though.

6. would you rather be bitten by a snake or attacked by a bear?
um, neither. thanks though!

7. do you ever go braless in public?
i'm not exactly built for that, although it would be nice. bras are so inconvenient, no?

8. today i am thankful for........................?
a lazy day with the boyfriend. we went and had lunch and made a trip to the pet store where i longed for a puppy, and he told me no at each one, like always. :)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! It closes at 11:59 pm CST tonight!!!

Blogger Birthday!

As I'm sure many of you know, since you were following my tweets last night, I was in attendance at Neely's birthday party.

Be sure and head over to her blog and wish her a very happy birthday!! :)

I had a blast, and had a few more drinks than I had planned on. Luckily, my boyfriend was there to stop me when he knew I had reached my limit. He said I was getting that "lost" look in my eyes. What does that even mean?!

I didn't take as many pics last night as I had planned, sad day :( You guys saw the ones I posted on twitter of course! ;) And here's a couple I got on my camera..

Kelsey, myself & the birthday girl!

Me & my super hot boyfriend. Notice the couple behind us making a baby? Yeah, it was only like 11pm, and they were already beyond drunk.. they were making out hardcore all night. Quite the scene for everyone! ;)

All in all, I think it was a pretty successful night. There were a lot of people in there to celebrate the birthday girl, and she seemed to be having a lot of fun! :)


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