Tasteful Thursday

It's my first time to link up with Kerbi for Tasteful Thursday, and if you want to learn new and exciting recipes, you should head over to her blog and link up too! :)

Okay, so I REALLY like to cook.. I think it's a rewarding thing for me. I like when people say how much they like it. It's an ego boost or something. However, I'm not creative enough to come up with my own recipes, (I'm afraid to mess something up) so I enjoy looking up recipes instead.

This is a Rachael Ray recipe. I LOVE her! It became a fast favorite for me. I make it for everyone. :) My boyfriend loves it. My family loves it. My friends love it. EVERYONE loves it.

Make it, I guarantee your people will love it too!

Lasagna Stoup


-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

-1 pound ground beef

-Salt and pepper (enough to taste)

-1 large onion, finely chopped

-2 carrots, peeled and grated

-3-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped

-4 cups chicken broth (32 ounces)

-1 can Italian crushed tomatoes (28 ounces)

-1 pound lasagna noodles, broken into jagged pieces

-1 cup basil leaves, torn (I use the seasoning in the jar and eyeball it)


In a soup pot, heat the EVOO over medium-high heat.

Add the beef, season with salt and pepper and cook until browned, 3-4 minutes.

Stir in the onion, carrots and garlic and cook until softened, 5-7 minutes.

Stir in 2 cups water, the chicken broth and tomatoes; cover and bring to a boil.

Add the pasta and cook until al dente, about 15 minutes.

Stir in the basil and season with salt and pepper.

Serve to your family and friends and listen as they praise your cooking skills! ;)



Happy hump day blog friends! I hope you're all having a great week, and it's all downhill from here. The weekend will be here before we know it! I'm LOVING.. this new Coach handbag from their Poppy collection. I realized that my current black purse I'm carrying is too "wintry" and I need a new "spring" bag. ;) I'm LOVING.. that I actually worked out by myself this past week. GULP! Okay, I'm sure you guys do this by yourself all the time, but this is kinda a big deal for me. Before I started working out, I said I needed a friend to do it with, someone to push me. Well, I got into the workouts I am doing, and when my friends couldn't do it, or didn't want to do it, I wasn't going to let that stop me. So, I did it alone! :) Yay me! I'm LOVING.. that I got my own domain! :) If you guys didn't notice, (which I'm sure you have since I announced on twitter, take a look at the address above.. notice anything different?! I'm LOVING.. shellac manicures! They are definitely worth the little extra money, and they seriously last the whole 2 weeks without chipping. Amazing. I'm LOVING.. that Neely's birthday party is this weekend, and the boyfriend and I will totally be helping her celebrate! I'm LOVING.. my giveaway I'm hosting for hitting 200 followers! Have you entered yet? What are you guys LOVING this Wednesday? Go link up with Jamie and tell us!


200 followers.. it's GIVEAWAY time!!!

I promised that once I hit 200 followers, I would host another giveaway, and I don't break my promises!

I hit 200 followers last week, but didn't want to host during the blog challenge, so I thought that announcing my giveaway on a MONDAY would be perfect! :)

To thank you all (old & new), and welcome all of my new followers, I am giving away this:

8x10 poster "Keep Calm & Blog On"

The winner will also be able to choose whatever color she would like:

This was found on Etsy, however, this is not a sponsored giveaway.

How do you win, you ask?!

You must be a follower of my blog. (1 entry)

Follow me on Twitter @BrunchWithAmber (2 entries)
Tweet about this giveaway (2 entries)
Blog about this giveaway and leave the link in a comment (5 entries)

That's 10 chances to win!

Please leave 1 comment per entry.

Giveaway will end on Sunday, April 3 at 11:59 pm CST and the winner will be announced on Monday, April 4th.

Thanks and good luck! :))


GTKY Sunday!

1. what inspires you?
my family & friends, blogger/twitter friends, my job, books & movies, life in general..

2. what was the last thing you bought yourself?
I bought lunch for me & Nate.. what a sweet girlfriend I am! ;)

3. would you rather watch a movie in a theater or from the comfort of your own home?
depends on the movie of course, but I love going to out to the movies, but normally we stay in and watch netflix.

4. household chore you don't mind doing?
okay, so I'm one of those weirdos who loves to clean, so there's a TON that I don't mind, but my FAVE is loading the dishwasher.

5. coffee or tea?
coffee, hands down.

6. what could you eat every day and not get sick of??
pasta. mmm, I love italian food.

7. what's the last book you read?
I have this bad habit of starting a book, and then starting another one when I'm still in the middle of the other one.. so, the last book I read front to back was probably Chelsea Handler's "Chelsea Chelsea, Bang Bang"

8. do you think you "look" your age?
no, I look younger. I know that I do. plus, I get carded all the time. for everything. not only drinks, but I ran into the store to buy cigs for my little sister (yuck, I know!) and was even carded for that! I seriously asked the guy, "are you kidding me? do I really look like I was born after 1992?!" oh well, I'm sure when I'm in my 40s I'll appreciate it. ;)


For me? Oh, you shouldn't have!

Happy Saturday everyone! What are you guys up to this weekend?

Nate and I slept in entirely too late and he decided he wanted to make a trip to the mall today.. our conversation went a little something like this:

Him: "Hey babe.. did you want to go to the mall today?"
Me: "Um, what? You want to go to the mall? For what?"
Him: "I need to get a Rangers hat for the game next weekend."

I give him this blank stare and scrambled around getting ready before he changed his mind. He's NEVER asked ME if I wanted to go to the mall. He even wanted to walk around after he got the hats he wanted!! We had a fun day. :)


I was awarded the 7 facts blogger award from the darling Kim over at Pink, Pearls & Polka Dots.

Go check out her blog, she's a doll, and always has something good to say! She's got great fashion taste, too!

So, my 7 facts.. let's see. I'm actually going to have to think of 7 things that you guys don't already know about me!

1. I'm addicted to soap, and I try to hide it. It's like I can't stop buying them. Body soap and hand soap, mainly Bath & Body Works. I had a friend come over the other day, and ask for something in my bathroom - and the cabinets came open. My secret was out. Here come the questions, why in the world do you have so many soaps?! I swear I have enough to last me for AT LEAST the next year or so. I'll post a pic soon. ;)

2. I'm jealous of cheerleaders. As lame as it sounds, it's the ONE thing I miss about high school. I seriously consider looking up adult squads or getting in enough shape or getting the balls to try out for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading one year, far far away.

3. I have a hard time paying attention in "serious" movies. Nate and I will argue because of this. He sometimes won't even watch movies with me because of it. I think it's because of ADD, and I over-analyze everything. I prefer comedies instead. :)

4. I get very anxious when there's not a plan in place. Another thing that the BF and I will argue about... ;) I LOVE HIM though. He's a very "fly by the seat of his pants" type, and I am NOT. I like lists, and plans for everything.

5. I have a passport, and have never traveled out of the country. Why in the world is that, you ask? Well, I was suppose to go to visit a friend who was living in Italy one year for Christmas, and plans fell through. Long story, but luckily.. I long to travel, and won't have to tell with the whole passport thing in the future if I ever make plans again. :)

6. I don't own a single pair of plain white socks. Honestly.. I don't think I own a plain colored pair of socks, period. They all have some sort of design on them. I only wear socks during the week, with my crocs at work, and they are all fun socks, love 'em!

7. Thanks to genetics, I was blessed with high blood pressure at a young age. Yes readers, I'm only in my 20s, and I'm already on medication for hypertension. I work at a doctors' office where the majority of our patients are elderly. The medication I take is one that most of my patients are on. How do you think this makes me feel? OLD!

Now, I get to pass this on to 7 blogs. (As if coming up with 7 facts didn't take me long enough!)

Kerbi at So Are You to Me
Nicole at Sixty Nine Oh! Four
Michelle at The Vintage Apple
Lindsey at Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Anna at Life is Sweet*
Aubrey at High-Heeled Love
Michelle at A Little Bit of This & That!

Go check out these lovely ladies who are great friends and great blogs that I adore reading!


WILW! :)

I'm LOVING.. that this week is going by fast! I know, I know.. why are you wishing your life away?! I just love the weekends too much :)

I'm LOVING.. today is my easy day at work. Because Thursdays at my half days at work (no patients) I don't have to pull charts or anything today, nothing to get ready for tomorrow, so that means today, basically all I have to do is room patients. Half the work. Makes the day a little easier and stress free!

I'm LOVING.. that yesterday on my paycheck I had a few more hours than usual!

I'm LOVING.. that I'm getting so use to working out, that I'm actually looking forward to it in the evenings, loving it and getting a rush from it! Who would've thought?! ;)

I'm LOVING.. my sweet friends and family! Without them, I don't know what I'd do or where I'd be!

I'm LOVING.. my boyfriend, who always makes me laugh even when I don't want to. :)


Getting To Know You Sunday!

It's back!!!

I played along every Sunday when I first started blogging.. and I'm so glad it's made it's lovely return. :)

Go to Keely's blog to play along!

1. if you won the title of miss america, what would your platform be?

World peace. Too cliché? Okay.. hmm, this question is harder than I thought it would be. I'd say something that would help people.. some sort of shelter or soup kitchen. Feeding homeless children. Something along those lines.

2. outdoorsy or indoorsy?

Outdoorsy if I'm in my swimsuit with a drink in hand and the pool's nearby. Indoorsy otherwise.

3. pajama's out in public..classy or tres tacky?

Definitely not classy, but I can't say I haven't done it. Have you ever been sick before and not had the energy to get dressed, but had to go out? Yeah, that's what I thought! ;)

4. what's your favorite room in your house?

The living room.

5. nook, kindle, or book?

I want a kindle sooo bad. But, I read books for the time being. ;)

6. would you rather wear the same outfit for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?
Wear the same outfit for a whole week. I'm too anal about my teeth. I freak if my teeth feel the slightest bit gross.

7. what's your favorite blog at the moment?

Playing favorites isn't nice. I have a bunch of favorites. :)

8. lately i've been daydreaming about.........?

Getting back into school so that I can get my RN and make more money honey!


My Fave SNL Skits

Dick In A Box

The Tizzle Wizzles Pajama Party

What is Love?

Spartan Chess Cheer

Yes, I LOVE Will Ferrell. I think he's hilarious.

I could add many more videos, but I'll just stop here. Sorry if they're poor quality.. youtube kinda sucks sometimes!

Enjoy! :)



I'm LOVING.. the
C25K program that I FINALLY started yesterday. I'm really pumped about it, and if you know me, I don't get excited about working out that often.

P.S. For all you runners out there.. how long will it take for me to get use to this? It's only been a day, and my thighs feel like jello! It's been a while since I actually RAN!

I'm LOVING.. the warmer weather! I'm a summer baby, and have been waiting for the water at the pool to get warm enough so that I can swim and lay out! Today it's in the mid seventies, with highs in the 80s for the rest of the week! Be jealous! ;)

I'm LOVING.. shopping for my "Spring has Sprung" swap partner,
Emily. I'll take any excuse to shop. ;) Swaps are too much fun.. getting things snail mail makes my heart smile, and making new blog friends is the best! :)

I'm LOVING.. this little random act of kindness that
was wrapped up on my desk this week. I have no idea who it came from, but it was so thoughtful, and it made me smile!

What are YOU loving?!


Just another Manic Monday..

..wish it was Sunday, ohhh ooooh! That song will be in my head all day now.

Operation "let's hope my sunburn dies down a little by Monday so no one at work notices" - MAJOR FAIL!

Every co-worker I have has made a comment so far. Fabulous.

Today, I am the featured blogger over at
Pink, Pearls & Polka Dots for her "Nice to Meet you Monday" segment. Go check it out! :)

While you're reading her blog, I'll leave you with the ABCs of ME! Which is something I've seen a few of my blog friends do on their blog.. seemed fun, so why not?!

{a} age; 23
{b} bed size; Full, I want a king though, I like to have a TON of space. Plus, Nate says I always end up in the middle of the bed anyway.
{c} chore you hate; I'm a fan of cleaning, but I do hate mopping. It hurts my back.
{d} dogs; None, unfortunately. But I'd love a Chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie) or a Dorkie (daschund/yorkie) is that not adorable?!
{e} essential start to your day; COFFEE!
{f} favorite color; Red.. it's such a passionate, bold color.
{g} gold or silver; Silver definitely, or I could do white gold.
{h} height; 4'11".. don't make fun! ;)
{i} instruments you play; None.. I'm not at all musically inclined. Sadly.. I'd love to play the piano though.
{j} job title; Medical Assistant.
{k} kids; None!
{l} live; Like, where I live? Dallas!
{m} mom's name; Cheryl
{n} nicknames; Am, Ambi, Bambam, Shorty, Ber, Ambone, Knickerbocker - the list goes on and on!
{o} overnight hospital stays; I had an ovarian cyst rupture, and had to stay 2 nights once.. it sucked.
{p} pet peeve; I have a lot.. :-/ sorry, I'm easily irritated, so I won't list them all, I'll just name my biggest one and that is people who interrupt me when I'm talking. It's so rude, and it's something I expect a child to do, NOT an adult!
{q} quote from a movie; John Bender: Well, Brian, this is a very nutritious lunch. All the food groups are represented. Did your mom marry Mr. Rogers?
Brian Johnson: Uh, no. Mr. Johnson. - The Breakfast Club, my #1 fave movie of ALL TIME! :)
{r} right- or left-handed; Right!
{s} siblings; I am in the middle. One older half sister, one older half brother and a little sister. :)
{t} time you wake up; On the weekdays - around 7. On the weekends - between 10 and 11. I value my sleep, and could sleep all day if people let me.
{u} underwear; Victoria's Secret, please.
{v} vegetables you dislike; Squash, yuck! Do mushrooms count as veggies? If so, I hate those too. Most veggies I like raw, but do not like cooked or steamed.
{w} what makes you run late; Just procrastinating for no reason. For example, when my alarm goes off, I grab my phone, and check twitter/facebook/blogger on my phone and lay in my comfy bed, and not realize how much time has passed. Little things like that.
{x} x-rays you've had; Teeth, chest, ankle, collar bone, orbit (cheekbone area), fingers.

{y} yummy food you make; I make a mean spaghetti! ;)
{z} zoo - favorite animal; Little lap doggies! :) As long as they're hypo-allergenic. I sneeze and get all itchy at their dander, yuck!


Saturday Recap

Yesterday, we went to the St. Patty's Day parade that Dallas holds on Greenville Ave. each year. It was the first year that Nate and I had ever been.. I know right!? Why have we never been before?

Well.. as much as I enjoy being around people, being around a lot of people tends to bring me some anxiety. Oxymoron? Maybe, but it's true. So I tend to stay away from things like this, but for whatever reason, I wanted to go really, really BAD this year.

I didn't have to twist Nate's arm too much either since the Toadies were playing, and he got us tickets through work, so that was simple for me. :)

Let me just say that we saw a whole slew of different characters, but we had a blast, and I think we'll definitely go back next year, well.. maybe if the band is good.. ;)

I took WAY too many pics, but have only chosen to share a few of my faves.

First of all...
Happy St. Patty's Day! :)

The Jack FM promo car - this is the radio station that Nate works for..

This was the CW33 channel station - the channel that airs Family Guy, so of course it was only appropriate that they had a giant dog on there - here's Brian.. :)

Me and my little baby seestar!

Nate and myself, waiting on the Toadies to start rocking out!

As you can tell from the picture above, I got just a tad bit way too much sun. For whatever reason, it didn't cross my mind that we'd be outside ALL DAY LONG, and I didn't put on any sunscreen.

I got ridiculously sunburnt. More so on my right side. I look so stupid. I'm hoping that it'll go down a little bit before work tomorrow, so I don't look so ridiculous.

Let me show you the differences..

My left side, not too bad, a little bit of sun, but not in pain or anything..

And my right side, which is as beat red as a lobster, hurts so bad I can't even lay on it, is hot to the touch, and I just look plain dumb..
Excuse the no bra, glasses and messy hair. I had just gotten outta the shower. :)

I have a feeling that aloe will be my best friend for the next couple of days!


Fill in the Blank Friday!

Go link up with Lauren and play! :)

1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is my education. I know that sounds totally lame coming from ME.. the girl who can't even focus long enough to gain a bachelor's degree in ample time, but it'll happen. The reason I pick my education is because I've graduated high school, where in a town, most kids didn't. I went to school and got certified to do something I love, and in the process of doing all of this, I made my parents proud as hell. I'd say that's accomplishment.

2. My favorite place to sit in my house is the kitchen table. I couldn't tell you why, but that's the place to be. ;) It's always been that way too, even when I was growing up, I like to sit at the table. Especially when I eat my meals, I don't want to sit in the living room and watch TV, I want to be at the table.

3. My fashion philosophy is don't dress to please others, dress to please yourself.

4. Something every girl should have is a little black dress, and a killer pair of heels that make her feel fabulous! ;)

5. If you looked in my purse right now you'd find.... my wallet, my tampon carrier, a coupon case, makeup bag, keys, sunglasses, gum, mints, digi cam, extra batteries, tons of receipts I'm sure (I need to clean those out! :-/), mini manicure set, brush, lotion, anti-bacterial gel, kleenex, FLOSS (it's a must!), chapstick, perfume.. basically everything. I'm prepared. ;) Anytime I can't find anything, my boyfriend says "Look at the bottom of your purse." He's such a smart ass!

6. My favorite music right now is anything really. I like upbeat music. Stuff I can dance around to. Stuff that puts me in a happy, good mood. I'm not super picky about music, but I'm not CRAZY about rap, and I have to be in the mood for country.

7. My favorite part of my body is my eyes (does that count?) or my calves. I've always loved my eyes, and I get compliments on them a lot. People seem to always notice my calves too, and ask if I'm a runner. Um, no? It runs in the family I guess, my mom and little sister have massive calves too. It's hard to explain.. they always look flexed even when they aren't. Kinda niiiice. ;)


What I'm Loving Wednesday

First of all, I'm LOVING.. "What I'm Loving Wednesday" - I've had a very rough day.. one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong and I've been on the verge of tears all freakin' day long. Today, I needed this. I needed to be able to list what I LOVE, I needed positivity. I didn't want to focus on anything negative. So thanks Jamie! :)

I'm LOVING.. that I get to live in the same apartment complex with two of my very best friends. It makes the rough days feel a little less rough. Love these girls.

I'm LOVING.. that although my job is extremely trying and some days I want to throw my hands in the air and ask myself, "Why in the world did you choose the medical field?" at the end of the day.. it's rewarding, and I DO have a job. Not everyone can say that.

I'm LOVING.. that tomorrow I'm meeting up with a bunch of friends for cheap boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Man, I love that place!

I'm LOVING.. that starting next week my friend B has agreed to do the C25K program with me.. I'm STOKED actually. I'm one of those that needs motivation. I downloaded the app on my new phone and everything, and it seems as if it'll really work. I'm excited. :)

I'm LOVING.. my blog. My little nook in the internet, my outlet. I love it. I love that I have a place to write whatever I want, and I have you lovely ladies to read it. Ladies that are becoming my friends. :)


5 things....

While I relish in the fact that I won yet ANOTHER giveaway, try not to be too jealous.. ;), lay around and wait for my laundry to finish up, and watch re-runs of SNL with the boyfriend.. I may as well do a blog post for you guys to read too. It's lazy Saturday, right?

Neely and Brittan did this fun thing on their blogs the other day, where you list 5 things you can't live without, and I thought it'd be fun to do the same. Copycat much? Maybe I am! ;)

So, without further adieu, here are my things!

1. My CHI flat iron

2. Burt's Bees chapstick

3. My cell phone, especially since I got my new one - the BF says "I can't believe I've lost my girlfriend to a freakin' phone" haha, whatev!

4. Starbucks and White Rock Coffee (locally owned coffee shop) it's amazing!

5. Eyeliner

If you guys decide to do this too, please let me know. I'd love to check your lists out! :)

Don't forget to enter my CSN giveaway! Tonight at midnight is the deadline! Good luck.


Can you guys see my head getting bigger?!

Seriously this is my SECOND award this week! Can you feel the love or what?!

Obviously, I'm stylish! ;)

Thank you so much Heather! You guys have got to go visit her blog "Blonde...Undercover Blonde" She's hilarious, and she quickly became one of my favorite blogs. :)

Here are the rules:
1. Link back and thank the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 recently discovered blogs.
4. Contact them and tell them about their award.

1. I get irritated very easily, and have a hard time hiding it. I don't know how to stop and count to 10. For example.. when decorating my apartment, I was trying to hang a picture frame up, and it was one of those stupid ones that you have to use 2 nails in the back (why can't they all just be hung with 1 freakin' nail?!) and I couldn't get it straight for the life of me. Well, I tried and tried, huffed and puffed. Eventually I just threw the hammer, nails and picture frame on my bed, and stormed outta my room. Luckily, my best friend hung it for me. She knows when I need to get away, HA!

2. When I'm really concentrating hard on something, I don't blink. Or at least, I don't think that I do. Because once I'm finished, my eyes burn SO bad, and are SO dry. I literally close them for a good 30 seconds or so to lube them up again.

3. I have buyers' remorse like nobody's business. The second I walk outta the store, I seriously consider turning around and going to the service desk and returning everything I just bought, but of course I never do. ;)

4. I love, love, LOVE to talk. At first, I may seem shy, especially if I'm around a big group of people, but once you get to know me, it's hard to get me to shut up. (in a good way of course.) ;)

5. If/when I get down time at work, I alphabetize the magazine racks in the exam rooms. I've told you guys before, I'm OCD. If you didn't believe me before, surely you do now.

6. I go out of my way to pay strangers compliments. My friends all think it's weird or embarrassing, but I know how good it makes me feel when someone I don't even know tells me how great me shoes are or how pretty my hair is, so I like to make someone feel good like that too!

7. I try not to have regrets in life, but I do have one tiny one. I should've graduated with my bachelors in May 2009. I didn't. However, I am proud that I am working towards it now, and my family is proud that I did take the right step towards achieving the goal of becoming what I want to be in the long run. That's what I gotta be thankful for!

Now, to tag 5 people...

Pink, Pearls, and Polka Dots

My Simply Sweet Life as My Best Friend's Wife

The Brunette Surburbanite

Crazy Shenanigans

A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys


What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm LOVING.. that even though it's not officially Spring yet, it sure feels like it here in Dallas, and even in Blog world, especially with all the blog swaps and challenges floating around. Enter mine and
Meghan's! Find details here! :)

I'm LOVING.. that I get to meet Neely this weekend! I know we're going to have a total blast together!
By the way, she's thiiiiiis close to having a fabulous giveaway once she hits 500 followers, so go check out her blog and follow her! She's awesome, and I promise you'll enjoy reading her blog! So, go! Now! :)

I'm LOVING.. that I've had pretty good luck with giveaways lately. ;) I won Molly's CSN giveaway this week! I love to WIN!

I'm LOVING.. that I tried Pilates for the first time last week, was incredibly sore and just new I'd have B.Spears abs the next day, but at the same time I LOVED it. I'm actually looking forward to it tonight! Score!

As usual, I'm LOVING.. my sweet boy, who always makes me feel oh so special, awwww!

Don't forget to enter my CSN giveaway!


Tuesday fun anyone?! ;)

1. What type of cell phone do you have and how would you rate it?
I just got sprint's HTC Evo yesterday, and so far.. I love it. I'm just having to get use to having a touch screen. I had my crackberry for so long.. sad day.

2. What has been your most serious injury?
Broken collar bone. However, I was like 18 months old, so I barely remember it. But my mom claims it was my mom serious injury to date. She also states it was the saddest thing she's ever seen. I would just lay there and not move. Just stare at her, or the ceiling.

3. What is one movie you hate and why?
Punch Drunk Love. Because Adam Sandler is my fave and he did so bad in that movie that I damn near fell asleep. :( I was highly disappointed.

4. How many email addresses do you have?
I use yahoo mainly, and I have my gmail account that I only got for blogging purposes, but I've started using it more and more, so who knows. Maybe eventually I'll kick yahoo to the curb.

5. What website do you waste the most time on?
Blogger. But I don't consider it a waste of time. I love it :)

6. Which Mexican restaurant makes the best salsa?
There's this little taqueria in Grapevine called "Burritos Locos" and MY GOD, they bring out 3 kinds of salsas for your chips and your food, but there's this one, it's to die for. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Now I want mexican food.

7. What is your dream car?
I don't really have a "dream car" all I know is I'm not too fond of what I've got now. I want to trade it in for a Honda CR-V.

8. If you could spend up to $100 with no strings or restrictions or guilt, what would you buy?
I'd put it towards a spa day for myself.

9. What is your favorite board game?
Candy Land! :)

10. How often do you change your hairstyle?
I haven't in a while, been letting it grow out, I color it often, but usually nothing too drastic. I like it better dark.


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